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This is What You Need to Do to Get a Recruiter to Call You This Year

February 19th, 2018

Recruiters can play a crucial role in landing your next job, even your dream job. They’re quite busy, however, and look at a lot of potential candidates so to increase your chances of receiving a call from a recruiter, you need to stand out.

Cover Your Basics First

Before getting into three ways to stand out, it should first be mentioned that you need to be sure your basic job application, resume, and cover letter are in order. Be sure to have unique versions of all three pieces turned in for the position you’re interested in. Speak to the specific job requirements and skills rather than sending out the same resume and cover letter to each position.

3 Ways to Stand Out and Get a Call From a Recruiter

To stand out from the crowd, there are a few ways you can call attention to yourself – in a good way. By doing these things, you will demonstrate your passion, professionalism, and expertise, making recruiters more interested in how you can add value to the company.

Build an Active Social Media Presence

Social media can help or hurt your job search. Using it in an immature fashion will undoubtedly get recruiters to pass right over you, but when you use it to showcase your interest and knowledge in the job industry, it can catch the attention of all the right people. Recruiters may be more likely to contact you for job opportunities when they see that you are can be a professional voice in the industry on social media. One thing to keep in mind is if you plan to use this strategy, be sure that you clean up your social media history so that your professional approach can be what shines, not weird selfies.

Create Content that Adds Value

In addition to having a professional filter on your social media, a great way to get a recruiter to call you is to add value to the industry. You can do this without a steady job by starting or contributing to a blog that speaks to your field. Post after post, you will begin to rise up as an expert. You can also look into public speaking at local events. Professional networking groups or meet-ups are a great way to find speaking opportunities. If this makes you a bit nervous, you can always start out on a panel discussion, which allows you to still have your name out there and contribute ideas, but you’re not under as much pressure. These two ways to create content that adds value are excellent ways to grab the attention of recruiters so they’re more likely to give you a call.

Network, Network, Network

If you haven’t already joined a professional networking group, it’s time you do it! The more people you know, the more people know you. Being known in your professional community (for good, professional reasons) can help get a recruiter to call you. You don’t know who knows the recruiter and you might just end up striking up a great connection at your next networking event.

Get the Job You Want this Year

If you are looking for more ways to help you get the job you’ve been dreaming of, contact Concorde Personnel. We can help with everything from the job search to cleaning up your resume and even interview coaching.



Our Four Best Tips for Managers from 2017

February 5th, 2018

As a manager with busy days and lots of responsibilities, it can be tough to break away from day-to-day tasks to work on improving your overall managerial approach. Thankfully, as you head into 2018, we’ve collected our four best tips to help you achieve your own goals as a manager.

Become an Agile Manager

Agile management is a growing demand in the office place. Agile managers are flexible, coachable, and adaptable. Rather than being discouraged from challenges or setbacks, agile managers are able to look for solutions. These overarching qualities can be accomplished little by little through daily tasks and your relationships with your employees. In 2017, we discussed why companies want agile managers and gave you simple tips to follow to become one. You can read more about how to be an agile manager in 2018 here.

Consider New Communication Technology

While most companies still use email as the main form of communication, it’s becoming more cumbersome and less effective. One of our top tips from 2017 is for managers to consider other forms of communications that might be better suited for mobile devices, quick responses, and group collaboration. To learn more about why and how you can replace email in your company, read our post here.

Include a Mobile Device Policy in Your Employee Handbook

When email and the Internet first integrated into daily work, managers had to make updates to their employee handbooks to set expectations for all their workers. Well, if you haven’t updated your handbook yet again to include mobile devices, you are late. It’s very important to set clear guidelines and expectations for your employees on how to use both company and personal mobile devices at the office on the company clock. To read about the specific scenarios and examples we suggest for your handbook, click here.

Use Google Jobs for Better Talent Recruitment

As a manager, you want the best talent on your team to help achieve the company’s goals. With so many different ways to post jobs and find quality job candidates, your first reaction to a new posting method may cause an eye roll. However, using Google Jobs is not just another job site. It’s a way to get current postings higher visibility on the most popular search site. Following our tips to use Google Jobs will help you find better, more qualified talent, meaning that you can exceed expectations in 2018. To learn more about this managerial tip, read our post.

Cheers to a Successful 2018

Following and implementing our best tips from 2017 will absolutely help you have a stellar new year! To learn more about how we can help you achieve your managerial goals in 2018, contact a leading staffing agency in Westchester!



Keep Introverts and Extroverts Motivated with a Fair Reward and Recognition Policy

January 23rd, 2018

Both small and large companies are made up of employees who are motivated differently. Introverts and extroverts aren’t always easy to distinguish at first glance, but it’s important that both of them have a fair environment to do their work and grow successfully in their careers.

Common Differences between Introverts and Extroverts

If it doesn’t come up in the hiring process, soon after getting acquainted with the office, your employees will show whether or not they are introverts or extroverts in their working habits.

Extroverts are more likely to receive promotions, raises, or company praise because of their tendency to speak up in meetings and offer more opinions. While they may very well be doing great work, this is an unfair approach to rewarding and recognizing your employees because it dismisses the introverted employees unjustly. An introvert may have profound feedback or suggestions, but they most likely want to think it through before making a comment out loud for others to hear or judge.

Without fair consideration, companies can face unnecessary employee turnover because qualified introverts leave due to feeling overlooked and underappreciated.

How to Be Fairly Reward and Recognize All Employees

To avoid employee turnover and unintentional exclusion of introvert employees, a careful balance and consideration of both personality groups need to flourish at your company.

Consider Brainwriting for Meetings

Meetings are one of the worst settings for introverts to be excluded and overlooked. Extroverts can unintentionally dominate, just because they enjoy speaking out and sharing opinions and feedback. When employees are encouraged to share ideas, consider asking them to anonymously write the ideas on a piece of paper (an approach called “brainwriting”). Then these ideas can be shared with the group. This allows for all opinions to be heard without anyone feeling intimidated, left out, or feeling like it’s a popularity contest.

Offer Different Work Environment Options

Office layout actually makes a big difference for how introvert and extrovert employees are motivated to do their work. While you shouldn’t have to do an office remodel, it is important to have both open work areas and quiet nooks for employees to do their work. The extrovert may find their energy from the hustle of the office and open layout, while the introvert might enjoy a quieter setting to gather their thoughts and focus on the projects they have.

Encourage Employees to Stretch

No, not yoga. While employees function differently based on their personality, they should have to reach outside their comfort zones and work together. Extroverts need the challenge of listening to peers before jumping in, while introverts need to get used to opening up. It’s healthy to require your employees to stretch beyond their comfort so they can become better workers altogether.

Become the Leader Your Company Needs

For more ideas and guidance to help you become the best leader for your company, contact Concorde Personnel.



The Top Skills for the Best Medical Billers

January 9th, 2018

The field of medical billing is ever-evolving and also growing. It’s a fast-paced, demanding job, but also one that can be very rewarding for the right candidate. If you’re interested in going into a career of medical billing, there are a few skills you should perfect in order to be as successful as possible.

The best medical billers possess certain skills that allow them to excel in their company and careers. To improve and grow in your career, you should be sure you’re honing your skills to include these top skills.

Communication Skills & Courtesy

A medical biller interacts with many different people on any given day. From citizens to doctors offices, to insurance companies, a medical biller deals with a lot of different people and topics each day. Those topics can also be very complicated with can be frustrating for everyone involved. Patient and precise communication can make all the difference. Not only do medical billers need to be excellent communicators when working with so many different situations, but they must also be courteous. Often times, a medical biller will have to deal with sensitive matters and it can be emotional for the people they talk to. Being patient and courteous in all communication is a top skill of the best medical billers in the field.

Attention to Detail

The difficult and complicated situations a medical biller deals with each day obviously require the best to have great attention to detail. They must deal with a variety of procedures, documents, and thousands of medical codes each day. While they don’t need to memorize everything, they must keep track of quite a lot at any given time. The more detail-oriented a medical biller is, the more accurate and efficient they are.

Technical Skills

The best medical billers must be proficient in a lot of technical programs. They work with unique medical billing software and programs on a regular basis. Medical billers will also work with hospital billing and codes. Fewer mistakes and more work can be accomplished when they are proficient in their technical skills.  

Ability to Multitask

Multitasking is a very important skill for medical billers to master. For starters, they must keep tabs on several different claims at any given time. Since each claim involves a lot of detail and different people, there can be the need to multitask within each claim as well. Some medical billers will also be responsible for administrative tasks within their medical office.

Analytical & A Good Problem Solver

Often times, a medical biller is involved in solving problems, fixing mistakes, or answering complicated questions. It’s extremely important that the best medical billers are analytical and can solve problems well. Some problems or issues that they’ll handle will be easy, but others can be extremely difficult and will require analytical focus.

Looking to Build Your Medical Billing Career?

If you’re interested in making a successful career in medical billing, contact Concorde Personnel.



Productive or Busy – How to Focus on Your Must-Dos and Be Productive

December 20th, 2017

As a leader in your company, any day of the week can be busy. But how many of those days do you feel productive? Most managers feel run-down as they leave the office, feeling that they were treading water or putting out fires, hardly making a dent in their real work. While this might seem like the norm, it doesn’t have to be – more importantly, it shouldn’t be.

Ready to have more productive days? Read on to learn how to make better use of your days and how to stay focused on top priorities even during the busiest of seasons.

Determine Your Top Priorities

As a manager or leader, you should be able to identify what your top priorities are. They may be driven by company goals, quarterly performance goals, or other factors. If you need some clarification or are unclear about your expectations, you should definitely talk to your own supervisor or manager for direction. It’s easy to get distracted with daily tasks and checking in with your workers to the point that your own work gets pushed aside. This is a huge mistake and one you need to correct quickly.

Upgrade Your To-Do List

To-do lists can be your friend or foe, depending on how you create them. First of all, the tasks on your daily to-do list should not run your life. Second of all, once you determine what your top priorities are, these become the projects that you must focus on, not ones that you can push aside to tend to smaller distractions. After keeping your priorities at the top of your list, feel free to include other tasks that are important to your job and rank them according to levels of importance and priority.

Determine Delegations

After you take an honest look at how you rank your (long) to-do list, you may notice that some of your tasks may be worth delegating to another team member. Maybe you’ve kept the responsibility because it doesn’t take much time, or maybe your worker hasn’t been trained in that are yet. Consider whether or not your team member or subordinate would benefit having that additional task as a learning opportunity. This will not only help strengthen your team but free up some time for you to focus on your top priorities and have a productive day.

Looking for More Management Tips?

If you want to know more about how to manage a stellar team, contact Concorde Personnel.



Five Job Search Tips to Help You in 2018

December 6th, 2017

The New Year is just around the corner, which means that you might be thinking about new goals for yourself and your career. For many, finding a new or better job is one of those goals. As the job industry continues to shift year after year, it’s important to reconsider how you go about finding the right job for you, and yes, even getting hired at the  job.

In 2018, these are the five go-to tips to help you find the right job for you.

1. Don’t Rely on Qualifications

Yes, you read that correctly. Don’t rely on the qualifications listed in the job description as a clear indicator of whether or not you should apply for the position. If it’s a job you feel passionate about and that excites you, you should apply – even if you don’t have every qualification listed. It’s a small risk to take for what could be a major reward.

2. Create a Support System

As you look for and apply for jobs, begin to create a solid support system. This support system can help you find great job opportunities as well as act as your references when you get to that stage of your job search. Connect with previous coworkers and managers who would be happy to speak on your behalf. They may also know of open positions in your industry that you would be a great fit for. You also may want to consider using a staffing agency to help you along the way. They can assist in finding the right job for you, interview coaching, and you can use them for the short- or long-term.

3. Get to Know Mentors

If you look up to a mentor in your profession or admire a coworker or supervisor, get to know them. Ask them to have coffee with you one morning so you can get to know them, hear about their own career experience, and learn from their advice. It might seem awkward to you, but they’ll be flattered and eager to help another colleague find the success they’re looking for.

4. Make Your Own Decisions

As you seek for career advice and inspiration, remember to always come back to home base on considering what you truly want. People are always willing to give their opinions and feedback, which is great and often valuable, but ultimately, you need to find a job that you will be happy with, that can provide for you the life you want to live, and will help you reach your professional goals. Before you make any decision as you search for a job, make sure that it’s your decision and not someone else’s.

5. Adjust Your Resume for Keywords

As you apply to jobs, it’s important that you adjust each resume for the unique job position. Not only do you want to make sure it’s relevant to the qualifications and requirements, but you want to include keywords that match the job description. Especially when applying through job boards or career sites, the software can automatically scan for keywords, making some resumes jump to the top if they have more keyword matches.

Get the Job You Want in 2018

If you want more advice for finding the right job for you in the New Year, or you want help with your resume and cover letter, contact Concorde Personnel.



The Dreaded Annual Review – How to Switch to Giving Ongoing Feedback

November 21st, 2017

Employers have been giving annual reviews for quite a long time. Many managers and their employees dread this meeting and it can cause a lot of stress on all parties involved. While it’s good to at least have some type of check-in and formality, the structure of the traditional annual review is a bit antiquated, boring, and ineffective.

The good news is that there are plenty of other ways to check-in with employees, provide constructive feedback, discuss performance goals, and even pay increases with a much better vibe and approach.

4 Ways to Switch to Giving Ongoing Feedback Instead of the Antiquated Annual Review

If you’re looking to amp up the effectiveness of employee performance and morale throughout your company but want to ditch the traditional annual review, read these five different approaches.

Discuss Employee’s Future Goals

If you’d like to keep the format of an important meeting with your employees, a great approach is to use this time to discuss the employee’s future goals at the company. This meeting is much more constructive than an annual review because it talks about what is yet to come, rather than things in the past. Plus, it’s extremely motivating to the employee when they can visualize how they may be contributing to the company’s success.

Communicate Changes & Welcome Input

Whenever changes occur within the company, whether it be a procedural process or a strategic pivot, you should not hesitate to send a quick communication to your team about these changes. By being transparent about the changes, you demonstrate to your employees that they deserve to stay in the know. Plus, these small memos are a great way to ask employees for any input or invite conversation if anyone has questions. Making your employees feel valued boosts morale and will also keep performance high as well.

Build Trust with Your Employees

Instead of using an annual review as an attempt to build trust with your employees, this should be something you do on a regular basis. Thankfully, it’s quite easy to build and maintain trust with your team. Regularly giving feedback and avoiding any micromanagement tendency are two very simple ways to help build trust in your company.

Provide Feedback Regularly & Consistently

An annual review is not the only time that an employee should hear feedback from you. Rather, you should be providing them constructive feedback (critique or praise) while projects are happening. Not only will this help keep employees motivated, but this allows them to improve upon skills right away and instead of wasting time to hear it in a formal annual review discussion. Whether you hold quick meetings throughout the year, or send emails when you have feedback to share, you should definitely give your employees regular feedback.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Stamford CT

Are you looking for the right employees to join your team? Contact Concorde Personnel today and work with a top staffing agency in Stamford CT!



What Can You Do to Receive Feedback from Your Manager Throughout the Year?

November 7th, 2017

One of the best ways to grow in your job and even be considered for a promotion is to become a better, more skilled employee. Your development as an employee is even more valuable when you can serve the specific needs of the company you work for. One of the best ways to go about becoming this sought after and highly valued employee is to receive more constructive feedback from your manager.

If you think that it’s impossible to get consistent feedback, try implementing some of these tips.

Ask Questions

When there is a new policy or even a new strategic initiative that’s being implemented, don’t be afraid to ask your manager questions about it. Whether you need clarification on a process or you want to know how your responsibilities may be affected by the change, showing an interest in these company changes illustrates your commitment to performing your best at your job. Not only will you receive answers to your questions, but it also can open to door for you to ask for any feedback you may be looking for.

Consider Your Future Goals at the Company

If your company holds the traditional annual review, you should prepare goals that you think are relevant for your future at the company. Consider both qualitative and quantitative goals and present them to your boss during your annual review meeting. Ask for input and feedback as well. Your manager will most likely be pleasantly surprised if this is not something that’s normally included in an annual review, but it’s a great way to get attention and feedback.

Invite Feedback Regularly

When a project is near completion, or ready to submit, ask your manager if they have any feedback for you. By asking if there is anything they would change, you are inviting critique, but constructive criticism can go a long way in bettering your skills as an employee. If you ask for feedback, make sure you are also interested to hear it. Avoid getting defensive, but instead, understand that if you need to edit your work, you are only making it better and learning. In the future, your work will be even better. The more eager you are to take feedback, the more often your manager will get used to giving it to you. You will become a stronger employee to the company and your relationship with your manager can also improve.

Become an Asset to Your Company

For more ways to become a better employee and reach your career goals, contact Concorde Personnel for job coaching and other advice and work with a top employment agency in Westchester NY.



Google Jobs: What Does it Mean for Your Company When Recruiting Talent?

October 24th, 2017

When more people see your job openings, more people can apply, and you have a greater chance at finding the perfect candidate to help lead your team to success. Recently, Google for Jobs, a new initiative from the search engine giant set out to do just that – help increase the people who see your job postings.

Excited? Read how to get your jobs noticed and useful tips to help you attract great applicants

How to Get Your Jobs Listed on Google

Getting your job positions to this new feature isn’t hard. There aren’t hoops to jump through or any secrets you need to know.
All you need to do is follow these two steps.

1) Add structured data to your job listings.Here are the specifics to guide you.

2) Submit a sitemap with a date for each listing.

The structured data can be tested before being submitted and the listing can also be previewed so you can make any corrections before it is published.

The Importance of Google Reviews

Google for Jobs will pull together reviews to be coupled with the job listing. This is great news for a company who has good reviews, both on Google and even on sites like Glassdoor. If your company doesn’t have positive reviews or doesn’t have many reviews, you will want to ask current employees to submit a review. You can incentivize your employees to do that too. Getting more positive reviews will help attract a larger pool of candidates.

Will Candidates Find Your Listing?

Google for Jobs is a great way to help candidates find your job listings. It takes into consideration keywords in your job description in addition to a candidate’s location.

Also, true to Google’s commitment to track and provide analytics, they do plan to release the ability to filter traffic that is generated by these special job listings so you can see how effective it is for your company.

Find the Right Candidates

If you’re looking for assistance on finding the right candidates for your company, contact Concorde Personnel today and work with a top staffing agency in Stamford.



In the Job Interview, How Can You Show You’ll Be a Successful Sales Employee?

October 10th, 2017

If you have an interview coming up, you know that you have to be prepared in every way possible. From what you’re going to wear, to researching the company, there’s a lot you need to do. One other thing you need to do is determine how you can convince your interviewer that you will be a successful salesperson on their team.

How to Show You’ll Be a Successful Salesperson

The best way to show your interviewer that you’ll be a successful salesperson at their company is to explain your strengths. You’ll want to match these particular strengths with characteristics of a good salesperson.
Here are four examples:


After identifying which strengths you possess that will make you a successful salesperson, you’ll need to brainstorm examples that illustrate how you will apply these qualities on the job. If you have specific scenarios to explain from previous experience, that is fantastic. If this is a first job, you can draw on other relevant life experience.

How to Explain Salesperson Strengths

If you need some help explaining the strengths of a successful salesperson, consider these examples for the above qualities.


  • Ability identify and react appropriately to the behaviors and emotions of customers
  • Ability to build rapport easily and make customers feel comfortable in their presence
  • Great listening skills
  • Understands how to ask questions that dive deeper than only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers


  • Goal oriented; can articulate and break down larger goals to manageable steps
  • Does not depend on manager for direction or motivation


  • Positive outlook, regardless of difficulty, and does not make excuses for hard times
  • Accepts valid criticism and suggestions for performance improvement


  • Can take rejection without being deflated
  • Focuses on opportunities and solutions instead of roadblocks to achieving sales and career goals

When preparing for your sales interview, you may want to consider these qualities and if you’ve been able to demonstrate these in your career to show your interviewer that you’re going to be successful at the job, and at their company.

Work With a Top Employment Agency in Westchester NY

If you’re interested in exploring more employment activities by working with a top staffing agency in Westchester, contact Concorde Personnel.


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