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5 Non-traditional Interview Questions That Can Help You Select the Best Candidate

August 30th, 2011

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When it comes to interviewing, having an effective list of interview questions to pull from can make the difference between identifying a stellar candidate or ending up with a dud. By adding a few non-traditional interview questions into the mix, it’s easier to select the best candidates for the job because of how these candidates respond. Here are 5 non-traditional questions that can help you find diamonds in the rough among your candidate list.

Describe the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? While this question may seem a little unrelated to work habits, being somewhat of a risk taker signifies someone who is a natural leader. Calculated risk taking can indicate a person who is not afraid of taking chances in order to experience something better. This trait can benefit the workplace in those that encourage team work and creativity. The more in detail the candidate responds, the higher level of creativity one may expect.

Where do you see yourself in five years? This question often gets raised eyebrows from interviewees, but it’s a very important one from a hiring standpoint. If the candidate is just looking for temporary placement or is using this opportunity as a stepping stone, the answer will most likely focus on the candidate’s personal goals. If the interviewee answers that he or she would like to take on a role of more responsibility within your company, there’s a likelihood of being a more stable candidate who can be developed.

What are the signs that an employer is a good one to work for? Let’s face it; job seekers are usually looking for a career where they can shine. They are in it for the money, the title or the advancement opportunities. However, it’s rare that a candidate will step outside of his or her personal needs to choose a company based on it’s merits. Look for candidates who speak about wanting to work for an organization with high ethics, community responsibility and an environment where employees collaborate to create new and better things.

Describe your last job/ boss in three words? When you ask this question, be prepared for the client to either laugh or look stunned. This non-traditional interview question is sometimes better than an employment verification check as the reaction of the candidate speaks volumes. A candidate who has positive work experiences will answer with positive words and generally more than three will come to mind. Someone who has left on bad terms will have trouble with this one, or may refuse to answer it. Take note of the candidate’s verbal and non-verbal responses.

If you could be a superhero for a day, who would you be? This is a fun interview question to throw in, especially to break the ice with nervous candidates. Who the interviewee picks can say a great deal about his or her personal values. The best candidates will choose a super hero who is all powerful and then will go into detail how they will change the world in a positive way. Look for those who explain how being a superhero can benefit mankind and you have the makings of great employees.

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The Evolving Role of HR Professionals

August 12th, 2011

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The role of Human Resource professionals has been steadily evolving over the course of the last century. Shifting from the antiquated “personnel” department to “human resources” has in and of itself transformed the way that companies see the human element. This change has come about as a result of improved employment laws, improved working conditions and economical challenges that have rocked all industries. Thus, the job of the average HR person has also had to change to keep up with the demands of organizations on many levels.

When you ask the HR professional of today to define his or her role within the company, you’ll generally get a variety of answers. It seems that human resources has many responsibilities that adapt for different types of industries and organizations. While HR professionals are still fighting to be seen as strategic partners in the meeting rooms of many companies, their value has risen in the eyes of company leaders. Now seen as a true resource, HR officers work in tandem with department managers and decision makers to forge the workplace of the future.

With the wave of economic challenges that the United States and many other developed nations have experienced in the last few years, HR professionals have been forced to evolve in many unexpected ways. Instead of just handling routine employment duties, HR personnel are now also handling the heavy burden of recruiting, training and developing employees in as safe a workplace as possible. In the past, HR professionals were asked to specialize in one area of this realm, but today the best HR people are generalists who have the ability to handle any and all area of human resources.

It’s a given that HR professionals must stay on top of hiring and employment laws, which change frequently. But in the last decade, human resources professionals have also been required to track with greater detail every aspect of these processes. From screening candidates thoroughly with I-9 Homeland Security guidelines, to overseeing entire employee wellness programs, the HR person of this time has to be in all places at once. The traditional hierarchy of the HR department is also evolving, with teams of equally-responsible officers representing all facets of corporate life.

As an HR professional, your role will continue to evolve as new and more advanced technology permeates the workplace in years to come. You may be managing a more remote workforce in all corners of the earth, or you may be conducting live training sessions via Skype. Wait, you are doing this now! Whatever the future holds for human resources, be ready to face the challenges of life as an HR professional through continual education and networking to stay ahead of the trends.

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