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What Facebook May Be Saying About You As A Jobseeker

November 13th, 2011

Maybe you did not expect those pictures from Cancun to end up on your profile page. You did not mean to say those negative comments about your ex-boss on your wall. The fact is they are there to be seen and maybe by people you would not want to.

Facebook has been a driving force in the social media phenomenon. People can communicate, share photos and catch up like never before.  What people need to realize is that once something is written on their page, it is there to seen by anyone. There could be negative implications concerning anything you say, if looking for a job.

Privacy Settings

Facebook does have the ability to set privacy settings for viewing. Consider what you want to display and who you want to see it while seeking employment. Social media has become prevalent and is now a part of all aspects of society. Everything from entertainment to business is covered by the internet. In many instances there may be too much information. A person’s online presence can say a lot about them.

Be Proactive

If looking for a job it is important to be proactive when posting things online. Be present and aware of what you are saying. Think as if you are a hiring authority looking over Facebook interactions. Notice what other people post and consider if you would want to hire them. Notice what may be appropriate or not and model your postings based on this observation. Try to use Facebook in a positive manner that reflects well on you.

Job Search Focused

The ability to use social media is a good thing in today’s technological world. It is an opportunity to network with others. Letting people know that you are looking for work can be an effective way to use Facebook. Connections can be easily utilized in a job search effort. Everyone seems to know a place that is hiring or even someone who does the hiring! Taking advantage of it through Facebook can reap rewards.

Other Online Resources

Facebook is only one piece of the social media puzzle. People have effectively developed personal websites through Google to showcase their skills and accomplishments with an online resume. Other social media sites like Twitter can be used for job search reasons. LinkedIn is one of the largest business oriented social media sites that employers consult for new hires. Using a comprehensive plan of different sites can help with job seeking efforts.

Many people have access to your profile and posts on social media networks, so consider using them with care as you conduct your job search. However, if used correctly social media can help with job search efforts. Pages devoted to job hunting and changing careers can be set up. Networking can be utilized. If used correctly, social media alone can be a great resource in getting your next job.


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