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Do You Have Enough Experience for That Job?

February 28th, 2012

June 29

Job candidates today need to evaluate each application individually and, so it becomes critical to put job titles to the side. Do you really have the necessary experience for the job you plan to apply for? A common misconception is that a job title at one company means the same thing at another business. You may be upper management at one company and just a mid-level manager at another position. The question is, how can you know if you are qualified to apply for the job then?

When searching for a job, do not just consider the job title. Look further at the information provided to find out if you are truly qualified. In some situations, you may be surprised to find that you have experience and training that qualifies you for a higher tiered position than you have applied to in the past.

First Consider Entry Level Positions

Although entry level seems like a degrading term, it does not have to be. In fact, individuals who have less than five years of experience in their field may fall into this position. You can apply for these positions. To land these positions, ensure you have great communication and make eye contact with the hiring manager. You want to show you are genuinely interested in the company and working there.

Mid-level Is Common

A mid-level position can be ideal for those who have more than five years of experience and show some type of manager-level skill or training. Here, hiring managers will expect you to have the ability to direct others, lead teams, manage projects on your own and handle budgets well. These employers do not want to hire people they have to train to do the job. To land this position, be sure to display your skills and your ability to do the job on hand. Use your experience as a tool to help you to excel.

Executive Position? Don’t Forget Them

Do not overlook the executive position you see a job ad for in the classifieds. You may still qualify for it. However, realize that your senior level position at a previous company does not automatically help you to qualify at this company. To apply for and land this position, you will need to display the job you have done at previous companies. Be sure you tailor these resumes and cover letters to the position listed.  You will need to explain convey your qualifications in detail.

When applying for a job, read the actual ad thoroughly. Do not look at the time – they are misleading. Rather, put more time into examining the actual description of the required experience and training. Apply based on how well your skills meet the needs of the job not what your tied was. In some cases, companies will be looking at the skills listed on your resume, not what the title is anyway. Apply for jobs when you are confident you have the ability to meet the requirements of the position.


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