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Temp Jobs on the Upswing This Year

March 16th, 2012

The powers that be may have declared the recession officially over, but that doesn’t mean employers are ready to make the commitment to hire full time staff members to replace those who have quit, retired, been laid off, or have been fired due to the recession with full time staff members. Employers are loosening their belts a little bit, so to speak, by hiring temp workers.

In fact, temp work is on the rise in a really big way. It’s another sign that while hope springs eternal, confidence hasn’t yet returned to Main Street USA – at least not where job creation and benefits packages are concerned.

Where are the Best Places to Find Temp Jobs?

It’s the areas that were least hard hit by the recovery, Texas in particular, that seem to be leading the way in the hiring of temp employees. The Midwest, where industrial jobs are the life blood of the economy though have not really enjoyed quite the same strong surge in temp employee demand as other areas but it’s seeing some signs of life too. Even areas like Detroit that were hit brutally hard by the recession are beginning to see temp jobs come rolling in.

The Northeastern states have also shown a great demand for temp employees in recent months. That leaves the West Coast somewhere in the middle of the weaker Midwest and the Booming Southwest – or at least the state of Texas.

The truly odd thing for many people is the fact that the greatest demand for temporary staff and employees is greatest in states that were the least hard hit by the depression. In other words, there are more calls going out for temp agency placements in the states that have the lowest unemployment numbers.

What Skills are in Greatest Demand?

Unfortunately, there seems to be a serious disconnect between the temp jobs that are “in demand” and the talented individuals needed to fill those jobs. High demand fields for temp workers in the current economy include fields such as sales professionals, healthcare technicians, IT professionals, engineers, and even truck drivers.. Bilingual or multi-lingual temps are also in high demand especially those who are fluent in English as well as Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese.

Many people are surprised to learn that there are shortages of people applying for temp jobs in these industries – especially in light of the current economic situation. The problem for some people is that there’s still a lot of uncertainty about temporary jobs. They’re holding out hope and looking for something that promises more permanence. That could work to their detriment if companies don’t find some real incentive, real fast, to begin hiring full time employees once again. Of course, the out of work public is also not getting out there and applying for the jobs that match their skills and that is something we hope to see change in 2012 too.



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