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How to Create a Fair and Appropriate Social Media Policy

May 7th, 2012

Having a social media policy is one of the most important things you can do for your business. In today’s everyone’s-connected lifestyle, it is important to consider your business. Not only will your employees talk about your business and management, but your company’s reputation is also on the line. For human resource and staffing needs, as well as your company’s branding goals, it is important to put in place a fair but effective social media policy. Today, it is not really something to put off, either.

What to Keep in Mind

Creating a social medial policy may not be as difficult as you think it is. In fact, there are numerous ways to keep your employees happy without putting your business on the line. Consider the following tips and guidelines for doing just that.

  • Teach employees about being responsible regarding what they include in any type of social media – whether it is published under the company’s name or in their own. Assure them that you expect employees to be responsible in their use of it.
  • If you are implementing a policy for social media used by your staff to help in building your brand or online traffic, be specific about the goals of this process. List the goals as well as what you want social media used for (and what it should not be used for) under the company’s name or on company time.
  • Determine the legal ramifications of implementing a social media policy that addresses the way managers or staff talk about each other or about the company. Laws in this area are changing rapidly but your local laws should be examined to determine if there are any repercussions to putting a policy into place.
  • When social media does become a problem, take steps to fix it. There is a fine line to walk about employee personal time and the relationship of the employer in it, but most employers expect employees to always treat each other with respect, even when not punched in (or even online.) Reintegrate this policy for social media applications.
  • State what could happen if there is a violation of the policy. It is important to establish the groundwork for what could happen to the employee if a violation does occur. Ensure this is in line with any other human resource policies you have.

Social media is not something to ban users from enjoying. Rather, if you establish open communication and ensure that employees are on the same page as your business policies, social media can be a great tool. Like any other social interaction among employees, managers or company associates, ensure that online websites do not deter the goals of your workplace.

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