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Finding That Job That Will Kick-Start Your Career

August 15th, 2012

Sometimes, you have to get creative to get that first job out of college. For those entering the workforce right now, there are some rough waters to navigate. Though employers are hiring again, the pace is not fast and the opportunities for college grads seem less because there are very well qualified candidates competitive for the same positions. How can you find that first job that will kick-start your career or at least get your foot in the door? To accomplish this, you will need to focus first on a few important factors.

That Less Than Desirable Position May Be a Good Option

You may be worth more than a company is willing to pay you. You may think you need to be with a bigger company with a bigger opportunity for you. Yet, getting any experience is better than not having any at all. When companies are trying to reduce costs, one of the first things they do is to cut into the pay they are offering for any new positions. You may need to consider a 10 to 20 percent less paycheck as your first position in the field. That doesn’t mean you should stop circulating your resume though.

Don’t Go for the Top Position

Did you know that when a company needs to start trimming positions they start with those positions at the top of the company? Often, companies will rate positions based on their value to the company. Positions that cost more and deliver less get cut first. Positions like this are going to be hard to get into right now. However, for those who are looking for opportunities, it may be possible to take that lower end position, even the entry level position, now and wait for things to improve. You are less likely to get slashed by doing this than taking that top tier position and facing termination in a short amount of time.

Be Flexible Enough to Move

Be ready and willing to move to another state. In some states, IT is booming while in other areas there is a huge demand for skilled financial professionals. Those candidates who are more willing to relocate may find that key opportunities they are looking for available to them. Some areas of the country are losing less positions than others are. Moving to one of these areas allows you the opportunity to land the type of career position you are after.

Kick starting your career may not be as glamorous as you had hoped it would be. However, it does afford you the opportunity to find a position that is secure and could help you to build for the future. Ultimately, your first job may not be your best job, but it will get you the experience you need for bigger things. Concorde Personnel has many entry level assignments that will help kick start your career.


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