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When and Where are Job Seekers Online? Mobile Vs. Desktop Breakdown

June 11th, 2013

As a hiring manager, you’ve probably heard a lot about the various methods for getting in front of the best candidates. While the vast majority of job seekers are searching for jobs online, through career directories, social networks, and published advertisements, many others are using traditional local community services to find work. How and where you focus your candidate search can determine the success or failure of your business recruitment strategy.

Modern day job search behavior

It’s been estimated that nearly 50 percent of all job seekers are looking for opportunities using their mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. The remaining are using home computers and laptops to access this data. Based on a recent report from StatCounter, as of “May 2012, 10.11 percent of Website hits/page views come from a handheld mobile device.” This number is growing daily. “Portio Research ‘s Mobile Factbook 2013 predicts that mobile subscribers worldwide will reach 7.0 billion by the end of 2013, 7.5 billion by the end of 2014 and 8.5 billion by the end of 2016.”

Mobile web browsing and job searches have become popular because more people have access to affordable smart phones and mobile devices, which helps them take their job hunt on the go.

How to attract mobile vs. desktop job searchers

To make the connection with job seekers who are either using mobile devices or laptop computers, here are some guidelines to follow.

Mobile Job Seekers

  • Create job advertisements that have simple mobile-friendly text and leave out the images.
  • Use mobile friendly job board to publish online jobs and profiles.
  • Develop a branded presence for your targeted industry or candidate market.
  • Connect with mobile job seekers via social apps and text messaging.

Desktop Job Seekers

  • Provide detailed, yet web-friendly job descriptions and advertisements that are easy to read.
  • Use SEO keywords within the job advertisements and company career pages to reel in online searches.
  • Use text, visual and video content to establish your corporate brand and culture.
  • Create online application forms and screening in one simple format online.
  • Set up auto responders and a scheduling system to personalize the recruitment process.

As a recruiter or hiring manager, be sure to honor the ways that today’s job seeker is looking for career opportunities. These guidelines should help you reach high quality candidates in a strategic way.

Hiring great talent is difficult enough, and starting a mobile search strategy can be time consuming. Partner with a trusted staffing agency to help you recruit top talent and fill your next position. Concorde Personnel has the network and resources to help you land the employee you are looking for.


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