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Your Strategy After You Write the Resume – Job Seeker Tips

July 29th, 2013

Writing your resume is only the first step in getting a new job or advancing your career. After writing it, you have to start looking for jobs and create a system for applying for them. Most likely, you’re not going to get the very first job you find, so pay close attention to how you look for and apply for jobs. It takes a combination of organizational skills and dedication when you’re looking for your dream job, which all begin after completing your resume.

Read on to learn how to create a job search strategy that begins with writing the resume and ends with a new career.

Start a Job Search Schedule

Once you have your resume completed, don’t just start applying for every job you find. Create a realistic schedule and become organized. This is going to help you by setting aside some time every day to fill out applications and submit your resume, plus organizing everything keeps you for applying for the same job twice. This is embarrassing and almost instantly assures you don’t get the job. Make sure to keep a copy of the original job posting, as well as notes about how and when you applied for it, so you can get back to them if you don’t hear anything.

Find Jobs Relating to Your Experience and Skills

If you’re applying for every job available, it is taking you way too long and you’re going to get burnt out. If you face burnout from jobs you aren’t qualified for, then you’re not finding ones you are qualified for. Be picky from the beginning, and narrow down your search results to positions specifically relating to your skills, education and experience. This keeps the amount of jobs you’re applying for to a minimum, simplifying the entire process. Sending your resume to 10 jobs you don’t qualify for is a waste of time, since most of them won’t give your resume a second glance. You should also not look for jobs you’re overqualified for, because human resources don’t usually like hiring this way either. Find a good match for your experience and skills.

Network and Contact Companies

If you have ever had personal contact with someone at a particular company who has an opening, send your resume to that individual. Even if they don’t work for human resources or they aren’t the hiring manager, it gets your foot in the door. It is likely they remember you so they will forward your resume to the appropriate person. This shouldn’t be your only source of sending your resume, but definitely let them know you’re interested in the position. In a competitive business world, networking is key to getting a good job.

Practice Time Management

This goes hand-in-hand with scheduling tasks and not applying for jobs you aren’t properly qualified for. If you don’t manage your time wisely, you’re spending too much time on sending resumes to companies who won’t be interested in you. Similarly, if you have another job or projects, you’re taking time away from them with all of this resume forwarding and filling out job applications. But you also want to commit to your job search daily, if only for an hour a day.

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