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How to Turn a Temp Job into a Perm One in 5 Steps

January 27th, 2014

As the employment world becomes increasingly competitive, employers are doing everything in their power to hire the top talent available for their open positions. This means that employers are making interview sessions more difficult, the questions more in-depth, and even using tests to determine how strong a candidate will be once brought on as an employee. So, as a job seeker, how do you turn your temporary job into a permanent one? We have the answers for you in this post.

#1 Dress to Impress

We know that many temporary employees will do the bare minimum, which includes just meeting the dress code, in order to get by at some companies. If you want to turn your temporary job into a permanent one, make sure you dress to impress all the time. Even if it is casual Friday, come to work in business attire to show that you belong there and want to be there.

#2 Make Friends with Your Coworkers

Even if you know the job is temporary, make friends with the other employees in you department. Whether they are temporary or permanent employees, you can build a very important network. You could also be developing key relationships with people who might become your permanent coworkers if you are hired to be a full-time worker. Offer to help with their projects every so often. This will let them know how serious you are about the company and they might fight for you to be hired full-time. They could also provide you with referrals for other jobs in the future.

#3 Work Like the Job is Permanent

Perform your work like you are a full-time employee, not like you know the job is going to end after a six or eight week period. The harder you work at the position from day one, the more likely it is that you could be hired full-time. Always make it to work on-time, maybe even a little early, and stay late so you can finish all of your projects with care.

#4 Learn about the Company

Another excellent tip is to learn as much as possible about the company as you can. This includes the history of the company, the clients, the earning reports and the culture. The more you learn about the company, the better you look to the higher-ups. They will know that you are invested in the organization and that you are concerned with the success of not only yourself, but also the company as a whole.

#5 Step Up and Take Initiative

So, you finished that assignment early and have nothing else to do. Do not leave the office or wander around talking to coworkers. Instead, shoot your boss an email or walk to the office and ask for another project. This will definitely boost the company’s opinion of you as a hard worker.


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