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Online Brand Management: Protect Your Company’s Identity

June 21st, 2014

July 27th HR Managers

Managing your brand is more important today in business than it’s been in quite a while. Once upon a time, businesses operated on a local scale. You only needed to protect your name or brand locally. You wanted the people in your community and neighborhood to respect your brand, but you weren’t overly concerned with how people around the world perceived your business operations, products, or practices.

That has changed in recent years, thanks to the Internet. It really is a small world these days – especially when it comes to building a better brand and protecting the image of your company. These tips will help you keep your brand, and corporate image, in high regard throughout the Internet community.

Monitor Your Brand Consistently

Regardless of the action you decide to take, you can’t put out fires that you don’t know exist. You must make a concentrated effort to find out what people in the Internet community are saying about your business and your brand. You can do this by searching for important keywords and phrases that relate to your business and brand (CEO names, brand names, trademarks, major products, etc.) and perform searches for all these keywords in Google.

You should also carefully monitor industry-related blogs, websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, message boards, and major consumer websites to see if your name is getting “bad press” or if legitimate issues are out there that need to be addressed by your company. Find out where the problems are and work to solve the biggest of them on a case by case basis.

Promote a Positive Online Presence

Encourage consumers and employees who have positive experiences with your company to put out the good word about those experiences as well. This will help counterbalance any negative information making its way around the World Wide Web, while promoting your positive image a little bit closer to home.

Also invite people who have problems to bring them to your own virtual doorstep by commenting in your moderated blog or on your Facebook page. The buying public can see that you’re serious about solving problems and that you’re promoting an atmosphere of clarity with the way complaints are being handled by your business.

Hire Experts to Manage Your Social Media Needs

To many business owners and HR Managers Social Media is still a foreign subject. However, there are already those who are highly experienced in this media management platform. These are the people you need to bring into the fold to take care of building a better brand. This helps you stick with what you do best — creating new products and technologies that will take your business into the future.

The bottom line is that social media and the development of online corporate branding are here to stay. If you want your business to be a contender in the future, you need to begin, right now, with a concerted effort to build your brand on the World Wide Web and stay busy protecting that brand. These are just a few ways to get started.

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