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Do They Have What It Takes? How to Identify If Your New Hire Offers Growth Potential

September 5th, 2014

July 19th HR Managers

Let us face it. You expect more out of your employees now than you did in the past. As you interview this person sitting in front of you, though, you have to ask. Is this person going to be a superstar or just another name on payroll? Before you agree to bring that person on board, determine if he or she has the potential to grow and develop into the person you really need on your team.

How to Measure Growth Potential

You cannot always know just how capable a person is to grow and develop, but you can ask pointed questions to get some information out of the individual. To do that, you need to carefully consider what your goals are and then ask questions like the following.

  • Can you adapt? Ask the candidate to tell you about a time they had to adapt to a situation out of his or her comfort zone. Do they seem to have the ability to take on new roles with ease?
  • What do you think our company will be doing in five years? They should have taken the time to learn about your company. Now, you want to know what their big picture is. Keep in mind this is likely not going to be the same as your own role. What role will the employee pay, in his or her mind, in five years?
  • Can you work well independently? Often, you need to know that you do not have to hand-hold or guide a person through every stage of the process and their job. You want someone that stands out and does the work on his or her own.
  • How long will you be around? When hiring a new candidate, you want to know if they plan to be with you long-term. There is no point in thinking about growth potential if they will not be there to grow with you.
  • What is the job you long to have? Think long-term here. What is the dream job? If you cannot fulfill that dream for this individual, chances are good he or she will find someone that can. Is this individual a good fit for you and your company?

Finally, spend some time talking about learning. Does this employee have what it takes to learn and grow with your organization? As a business owner, every person you bring in the door needs to be someone you feel comfortable working with for years. That is the measure of growth potential within your organization. Will this person be there for the long haul?

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