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Create a Complete and Effective Reference List

September 30th, 2015

Hiring managers get paid to be suspicious. Every candidate they vet claims to have extensive experience and impressive credentials. It is the hiring manager’s job to figure out how many of those claims are true. That’s why assembling a list of references is such an asset to job seekers. These references can provide independent, objective conformation of a candidate’s credentials – the kind of information that hiring managers consider closely. Use the following tips to help you put together a complete and effective reference list.

  • Be Brief and Relevant – Rather than listing contacts for every place you’ve worked, limit your list of reference to three or four entries and pick the ones that are most applicable to the job you’re applying for. The best policy is to condense everything to one page.
  • Stick to Bosses – You may have had a close and cordial relationship with former co-workers, but their opinions won’t carry much weight with hiring managers. As you are assembling references, limit it to supervisors and bosses.
  • Don’t Eliminate Friends and Family – Typically, you will not want to put friends and family on your reference list. But if you have a professional connection to them, listing them as a reference is perfectly valid. If, for example, you worked at a family business or had a close friend as a boss, these would be valid references.
  • Stay Recent – It will raise red flags with hiring mangers if your reference list doesn’t include any contacts from jobs you’ve held in the recent past. As much as possible, try to populate your list with the most recent entries possible.
  • Notify Your Choices – You should always notify a reference that you have included them and alert them that they may be contacted. You should then explain the position you are seeking and request that the reference highlight certain aspects of your hard and soft skills. You don’t have to dictate their answers – and they should never be dishonest – but don’t hesitate to give them some guidance to follow.
  • Rotate and Refresh – If you are applying for a lot of jobs, you won’t want to include the same references over and over. They could find themselves fielding daily calls and quickly grow resentful. Try and rotate your entries to avoid this fatigue, and be sure to constantly update your list when new references become applicable. This is a document that should be constantly evolving throughout your career.

Assembling a list of references is an essential part of the application process. But your resume, cover letter, and portfolio need to be just as polished. Learn how to put your best face forward by working with the team at The Concorde Group who can help you find Stamford jobs and more!

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Social Networking Duties – Divvying Up Your Social Media Plan for Effective Results

September 18th, 2015

Digital Marketing Staffing Westchester

One of the biggest potential responsibilities business owners today have to tackle is the one of social networking duties. Social media isn’t simply a means of getting new customers. It’s about networking, building relationships, and attracting talented people in your industry to come work for your company. But it’s also about building your brand and reputation on the World Wide Web. That’s why it’s important that you don’t trust these important responsibilities and duties to just anyone but only give them to people who have a vested interest in the future success of your business.

Create a Team Platform

Some businesses require multiple people to interact with others through their social media and networking accounts. There are several different platforms that allow businesses to assign certain social networking duties to multiple people who can either sign in with various profiles or however the particular platform allows. Hootsuite is one of the many platforms you might want to consider for creating and organizing your team social media platform.

Define Your Objectives

You have to know what you want to accomplish from your efforts. You need have an idea of why you’re diving into social media in the first place. Are you looking to broaden your customer base? Do you want to raise awareness about your company and/or products? Are you interested in recruiting new employees? Understanding what you want is the first part of the process. Then you can move on to the next stage.

Develop a Strategy

The last thing you want to do is mindlessly wade into the shark-infested water of social media. It can be a colossal failure for your company to do so. It’s not enough to simply have objectives or goals for your business. You need to develop a step by step process of how you propose to accomplish those objectives through social media. That is when you can begin divvying out responsibility to various employees of the company.

Divide Responsibility Appropriately

You now have your goals and expectations along with a roadmap for how to accomplish those. Now it’s time to put your talented staff to work implementing the fine plans you’ve made. How do you decide who goes where and who does what?

It’s always wise to divide the responsibilities according to the jobs that are done within the business. In other words, customer service and product information responsibilities are best handled by those who deal with customer service and product information in the company. Recruitment efforts are often best left in the capable hands of human resources employees that work within the company. This way no one is truly operating outside their comfort zones or skill sets when bringing social media into the mix.

The most effective social media efforts don’t seem forced and are appropriate to the business. Find your top talent in the field’s social media is addressing and put them to work creating the presence you want in your social media efforts. The one requirement, by far, is that the person be a genuine people person. Other than that, match strengths with strengths and see what happens.

Liked this post from Concorde Personnel? Be sure to review our previous articles on related topics and learn to be more effective with your social media efforts.

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Should You Start Using Video Interviews?

September 15th, 2015

June 7

Thanks to advances in technology, the feasibility of holding video interviews has improved greatly in recent years. And with recruiting being such a time- and labor-intensive process, utilizing video interviews can add a helpful tool to the process. So, should you start using video interviews? Ask yourself the following questions.

Have You Struggled to Attract Top Talent?

Every company is desperate to recruit top talent, meaning that these impressive performers are often being actively courted by multiple companies at once. One way to differentiate your company from the competition is by making the hiring process faster and more efficient, and using video interviews is one way to do that. You can introduce your company and your job offer to the candidate without putting a strain on the candidate’s time or schedule. That’s a thoughtful touch they will appreciate.

Do You Spend Too Much on Travel Costs?

The cost of flying a candidate into town and putting them up in a hotel is significant. And if your company is not shouldering this cost, the candidate is – meaning they will be less inclined to pursue your open positions. Using video interviews is an easy and effective way to eliminate this cost entirely. You get the same benefits of having a face-to-face interview, even when you are located on opposite coasts.

Would You Like to Recruit Internationally?

Some of the today’s top talent is coming from abroad, and recruiting internationally can connect your company with a huge new pool of truly exciting talent. Unfortunately, the fiscal and logistical challenges of trying to interview international talent makes it a prohibitive process for both the candidate and the employer. Video interviewing gives you a fast, cheap and flexible way of connecting with this talent, without trying to coordinate international travel.

Has Traditional Recruiting Become Ineffective?

Just because something is established doesn’t mean it’s effective. This is especially true in the case of interviewing candidates. For decades we have conducted the process in the exact same way – but it continues to produce uncertain, sometimes disastrous results. Video interviewing allows you to combine the features of a face-to-face interview with intriguing multimedia enhancements. Both parties have the ability to send files back and forth, deliver rich presentations, reference information online, and more. In practice, this represents a significant upgrade over the way we currently conduct interviews.

Are you ready to start holding video interviews? If so, you first need to begin assembling a candidate pool. Find resources to help you connect with better candidates faster for White Plains jobs and more by partnering with The Concorde Group.

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