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5 Tips to Nail Your Next Phone Interview

July 27th, 2016

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The hiring process has gotten longer over the years. It’s rare to have just one interview anymore. Instead, companies are taking advantage of technology by having preliminary, although just as important, interviews over the phone or using a video call service.

In this post we’ll talk about ways to feel confident in your phone interview, allowing you to make a lasting impression – without even meeting your interviewers face-to-face.

1. Be Prepared.

You might be able to hold the interview in the comfort of your own home, but that does not mean that you should split any focus. Be just as prepared for this interview as you would be for an in-person interview. The people on the other end will be able to tell if you came prepared or slacked off before you got on the call. Have a notebook ready with talking points or for taking notes, and have your resume out to reference. Good preparation is the start of a great phone interview!

2. Find a Quiet Location.

Nothing is worse in a phone interview than having a lot of noise in the background distracting from your conversation. Phones are sensitive to noise, a public space will probably give away your location to your interviewers on the other end.  They should not hear friends or family members having a good time, nor should they hear a coffee drink being artfully prepared.

3. Dress the Part.

Of course, this is optional. You could do a phone interview in your pajamas if you’ve nailed all the other points. However, many job candidates find that dressing to impress actually helps them feel put together and in a professional mindset for the interview.

4. Walk Around and Project Your Voice.

Having a phone interview gives you the option to walk around and talk with your hands in a judgment-free zone. Go for it! You need to be able to communicate your enthusiasm and expertise over the phone, so if you keep yourself lively, people will be able to hear your passion on the other end.

5. Smile!

Next time you’re on the phone, listen for the difference in your voice inflection when you smile versus other times. It changes, and people want to hire happy people. Plus, smiling, even to yourself, keeps you engaged in the phone interview and helps communicate the enthusiasm and drive you have for the job position.

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Write Job Descriptions that Land Qualified Talent

July 15th, 2016


If you are looking to attract the top job seekers who have excellent experience and skills, you need to first have outstanding job descriptions. In a nutshell – each job description itself should list the most important factors of the assignment, while also describing the type of candidate you’re looking for. This is going to help you attract the right people and get qualified talent for your company.

Here are some expert tips for writing effective job descriptions that attract the best talent.

Make it Enjoyable to Read

Your job description does not have to be dull and boring, as many companies unfortunately think. It is easy to add a little humor and personality to a description, making it more attractive to the best candidates. Phrase the job description to be readable and searchable through different search engines, but also that shows what your company is all about. If you’re reading it back and it feels full or overly professional and dry, don’t be afraid to add a little more interesting information to it.

Highlight the Benefits

Every company and job position has some unique benefits, and you should be highlighting them rather than just including them as a side note. Don’t rely too heavily on details like the physical expectations or requirements of the person to be interviewed. You should to explain everything important, but highlight the best features of the job. Go into more detail to describe these benefits, such as having great health benefits or paid days off, room for growth within the company, or a health program at your business.

Outline What is Expected

There is no way you can list every job duty the person will be responsible for, so come up with a more readable outline. Don’t make it sound tedious and like the person is responsible for 100 things every day. Some of these are so minimal; it doesn’t make sense to include it on the description. If other things are required of them, you can talk about them more thoroughly in the interview. For the job description, create an outline that shows the reader what will be expected of candidates. This outline makes it more readable and attractive, and lets them know if they are qualified for this position or not.

Be Open to Innovative Ideas

Show the reader of the job description that your company is open minded to innovative ideas from their employees. Many individuals getting into the business world have great ideas and want to be creative in their position. If this is something you can incorporate into their job, include it in the description. Let them know you’re willing to listen to any changes or improvements they might have. It is very attractive to talented individuals.

A good description is brief but goes over the most important things about the job. Don’t forget to list what you’re looking for in a good candidate.

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When Can You Trust LinkedIn Recommendations?

July 13th, 2016

August 2nd

LinkedIn has grown in its usage and popularity steadily over the last decade.  While many social platforms focus on images and brevity, LinkedIn stands out as a substantial and fruitful medium for both job seekers and those looking to hire outstanding talent.

As you peruse LinkedIn for promising candidates, it’s important to evaluate their recommendations. This is one important way that professional connections can verify their skills through co-workers or past and present supervisors. Consider the following factors when evaluating a candidate’s recommendations.

Evaluate the Connection

First and foremost, check to see if the connection is a past or current colleague. A recommendation from a boss or colleague in a superior position is more impressive than colleagues from a similar level in the company or organization.

Here’s an example of a recommendation made by a client of a connection:

“Michelle is one of those rare finds that brings all her talents and expertise to the table each and every time Group 2 retains her services. Her strong work ethic, ability to dive in and ramp up quickly and knowledge of overall industry protocols is quite impressive. If you’re seeking a young and qualified (beyond her years) marketing partner, I highly recommend having her join your team.”

Fluff or Factual?

Next, you want to read the recommendation and consider whether there are hard facts or examples of their work. Most quality recommendations will include either examples or statistics to support the connection, not just wordy fluff.

Take a look at this “fluffy” example:

“Susan is such an excellent worker! She brings her best to every project and produces great results!”

While this recommendation makes Susan sound like a positive person, it doesn’t tell us much about anything. This shouldn’t count against Susan, but hopefully she has other, more in-depth recommendations to help you understand a bit more about her strengths in the office.

Too Much of a Good Thing

In the case of recommendations, you’d rather trust a few substantial entries, rather than too many. The “quality over quantity” rule definitely applies here. In addition, too many recommendations are a red flag for insincere entries.

This rule also ties back to the first point. If a person has multiple recommendations for one position, it is most promising for the recommendations to come from colleagues or clients at different levels of the company.

If you’re looking to hire more talent for your company, you should definitely scour LinkedIn. Recommendations can be a trusted source of valuable information if you look for the right signs!

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