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What Should Be Your Theme When Talking to Your Team?

August 24th, 2016

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As a leader in your company, you have a lot to think about and you have a lot of responsibilities. Have you ever thought about being responsible for the morale and motivation of your co-workers and colleagues? Whether you realized it or not, the way you talk to, and with, your employees’ matters!

No matter what the subject matter of your conversations and meetings, there is one theme that should be present throughout – positivity!

How does positivity affect your employees?

Improves Productivity

When you set a positive tone, your co-workers’ and colleagues’ moods are lifted. They are buoyed to continue their work and reach the goals or deadlines ahead. Positivity in employees feeds off each other and can have a productive ripple effect. As employees reach their goals and deadlines, that positivity can continue to grow, leading to more success throughout the company.

Morale Boost

Nothing kills morale like negativity. It’s so important to always try to be more positive than negative in workplace relations. Keeping a positive attitude and theme in conversations or team meetings is one way to boost morale. Employee morale is extremely important when it comes to workplace performance, meeting deadlines, client relationships, punctuality, and even talent retention.

Motivates Employees

Employees need a motivation boost every so often, just like you! When you keep the theme of your conversations and meetings positive, this can be the extra push they need to feel motivated. Motivation is not an easy element to sustain in an office and the underlying theme of positivity in the workplace can help your employees reach their goals.

Helps with Engagement

When the office environment has positive vibes running throughout, employees are more likely to engage with one another. They are more likely to collaborate on projects, creating a more integrated team. It’s not a bad bonus to have them engage in small talk either. A closer team is a more cohesive team that helps to boost the positivity you’re working to foster.

Create a better work environment

A theme of positivity in your conversations and meetings with co-workers and colleagues can be the simplest way to boost everything from morale and motivation, company culture, performance, and productivity. These make the office a pleasant place to be and ultimately, a more successful company.

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What Kind of Candidate Do You Really Need?

August 20th, 2016


Do you need a candidate who is super fast or one who is slow and steady? Every position requires a different type of candidate to do the job. The problem is, though, it is not always easy to pinpoint the type of candidate right for your needs. The bottom line is that business owners need to consider if they want their employees to produce as much work as possible in a short amount of time or if they would rather have employees that are steady performers who take their time.

Consider Food for a Moment

A good way to look closer at this topic is to consider food ordering. There is a strong movement back to slow food, as opposed to fast food. With fast food, you get basic to low quality, moderate to low customer service and a rapidly delivered product. What type of product do you plan to offer your client?

Now, consider how this relates to the sharing of information. Employees who are moving at a rapid pace can share just basic levels of information while those who are working at a steady slower pace may be able to provide deeper information. Some positions just require more face time than others do. Keep in mind that by slowing things down, you also create a scenario in which customers get more one-on-one time with clients, something that many are looking for.

Balancing Positions with Employees

One way to master this process is to ensure you are hiring the right employees for the job and giving those employees the right goals. Some employees are just better matched to positions that allow for faster movement and less personal time. Other employees do better with more in-depth development.

Know what your positions require, too. Does the position require face time with customers? Does it require more attention to detail, or, do you just need to produce a higher quantity of product on a regular basis? You may even need to find a good middle ground where you can balance the needs of the employee to be slower with the demands of the client to get as much turned out as possible.

Staying on Target

To ensure employees can remain on target in these areas, experts say there is a need to schedule blocks of time for various activities. Create shorter blocks of time for those faster paced activities but pace out those hours for longer activities. Make it automatic. When you schedule time for a specific activity and it has to get done within that time, it is more likely to occur than if you just moved hour to hour.

Finding a balance is critical but finding the right balance between employee’s abilities and the needs of the task is critical. Those who can find this balance are more likely to achieve the productivity levels needed. Find the right candidates you need for each job by working with the career experts at Concorde Personnel.


How Does Partnering with a Staffing Agency Help Your Business

August 10th, 2016

Westchester NY Staffing Agency

If you are looking to be more productive at the office or wishing you had a partner you can trust to help you find talented employees, you will want to learn how staffing agencies can fulfill both of these goals.

Some people view staffing agencies as a temporary fix but in reality, they can (and should) be a long-term partner to help you grow and strengthen your business. Creating a relationship with an employment agency can be one of the most beneficial things you do for your business. Take a look at how partnering with an agency can help you save time throughout the whole process of acquiring new employees.

Staffing agencies are valuable partners

They can easily find active and passive job seekers. Scouring for promising potential employees to join your team is a time-consuming process and somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. This is a primary task that a staffing agency can do for you, and it’s something that they’re experienced with. They know where to look and key qualities to consider when looking at potential hires. Think of all the time you can devote to other tasks to help your business if you have other professionals send you quality leads!

Next, they will focus on hiring while you focus on the core business. Great! You found a wonderful new team member through your staffing agency partner. Now it’s time to go through the necessary but long paperwork and hiring process. If you have a partnership with a staffing agency, they can do this for you, too! You can get back to work on your core business responsibilities and they can take care of the essential paperwork throughout the hiring process. Again, that’s more time you have to make your business more successful.

They’re there when you need them. Every company has different hiring needs or schedules. Whatever your hiring schedule is, when you create a long-term partnership with a staffing agency, they will be able to send you quality candidates when you need them. You could receive a big order and need an influx of employees on a short-term basis. During the holiday season, you may need to increase your staff for a six-week period. Developing a relationship with a staffing agency will help make filling those needs easier.

Begin a long-term partnership

A long-term relationship with a staffing or employment agency builds trust, creates efficiency, and it’s as if they are an off-site arm to your business, working towards your company’s success, just like you! If you want to learn more about how a staffing agency can help your business, contact Concorde Personnel or visit our website today to learn more about a top staffing agency in White Plains.



The Importance of Having an Employee Handbook

August 7th, 2016


A corporate employee handbook is a critical resource for both an employer and employees. The job of this one document is to inform new hires about the company’s policies and procedures. It should outline each element of the business to the employee in as far as it concerns the new hire. If there is a problem with work performance, missing days or other concerns, the employer easy has the documentation to indicate that the employee did, in fact, have knowledge of the policies at the time of hire. An employee handbook does more than this, though.

Define Who to Report Problems To

One of the ways an employee handbook can help is to providing information to the employee about who to talk to when there are questions, concerns, or even problems. Is a co-worker driving the employee mad? He or she needs to know what steps to take to deal with that problem.

Laws Outlined

The employee handbook should outline all federal and state laws that apply. This includes the Family medical Leave Act and the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. In doing so, it informs the employee of his or her rights while also minimizing the risk of confusion about limitations to those risks.

It’s a Reference

It should not be too long. It should be as concise as possible so it works as an effective reference for the employee. However, it should not leave out important information. For example, it should provide employees with a way to report discrimination, harassment, and even absences from work. It also should not be written in legalese that makes it hard for the employee to understand the information.

It’s an Introduction

In addition to providing information about the company, an effective employee handbook should also provide an introduction to the company. Employees should know who the company’s head is and what type of operations take place. It should know who the head of the HR department is too. In short, it introduces the company to the employee and welcomes them into the fold.

Liability Issues

The employee handbook also provides an extensive resource for liability. It provides protection from the “I didn’t know” questions. In addition, it can require confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure statements for employees. Though it must be carefully reviewed, these types of statements can protect a company even after the employee no longer works there.

The ultimate goal of an employee handbook is to educate the new employee or the current hire. They fit into virtually every business as they are designed to accommodate the company specifically. When done properly, they ensure the company and the employees are on the literal same page when it comes to how to do their job and what to expect when doing so.

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