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The Dreaded Annual Review – How to Switch to Giving Ongoing Feedback

November 21st, 2017

Employers have been giving annual reviews for quite a long time. Many managers and their employees dread this meeting and it can cause a lot of stress on all parties involved. While it’s good to at least have some type of check-in and formality, the structure of the traditional annual review is a bit antiquated, boring, and ineffective.

The good news is that there are plenty of other ways to check-in with employees, provide constructive feedback, discuss performance goals, and even pay increases with a much better vibe and approach.

4 Ways to Switch to Giving Ongoing Feedback Instead of the Antiquated Annual Review

If you’re looking to amp up the effectiveness of employee performance and morale throughout your company but want to ditch the traditional annual review, read these five different approaches.

Discuss Employee’s Future Goals

If you’d like to keep the format of an important meeting with your employees, a great approach is to use this time to discuss the employee’s future goals at the company. This meeting is much more constructive than an annual review because it talks about what is yet to come, rather than things in the past. Plus, it’s extremely motivating to the employee when they can visualize how they may be contributing to the company’s success.

Communicate Changes & Welcome Input

Whenever changes occur within the company, whether it be a procedural process or a strategic pivot, you should not hesitate to send a quick communication to your team about these changes. By being transparent about the changes, you demonstrate to your employees that they deserve to stay in the know. Plus, these small memos are a great way to ask employees for any input or invite conversation if anyone has questions. Making your employees feel valued boosts morale and will also keep performance high as well.

Build Trust with Your Employees

Instead of using an annual review as an attempt to build trust with your employees, this should be something you do on a regular basis. Thankfully, it’s quite easy to build and maintain trust with your team. Regularly giving feedback and avoiding any micromanagement tendency are two very simple ways to help build trust in your company.

Provide Feedback Regularly & Consistently

An annual review is not the only time that an employee should hear feedback from you. Rather, you should be providing them constructive feedback (critique or praise) while projects are happening. Not only will this help keep employees motivated, but this allows them to improve upon skills right away and instead of wasting time to hear it in a formal annual review discussion. Whether you hold quick meetings throughout the year, or send emails when you have feedback to share, you should definitely give your employees regular feedback.

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What Can You Do to Receive Feedback from Your Manager Throughout the Year?

November 7th, 2017

One of the best ways to grow in your job and even be considered for a promotion is to become a better, more skilled employee. Your development as an employee is even more valuable when you can serve the specific needs of the company you work for. One of the best ways to go about becoming this sought after and highly valued employee is to receive more constructive feedback from your manager.

If you think that it’s impossible to get consistent feedback, try implementing some of these tips.

Ask Questions

When there is a new policy or even a new strategic initiative that’s being implemented, don’t be afraid to ask your manager questions about it. Whether you need clarification on a process or you want to know how your responsibilities may be affected by the change, showing an interest in these company changes illustrates your commitment to performing your best at your job. Not only will you receive answers to your questions, but it also can open to door for you to ask for any feedback you may be looking for.

Consider Your Future Goals at the Company

If your company holds the traditional annual review, you should prepare goals that you think are relevant for your future at the company. Consider both qualitative and quantitative goals and present them to your boss during your annual review meeting. Ask for input and feedback as well. Your manager will most likely be pleasantly surprised if this is not something that’s normally included in an annual review, but it’s a great way to get attention and feedback.

Invite Feedback Regularly

When a project is near completion, or ready to submit, ask your manager if they have any feedback for you. By asking if there is anything they would change, you are inviting critique, but constructive criticism can go a long way in bettering your skills as an employee. If you ask for feedback, make sure you are also interested to hear it. Avoid getting defensive, but instead, understand that if you need to edit your work, you are only making it better and learning. In the future, your work will be even better. The more eager you are to take feedback, the more often your manager will get used to giving it to you. You will become a stronger employee to the company and your relationship with your manager can also improve.

Become an Asset to Your Company

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