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How Can You Use the Pareto Principle to Improve Your Delegation?

March 21st, 2018

As a busy manager, your day is filled with plenty of small tasks, high-level projects, and of course, leading and motivating your team. Arguably one of the most important skills of any manager is the ability to delegate work to your team members so they feel important and so that you can get your work completed.

The Importance of Delegation

Even though effective delegation is crucial as a manager, many people struggle to do so. Not being able, or willing, to delegate tasks to your team, you run the risk of making employees feel undervalued. You also are more likely to feel overworked and can fall behind in achieving your own set of goals.

There are many different ways to improve how you can delegate work to your team. A great method to use is called the Pareto Principle.

Using the Pareto Principle to Improve Delegation

The Pareto Principle may be better known as the “80/20 Rule.” The rule generally states that 80 percent of your output is generated from 20 percent of your input.

When it comes to management, this is a very important rule to understand and implement. As a good leader and manager, you should focus on the critical 20% of your responsibilities and work. This is the work that only you can do. By following this principle, you understand that 20 percent will be responsible for 80 percent of your results. When you put this principle into practice, you will be happy to delegate your other tasks to your team so that you all will be more successful and get more done. Not to mention, with work evenly distributed amongst your team, everyone’s quality of work increases.

Collaborate to be Most Effective

If you need some help determining what projects or tasks are the critical 20% for you, talk to your supervisor or brainstorm with a colleague. It’s better to ask questions or seek feedback if you are unsure of what work you should delegate and what you should complete. This will help the implementation of the Pareto Principle be most effective in improving how you delegate.

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The Company Won’t Return Your Call – What Do You Do Now?

March 7th, 2018

The journey to a new job isn’t an easy one. From writing unique resumes for each position to practicing interview skills, to follow-up communication, there’s a lot to manage. When a company doesn’t respond to your call or any communication, it can add to job search frustration.

How to Get a Company to Call You for an Interview

It’s important to keep realistic expectations when you’re waiting to hear from a company. A hiring manager has a lot of resumes to look over and lots of other responsibilities to manage, so don’t expect a quick response.

That being said, be sure to answer the needs of the job description specifically when crafting your resume. The job recruiter or hiring manager at the company is going to first check to be sure you will meet their needs with a quick glance at your resume or cover letter. If you meet their specific needs, you’ll be more likely to get a call! If not, you’ll be passed over.

If after a couple of weeks, you still have not heard anything, you can feel comfortable reaching out just one time to the same contact you sent your resume to. In this communication, kindly express your interest in the position and your eagerness to interview for the job, or feel closure to move on to another job opportunity if you’re not the right fit for their company.

How to Follow-Up After the Interview

If you were given the chance to interview for the position, there are different follow-up tips for this stage of the job hunt.

Within 24 hours of interviewing, you should send a courtesy email, thanking them for the opportunity to interview for the job position. It’s nice to include an invitation to contact you with any questions they might have. Then, it’s time to be patient for about five business days.

If you haven’t heard from the recruiter or human resources team in that time, you can politely reach out another time. Start your note by saying that you are not trying to be a pest but that you are very excited about the opportunity to work at the company. Be sure to include, and maybe rephrase, the content from your courtesy email. Then it’s time to wait another five business days.

Still haven’t heard back? You have one more reasonable chance to reach out to the company or recruiter. Send another note or email, expressing your desire to be a part of their team, including original content from your previous emails. In this last attempt to hear back from the hiring team, you can express wanting to hear back with either good or bad news so that you can get started at the company or continue your job search elsewhere.

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