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A Look at 5 Important Company Culture Offerings

April 23rd, 2020

If you’re looking to grow your company and keep your current employees happy, you must have important offerings within your company culture. A great job that builds skills isn’t enough in such a competitive environment anymore, so companies who want to decrease employee turnover and attract the best talent must consider employee happiness overall. This is where company culture plays a major role.

5 Company Culture Offerings to Stand Out

Consider these important company culture offerings to keep your current employees happy and attract top talent.

Clear Company Mission

Employees want to feel like they are contributing to the company’s success. Completing daily tasks can be mundane, but employees are more driven in all their work when they understand how it fits within the company’s mission or goals. Be sure to communicate the clear mission during the onboarding (even interview) process and naturally integrate it into daily operations. 

Whenever you need the company united to achieve an overarching goal, or even a smaller one, communicate it to your staff so everyone understands their value and role.

Accessible Leadership

Happy and positive workers feel that they can approach their boss or supervisors no matter what. Whether they want to discuss a question, a problem they’re having, or growth opportunities, it’s important that your employees can reach their leaders and feel comfortable doing so. Without this element in company culture, employees can feel intimidated, which can lead to overall job dissatisfaction.

Financial Wellbeing

Companies must try their best to pay their employees competitive wages and offer comprehensive benefits whenever possible. This will not only contribute to the overall wellbeing of workers but will also help employees feel compelled to stick around for the long-term. 

Many companies decide to add fun incentives for exceeding goals or finishing projects. This is another cost-effective way to motivate your employees and contribute to their financial wellbeing.

Healthy Lifestyle

In many ways, employee wellness is a cornerstone offering for company culture. When employees are healthier, they are able to contribute better work, more consistently. Offering incentives for being active, longer lunch breaks to accommodate a workout, or even partnering with fitness facilities to offer discounts for your employees are all ideas to promote a healthy lifestyle at the workplace.

Another option to promote healthy living is to stock your kitchen or break room with healthy snacks and beverages that can give your employees an energy boost without weighing them down and making them feel sluggish.

Mental Health

A complete healthy lifestyle also includes your mental health. It’s essential to consider the mental health of your employees by being aware of when things may be too stressful or overwhelming at work. Touch base with your employees, formally or informally, to monitor signs of burnout or stress. You should also be sure that your health benefits include mental health, so your employees feel like they can seek professional help if it’s ever needed.

Top talent is hard to find. Attract the most qualified candidates, and keep your current employees happy and excited for growth, by including essential offerings in your company culture.

Find Top Talent for Your Company

To help find the right talent to grow your company, contact Concorde Personnel.



Temp Work as a Great Career Option

April 8th, 2020

The unemployment rate throughout the country is low, meaning that temporary work is a very promising way to build a fulfilling career. In fact, many employers are beginning to look specifically for temporary workers to add to their teams. They understand that real-world experience from interim workers can be valued as highly with full-time counterparts.

This comes together to allow for an exciting and fulfilling career for professionals working in temporary jobs according to their schedules, interests, and goals.

Benefits of Temporary Work

There are quite a few reasons why professionals across several industries are turning to temporary work. Here are some of the main advantages and draw:

  • A variety of opportunities allow job seekers to perfect existing skills and develop new ones to build their resumes
  • Exposure to a diverse network of professionals
  • Financial freedom that allows workers to become more selective of full-time opportunities
  • Flexible schedule to allow for more time with family, continuing education, or volunteer work.

With this list of benefits, which just taps the surface, it’s important to dispel some of the myths surrounding temporary work as well.

3 Myths of Temporary Work & Their Realities

Myth #1: Temporary Work is Low Level

Many people assume that temporary work is only for entry-level and low-level positions. This is not the case. In fact, the fastest growing industries for temporary employment are in the technology and financial fields. For example, job seekers in the financial sector can find anything from bookkeeping to interim CFO work.

Myth #2: Temporary Work is Short Term, Sporadic, & Low Paying

The reality is that temporary work is extremely flexible, so depending on the project or job, it can be what you need or want it to be. Some consulting projects require only a few hours of work a day, while others have the hours of full-time employees. Projects vary so you can look for opportunities that fit your needs. Some will be completed within a couple of days, while others may last for a few years. 

Wages for temporary workers are competitive with salaried employees. The higher the skills you can bring, the more you can charge. Plus, since staffing agencies want to provide the most skilled and sought after temporary workers, they offer competitive pay and benefits, which can include health, dental, vision, retirement plans, and vacation pay.

Myth #3: You Can’t Include Temporary Work on a Resume

As the temporary industry has grown throughout the years, interim assignments are viewed as high-level consulting projects that offer valued experience. In this way, listing your relevant temporary work experience on your resume makes perfect sense and can help you stand out among the competition.

Temporary work is not only growing in popularity because of the needs of employers. It’s a promising and fulfilling career option.

Make Temporary Work a Part of Your Career Goals

If temporary work as a career sounds exciting to you, contact Concorde Personnel to find an opportunity that fits your skillset and goals.


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