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The Simple Guide to Asking For and Getting a Raise

June 11th, 2019

Asking for a raise can be one of the most nerve-wracking conversations you will have in your career – especially if you’ve never done it before. Discussing anything financial tends to be stressful, but there are a few simple ways to take away the anxiety and increase your chances of getting the raise you deserve.

When to Ask for a Raise

Generally, your company will have annual or performance reviews. This is the most appropriate time to ask for a raise if you aren’t automatically given one. The safest route is to wait at least one year in your current position before asking your manager about a pay increase, however, some sources suggest that six months is acceptable as well.

Whenever you decide the time is right within your tenure at your current position, approach your supervisor confidently and after thoughtful preparation.

Prove You Deserve a Raise

The best way to prove that you deserve a raise is to communicate your accomplishments with your boss. What have you achieved at your job and what have you improved at the company? It’s absolutely necessary that you get specific. Whether you can discuss percentages or statistics or have a small presentation to go with it, you must be able to share, in detail, what you’ve done to add success to the company. This is the most effective way to ask for a raise.

Is a Raise Unrealistic at Your Job No Matter What?

If there is no way you can be eligible for a raise at your company, but you’re doing more work than necessary, then it might be time to honestly consider a career move. Whether it’s a lateral move to a company with growth potential or searching for an entirely new position, a recruiting agency can take your specific salary or wage goals into consideration when they help you find a job opportunity.

Excel in Your Career

Take your career to the next step with the help of the professionals at Concorde Personnel. Contact our team of recruiters today to work with a top staffing agency in Stamford CT and earn the money you deserve!



Happy at Work: Best 5 Incentive Ideas for Short-term Employees

September 22nd, 2016


Employee incentive programs are designed to motivate and inspire employees in workplaces everywhere. Therefore, it only makes perfect sense to provide incentives for both permanent employees as well as temp workers. There are several ways to give deserving workers thoughtful incentives without taking on a time consuming program or spending a fortune.

If you want more productive and happier employees, here are the top 5 short-term employee incentives you can start using now.

Printed Certificates – A super easy (and cheap) way to provide short-term incentives is to print out recognition certificates for your employees. You can design and print free certificates of achievement online, and customize them for each employee. Then be sure to present them, along with a balloon or a coupon for a free lunch to your temps who have demonstrated work beyond their duties.

Gift and Prepaid Cards– One of the easiest ways to provide incentives for short-term employees is to purchase gift cards in bulk from local vendors. Choose retail, restaurant and entertainment cards so that employees can enjoy some quality family time outside of work. For more substantial rewards, purchase prepaid Visa gift cards and present them at the conclusion of staff contests or large projects.

Discount Programs – A great way to add value to your work benefits and a nice incentive for short-term employees is to include them in a corporate sponsored discount program. This can include relationships with local vendors, such as restaurants and retail establishments, fitness centers, daycares, and even housing management companies – who can all offer a substantial discount to your workers.

Paid Time Off – Because short-term employees are not generally able to benefit from paid time off incentives of their full time counterparts, using a PTO incentive program for temp workers can be very helpful. Offer a half hour of time off for every 8 hour shift completed, and allow temps to take much needed time off with pay for important appointments and personal days.

Contract Bonuses – Oftentimes, it can be difficult to keep good workers, particularly those who are temps. Provide an incentive to short-term employees who complete their full contract with an attractive cash bonus at the end. You’ll be amazed at the number of temps who work hard to  ensure they receive this bonus, increasing your productivity and practically paying for this incentive.

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Turn Temporary Assignments Into Permanent Positions

August 19th, 2015

July 13th Candidates

Despite the challenges of starting or re-establishing a stable career, there is a smart option for landing a rewarding job that can last. By signing up for temporary assignments through a quality staffing agency, like Concorde Personnel, you can turn temp work into permanent positions in very little time. The key is knowing how to use temporary staffing to your advantage to land a great long term career with a top company. Here’s how to turn your next temporary assignment into a permanent position.

Dress for a Successful Image

One of the best ways to impress the company for which you will be temping for is to show up to work on time, always dressed for the part. People judge temporary workers on many levels, so you don’t want your appearance to be one of them. Come to work in the right attire, wear socks or hosiery, and be neat and groomed professionally to give a great impression at all times. This will give you a successful image early on.

Be Adaptable and Flexible

In order to position yourself for a possible regular assignment in the future, be willing to adapt to the needs of the company for this you are temping. This can mean taking on extra work hours, new tasks and accepting change as part of the assignment. When the company decides to make permanent placements, this will give you the advantage because you will be known for being ready to take on the challenges of the company.

Demonstrate Your Skills

Outside of the interview you will be doing with the recruiter at the staffing firm, make sure your immediate supervisor on the work site knows your full capabilities as a candidate. Ask to take on new work duties and really show your stuff. Demonstrate what you are capable of and why you would be a valuable member of the team if the company were to make you an offer of employment in the future.

Adopt the Corporate Environment

Another great way to turn that temp job into a more permanent situation is by learning what the company stands for and adopting the values of the workplace environment. The more you can show that you fit in well with the rest of the permanent employees, the better chance you have of being thought of for regular work opportunities.

Convey Your Desire to be Permanent

A mistake that many temporary workers make is forgetting to let the immediate supervisor know being hired permanently is desired. Do not assume that the people you work with know that you want to become permanent. After a few days on the job, take a moment to let your immediate supervisor know this, as well as the staffing agent who has placed you on the assignment.

Become Indispensable

The very best way to get offered a permanent job as a temp worker is to become an indispensable member of the team. Work hard in the first 2-3 months on the assignment and provide a great value to the company. If you do this, you will most likely be considered when it’s time to make a decision about your contract. Remember, it’s up to you to make the most of your temporary assignment so that you can end up with a great long-term career.

Want to find a great temporary to permanent assignment? Visit Concorde Group today and take advantage of our candidate resources!


Enhance the Appeal of Your Listings with Inexpensive Job “Perks”

July 26th, 2014

July 7th HR Managers

Gone are the days when hiring managers simply hung a “help wanted” sign on the front door and ended up with stellar employees. In today’s world, due to the high number of average candidates out there looking for work, it is actually more challenging to find the best person for the job. This can mean spending too much time trying to weed out unqualified candidates and too little time focused on candidates who have the right skills.

In order to attract great candidates, oftentimes it is necessary to create a job listing that has more street appeal to your target candidates. This can mean thinking outside of the box to add inexpensive “perks” to the job description to bring in qualified professionals. Here are some suggestions, even if you have a small company or limited resources to offer job seekers.

Create an atmosphere appealing to the candidates you want to attract. Some of the most successful companies landed super employees because of a unique corporate environment. For example, many technology firms allow a very casual dress code, free meals and on-site recreational outlets. To attract brilliant job seekers who may work well in these types of atmospheres, be sure to list this as an emphasis in any job postings published.

Offer candidates work-life balance as part of the benefits. In sharp contrast with the past, today’s best candidates are looking for jobs that will allow them more balance in their personal lives. This can mean flexible schedules, healthier work environments, and earning paid time off for high performance on the job. Increase the chances of attracting better candidates by being open to these things and offering flextime or work at home options to sweeten the deal.

Provide a corporate discount program. Your business may not be able to include such benefits as an on-site daycare center, a gym or a food court, as some of the big companies do, however you can add things that have value to potential employees. Try offering perceived benefits like discounts to local attractions, sports and fitness membership vouchers, and employee savings plans, which include the option to use funds for daycare, gas or other work related expenses. These can appeal to candidates who are already struggling to make ends meet, without actually adding to their salaries.

When developing your job advertisements, it is always a good thing to get input from recent hires on what would be most attractive for job candidates. Consider carefully what makes your business a great place to work, and emphasize these aspects during your recruiting process. By thinking from the perspective of job seekers, you can easily identify additional perks that will not cost your company anything extra.

Want more support with your recruiting program? Please visit Concorde Personnel’s Employer Portal for helpful advice, and feel free to contact us directly for more information.



Tips for Writing Your 2012 Marketing Plan

March 6th, 2012

If you haven’t written your 2012 marketing plan already, it’s time you get started so you can attract great candidates this year. Small business owners, especially, need to have their plans ready to go as early in the year as possible – if not before the year begins. Business plans are your guide for taking your business to new heights in the coming year and to help you overcome consistent problems from the previous year.

Here are a few tips that should help you create a winning marketing plan for your business in 2012.

Grip it and Rip It!

Your business needs a business plan. It can’t really have a successful year without one. The problem is that business owners get so caught up in trying to make it perfect that they never get it done. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get started. However, if you keep the following tips in mind you’ll find that the marketing plan for 2012 almost writes itself.

Remember the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from Last Year

Every year is a learning experience for your business. Or, rather, it should be. There is a lot you can learn from the previous year.

What did you do that worked well for you? Where did you get the best return on investment for your advertising dollars? What kinds of trends are you seeing in the response of customers to particular types of advertising?

Did you reach your goals for the previous year? Were there any aspects of your goals that were difficult to achieve? How about impossible to achieve? Were there mitigating factors? What steps can you take to avoid those same problems in the coming year? What changes you can make in order to be more effective in the coming year?

These are all questions you need to answer as part of your marketing plan for the coming year. Eliminate the problems that plague your business or find new approaches to handle them. Accentuate the plans you’ve made that are working and decide whether or not you can expand upon them and their effectiveness.

Be Clear About Your Goals and How You Plan to Reach Them

It’s not enough to have a general marketing plan of selling more and spending less. Every business could have a similar plan if that were the case. The problem with that line of thought is that it isn’t enough.

You need to be specific about your marketing plan for 2012. Ask and answer questions in the planning process. How much do you want to increase profits this year? How do you plan to do that? Are you going to boost sales on existing problems by narrowing your advertising focus? Are you going to introduce new products? Are you going to jazz up your existing products? What can you do to increase those profits?

The faster you get your marketing plan for 2012 created, the sooner you can start putting that plan into action and enjoy the results that are sure to roll right in.


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