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5 Tips for an Improved Temporary Employment Cover Letter

December 23rd, 2013

Looking for a new job, whether full-time or temporary, is a time-consuming task. Putting together resumes and cover letters requires your full attention to detail. You have to make sure that there are no mistakes on either document, plus that all of the information is factual. When it comes to applying for a temporary job in NY or CT, you should tailor your cover letter accordingly. Do not submit the same cover letter you would send out for a full-time position.

#1 – Tailor the Cover Letter to the Specified Job

Our first tip is to create the temp cover letter to match the specific job for which you are applying. This will show the recruiter or hiring manager that you have taken the time to craft the letter and are being personal. The cover letter needs to mention the job title at the beginning and should have any work experience removed that does not match the needs of the position that is being advertised.

#2 – Describe Your Temporary Work

The middle of the cover letter for a temporary position should include descriptions of the temporary work you have performed in the past. This information needs to include the location of the previous positions, the type of the work, the salary you earned, the industry in which you worked, the name of the company and any other pertinent information you deem necessary to the application.

#3 – Short, Sweet, and to the Point

It has been mentioned in the past that cover letters need to be short, no longer than one page, but we really mean it here. With a temporary job, you will not have to explain as much about your prior work experience compared to applying for a full-time position. This type of cover letter can be kept to anywhere from two to three paragraphs long instead of the normal three to five paragraphs. The letter still needs to be professional, courteous, and free of spelling and grammar errors to catch the attention of the hiring manager.

#4 – Close the Letter with an Accomplishment

If you have been working with a staffing agency while looking for temporary work you can close your cover letter with an accomplishment. The accomplishment can define anything you have succeeded at during your history of temporary employment. For example, you can let the hiring managers know that you are the most requested temp employee at the agency.

#5 – Double-Check for Proper Flow

Once you have finished writing the letter, check to make sure that it flows from start to finish. The opening and concluding paragraphs need to flow with the body paragraph so all of the information being presented is related and targets the requirements posted in the company’s job advertisement.

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