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How Onboarding Will Lead to More Retained Talent

June 15th, 2016

August 31st

You have dedicated a lot of time, effort, and money to recruit essential talent. That’s why you need to put just as much effort into retaining that talent. One of the best ways to do that is to take the onboarding process seriously. Develop a plan in advance, dedicate the time and resources necessary, and be willing to adapt your strategy to the new hire. This approach helps to eliminate early exits and could add years to the employee’s tenure. Use the following advice to retain your top talent.

Introduce New Hires to Culture and Co-Workers

It’s easy to feel lost in the first days and weeks at a new job. New hires are suddenly surrounded by unfamiliar co-workers and asked to work in offices that abide by dozens of subtle and unspoken rules, traditions, and processes. Onboarding helps to eliminate the feeling of being the odd man out by addressing the issue head on. The new person in the office is introduced both formally and informally to people from every department and every spot on the corporate ladder. They are educated about formal office policies, as well as the less-explicit guidelines that impact where you park, how you eat lunch, when you socialize with co-workers, and how you ask for vacation/sick leave. All of this helps the new hire to feel welcome in the office and comfortable in their new role.

Outline Responsibilities and Expectations

Even the lengthiest job description does a poor job of describing the day-to-day reality of working a job. In the same way that a new hire can feel lost and confused in a new office, they can be uncertain about exactly what, when, where and how they are supposed to perform a new job. A thorough onboarding is a way of showing that person exactly what you expect them to do and how you expect them to do it. It also introduces them to resources and processes they can draw on to work more effectively. This helps to eliminate the kinds of mistakes, frustrations, and points of friction that can cause a professional to wonder if they’re working for the wrong company.

Address Questions and Concerns

The onboarding process is really about providing the right information in the right setting. But no matter how thoroughly you plan it out, there are sure to be details that get overlooked. Pairing a new hire up with an office partner and emphasizing that superiors are always available to answer questions no matter how small or silly is just another way to clear up confusion. This approach also helps the new hire to feel supported, respected, and valued in their new role. They will be much more likely to continue working for an employer that seems glad to have them on the team.

The onboarding process is much easier for all involved if you first make the right hire. Find talent that is eager to integrate into your office and impact your bottom line by working with the Westchester NY staffing experts at The Concorde Group.


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