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Why it’s Important to Offer Educational Assistance to Employees

October 7th, 2014

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Want to encourage an attitude of life-long learning and advancement in your corporate environment? There are many benefits of offering educational assistance to your employees. From on-the-job training initiatives to tuition assistance programs, your organization can help to elevate both the knowledge and skills of employees in very little time. This can enable your company to launch new ideas, products and services, which translates to more revenues.

If you are looking for reasons to present a plan to offer educational assistance to employees at your next corporate meeting, here are the benefits of this effort.

Shortens Learning Curve with Faster Results

The most obvious benefit of providing educational support to employees is that it reduces the costs associated with learning curves with less experienced workers. In some jobs, this can be a significant savings from the traditional learn as you go approach typically seen with less progressive companies. Instead of taking months to learn a new job responsibility, a corporate sponsored educational program can reduce this by weeks, giving employees the ability to be more productive a lot sooner.

Improves Employee Retention and Encourages Loyalty

When a company offers educational assistance to employees, it can create an atmosphere where employees want to stay on board for a longer period of time to take advantage of this benefit. Having a tuition assistance program in place makes employees more accountable to the organization, and they can use their newfound skills immediately on the job. This improves employee retention and can encourage loyalty by employees who feel they owe their employer something.

Provides Up-To-Date Skills to Compete in a Changing Market

An unseen, but valuable benefit of employee educational assistance programs, is that it gives companies a better chance of competing in a changing industry. Keeping employees educated and providing them an opportunity to become credentialed in their chosen field creates an advantage over stagnant companies. Your employees will be more skilled and able to creatively think their way through any challenge in the market.

Want more tips on how to implement an educational assistance program for your employees?

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