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How a Struggling Job Market Has Affected Generation Y Workers

November 25th, 2011

There is no denying the fact that the US economy is struggling and the job market has a bleak outlook. For Generation Y, though, the implications go farther than most realize. Even if the market picks up in a year, or a few, this generation which is poised to enter into the working years of life, is likely to be struggling for decades to come.

Who Are They?

Generation Y, also known as the “Millennial Generation”, are those aged 15 to 30 right now who are graduating college, entering the workforce or even just picking out a career path to take themselves on. These individuals consist of one of the largest generations in the history of the country and, by far, are the most educated generation ever. However, not all of this still may prepare them for their bleak future.

The Job Market Now

Plenty of signs show that the job market will continue to improve, but it is likely it will do so at a very slow pace. The result, then, for this generation of Americans will be fewer positions available. Many will face challenges like the following:

  • Paying back hundreds of thousands of dollars in education debt on minimal salaries
  • Taking unpaid internships because they cannot find positions
  • Taking low income positions because they can’t find anything else
  • Taking positions outside of their field of study
  • Entering entry-level positions in their field far later than previous generations.
  • Difficulty in finding promotions and climbing the ladder of success because they will lack fundamental skills often learned during these first years of employment in their fields.
  • Many will have and will maintain lower salaries for years to come because they did not move up the ladder fast enough.

In an article on Knowledge Wharton, management professor Matthew Bidwell says, the following. “If you don’t get a decent job in your first five years in the workforce, do you ever? You don’t develop the stable work habits or the self-esteem to move up the corporate ladder. It’s a horrendous waste of human capital.”

Late Starts

Those who graduate in 2011 are unlikely to find the positions they went to school for available to them. Those who graduate in 2012 may face the same fate. If by 2013 new jobs are available because the economy is moving, those graduates from 2011 and previously, not to mention from 2012 and 2013 will be competing for the same positions. More so, these graduates are already several years behind in their careers and that could plague them for many more years to come.

As individuals, it is important to consider this information carefully prior to entering into just any career field for study. More so, the graduates of this year and previous years must find a way to create a new path that allows them to push past the risks they face overall of not entering in a stable career for years to come. Not doing so could impact the quality of their lives for years to come.

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Positive Employee Relationships Start with Great Interviews

November 19th, 2011

For many companies the hiring process can be a function that is necessary, but not a very pleasant aspect of being in business. Resources and man hours have to be put into advertising, recruiting and interviewing candidates. Even as the best candidate for the job is chosen, assets are put in to training employees. However, the next person to be interviewed could be a great employee.

With all the energy and time put into the hiring process, it is in the best interest of both parties to establish a good relationship in the workplace. This starts with providing effective professional interviews with candidates.

Avoid Turnover

One goal in the job interview is to provide information on what the company needs and expects from its employees. It is the first step in establishing a relationship between an employer and potential employee. A good interview experience can make a good impression on a candidate from day one. It can also help set a good reputation for the company helping to attract quality candidates. A good interview process is the first step in bringing in qualified and productive employees.

Preview Job Qualifications

When preparing to interview people for a new job opening, review the actual job duties of the position. Check to see if there have been any changes in the requirements of the job since the previous employee was in this slot. Many job descriptions and duties are updated due to market changes, technology and additional responsibilities. Preparing interview questions while taking these updates into account gives job candidates a better idea of what the position entails.

Job Related Questions

In order to be in compliance with anti-discrimination laws, questions should only be based on the candidate’s ability to do the job, not anything of a personal nature.  Questions regarding the applicant’s private life, age, relationships, sexual and religious orientation are inappropriate and in violation of state and federal laws. Questions can be asked about interests such as hobbies, but only as they relate to professional skills and achievements.

Attracting Employees

Bringing in good employees with potential for long term careers with your organization is an effective recruitment process. One thing to consider with this is where you want to attract employees from. Many companies have a vested interest in the local community and try to make an effort to recruit from their area. Industries like the high tech industries have relationships in research and development with local colleges. These companies may bring employees from these institutions. Taking advantage of established relationships can help the interview process by enhancing the company’s identity.

To improve your corporate image and interviewing processes, consider the advantages of partnering with Concorde Personnel today.


What Facebook May Be Saying About You As A Jobseeker

November 13th, 2011

Maybe you did not expect those pictures from Cancun to end up on your profile page. You did not mean to say those negative comments about your ex-boss on your wall. The fact is they are there to be seen and maybe by people you would not want to.

Facebook has been a driving force in the social media phenomenon. People can communicate, share photos and catch up like never before.  What people need to realize is that once something is written on their page, it is there to seen by anyone. There could be negative implications concerning anything you say, if looking for a job.

Privacy Settings

Facebook does have the ability to set privacy settings for viewing. Consider what you want to display and who you want to see it while seeking employment. Social media has become prevalent and is now a part of all aspects of society. Everything from entertainment to business is covered by the internet. In many instances there may be too much information. A person’s online presence can say a lot about them.

Be Proactive

If looking for a job it is important to be proactive when posting things online. Be present and aware of what you are saying. Think as if you are a hiring authority looking over Facebook interactions. Notice what other people post and consider if you would want to hire them. Notice what may be appropriate or not and model your postings based on this observation. Try to use Facebook in a positive manner that reflects well on you.

Job Search Focused

The ability to use social media is a good thing in today’s technological world. It is an opportunity to network with others. Letting people know that you are looking for work can be an effective way to use Facebook. Connections can be easily utilized in a job search effort. Everyone seems to know a place that is hiring or even someone who does the hiring! Taking advantage of it through Facebook can reap rewards.

Other Online Resources

Facebook is only one piece of the social media puzzle. People have effectively developed personal websites through Google to showcase their skills and accomplishments with an online resume. Other social media sites like Twitter can be used for job search reasons. LinkedIn is one of the largest business oriented social media sites that employers consult for new hires. Using a comprehensive plan of different sites can help with job seeking efforts.

Many people have access to your profile and posts on social media networks, so consider using them with care as you conduct your job search. However, if used correctly social media can help with job search efforts. Pages devoted to job hunting and changing careers can be set up. Networking can be utilized. If used correctly, social media alone can be a great resource in getting your next job.


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How the Fair Credit Act Relates to Social Media – What Your Business Needs to Know

November 4th, 2011

It’s a common practice nowadays for recruiters and HR professionals to integrate social media into background checks as part of the hiring process. While this practice should be handled with the utmost respect for the privacy of candidates, under current laws your business should use best practices in order to comply with employment laws. By understanding the legalities of accessing social media information, this can keep your business out of “hot water” and protect candidates’ information simultaneously.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that employers must treat all information gathered about a candidate’s background as strictly confidential. Additionally, if any information that’s used to make a determination not to hire an individual is the case, this must be provided to the candidate in writing.

Ultimately, candidates have the right to know if their credit histories, backgrounds, and other information are being used to decide their fate, so keep this in mind when venturing into social media to check out your candidates. The same FCRA rules apply to what’s found on those Facebook and Twitter feeds.

It is also interesting to note that the companies that sell background search results to employers have to carefully manage the way in which this information is provided, for the protection of individual candidates under FCRA guidelines. This means any information on a candidate’s background must be securely transmitted and candidates must be notified in writing about their rights under the FCRA laws, including their right to request a copy of their credit report or any other potentially damaging documentation.

As you peruse through the social media profiles of potential employees, keep the FCRA guidelines in mind. Also, consider that many times individuals use social media as a place to goof off, vent, and share personal thoughts – so it’s never a good idea to make a hiring decision based solely on this medium, but merely as another window on the candidate’s potential.

For support and advice concerning your staffing needs, be sure to work with the experts at Concorde Personnel who can guide you along the travails of social media recruiting.

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