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5 Smart Ways to Boost Your Earnings Potential

October 30th, 2015

Westchester Staffing Company

Everybody can use a little extra cash in their pocket. If you want to make more money or feel that you should be making more there are ways to achieve this goal. People can take advantage of self- improvement and making the most out of their positions to increase their earnings potential. Workers can position themselves for better pay and increase their value to their employer. Here are some ways to start boosting your income.

Recognize Your Worth 

One way to explore earnings potential is to see how much room you have to improve in this area. Research similar positions to the one you hold with other companies. See what they make in comparison to you.  The key is to quantify your worth in dollars and cents that your employer can understand.  A company’s first concern is bringing in revenue. The second is saving money. Show tour employer how you can contribute to this with accomplishments for the benefit of the organization. .

Be Open to Learning

Due to the tough economy, many companies are being forced to do more with less.  They need people who can multi-task with different skill sets.  Education is one way to increase your skills and command more income. Areas of training should be where companies have the most need.  There are also specialized areas that employers have problems filling positions on a regular basis. By mastering these fields, employees can enhance their  position with the company.

Develop Skills

Another method to increase your earning potential is to work part-time in a new trade, otherwise known as “moonlighting”. This can enhance your present work skills or give you the opportunity to learn a new career. You could start by finding a position similar to what you work in now, giving you more experience. There is also the option of working in a completely different area and learning something new. You can also easily work remotely doing flexible freelance work .

Develop a Career Track

If you feel you have not been given the right opportunities to advance in your organization, discuss this with superiors. Try to determine if there are certain skills holding you back. Always be open to improving skills and experience. Take advantage of in-house training. Volunteering to improve some areas is also an option.  Many companies work with outside community agencies sponsoring additional learning programs. Work with these relationships to enhance skills.

Start a Blog

There are now millions of blogs out in cyberspace. Free blog platforms like Blogger and WordPress make it easy to start one. This helps to create an online presence that future employers can review. It also provides the opportunity to make extra money. People can monetize a blog by placing ads and affiliate banners on them. Certain restrictions may apply depending on the platform used.

Taking advantage of ways to increasing earning potential can be a learning process. Identifying what an organization needs and being in a position to provide it can bring in a better salary.


Want to learn how to fully maximize all your career skills, and become a highly sought after professional (and well paid) in your field? Consider all the advantages of working with a staffing company like Concorde Personnel today!


Three Tips to Improve Your Ability to Hold a Conversation with Anyone

October 29th, 2015


There are few skills absolutely essential for success in business no matter what role you work in. Right at the top of that list is communication skills. Being able to communicate effectively helps you sidestep common problems, identify hidden opportunities, and increase your value to your company. Conversely, having poor communication skills can put your career on hold, even if you have talents elsewhere. With that fact in mind, we have identified three tips that can help anyone hold a better conversation no matter who they are talking to.

Watch Your Body Language

You communicate with a lot more than just your voice. If you are having a conversation with someone but you are constantly fidgeting while your eyes are darting around the room, your audience won’t feel like you are invested and engaged. When you are speaking to someone, be sure to make eye contact, to use expressive gestures (but not too many), and to give the other person your undivided attention. When you are speaking, talk slowly rather than rushing to the end of your sentences. Basically, be the person you wish you were talking to.

Look for Detail

One of the hardest things about having a conversation is that small talk is boring by definition. You have to get through it to connect with a stranger, but you can only spend so much time talking about the weather. For that reason make sure to keep your eyes out for details that reveal something about your audience. You might notice a wedding ring, a pin for a college or sports team, a candid photo on a desk, or a movie reference on an office wall. Make the effort to get to know the other person as a real person.

Study Your Vocabulary

The reason that a lot of people are poor communicators is that they simply use the wrong words to say what they want. They use 10 words when two will do, or try to express big, complex ideas in clipped, confusing sentences. That habit can be a conversation killer, and it can get you into hot water in a business environment. In most cases there is one perfect word that will be descriptive but brief, expressive but appropriate, and surprising but understandable. Study your own word choices, and you will likely unearth some room for improvement.

Communication skills really can be learned, developed, and improved. If you’re not great in conversation now, there is no reason you can’t be later. Start developing those skills, and when you’re ready to leverage them to enhance your career, contact the Concorde Group.

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Do You Want to be Considered for That Office Promotion? Be sure that you’re not the wallflower—make your skills memorable

October 22nd, 2015


Getting promoted at work can seem like the impossible dream, especially if you work in a busy corporate environment where it’s hard to stand out. Yet, the only way to move ahead in your career is to climb the corporate ladder at the office. Before you resort to climbing on top of your desk and singing the theme song from your favorite television show to get some attention, read on to learn some ways to stand out and get ahead at work—the way the pros do it.

Painting a Picture of Your Future Success

To advance in your career, you need to have a plan. To create a plan, you need a vision. Therefore, you can take a moment to do some day dreaming to come up with this vision for your career. Start out by taking a close look at where you are now and where you’d like to see yourself in a year, 2 years, even 5 years from now. What does your office look like? What tasks are you doing in the future? How will you present yourself in front of others? This vision is what paints a picture of your future success.

Get out in the Community

Perhaps one of the more effective ways to stand out in your workplace is to get more involved outside of the office. Join some professional organizations where you can find mentors who can lead you to the things you need to be successful. Take some time to participate in local community service efforts. Make a name for yourself as a dynamic person who plays as hard as you work. This can help you to make more contacts, learn social skills, and earn the confidence you need to stand out in a positive way.

Boost Your Value with Education

An education can help you to earn the credentials you need to be eligible for a promotion at work. Take advantage of on the job training and industry certifications. Go back for that college degree you’ve always wanted. Then make sure your boss and the HR manager knows how much you want a promotion and that your education is the key to this advancement.

Learn to Communicate Well

Being able to communicate well in all forms can help you to stand out in many ways. Your writing is noticed by clients and colleagues. The way you speak on the phone and handle calls professionally is also noted. Having the ability to conduct presentations and speak in front of others can help you to be seen as a leader. It’s often the ways you present yourself to others that counts the most.

Advancing in your career is something you should take ownership of. This means researching all the avenues open to you at your current company as well as potential new opportunities at new places. Temporary and contract assignments from Concorde Personnel in New York.


How Does Your Recruiting Style Affect Hiring Results?

October 22nd, 2015

Westchester Staffing Company
The business of employment recruiting and interviewing involves the daily interaction of people. A person’s recruiting style can influence the way people are hired. Understanding how people think and react can bring more success in the hiring process.

One of the key aspects of the hiring process is having good people skills. By law, there are restrictions on what recruiters can know about candidates. Health and privacy information cannot be accessed by a hiring authority. Measuring the effectiveness of a candidate depends greatly on the job interview process. The ability to establish a good rapport with candidates helps to attract the best talent.

Recruiting style can depend on the unique personality traits of the recruiter. Different recruiters have different styles of interaction that affect how they deal with others and how they are perceived. They are the representative of the organization they work and can impact how people think of that company.


One type of recruiting style is the analytical type. Think of this as the logical thinker who wants to deal with just the facts. Recruiters of this type tend to be reserved and take time examining data before making a decision. Analytical recruiters can be very effective in industries like accounting and information technology. Positions that rely heavily on performance with data can be served well with these types of recruiters.


Another type of recruiting can be referred as the genial type. People with this kind of thinking tend to like establishing relationships and connections on a more personal level. They rely more on the feeling and emotional aspects of people rather than cold hard facts. Recruiters with this kind of style can do well in occupations that are people oriented like service based jobs. These types are conversational and can excel at getting the most of people through interaction. They like to ask questions to get the most information and they are most interested in networking.


This kind of recruiting style is the type A personality that is results oriented. They use a direct style in which they say what needs to be said without beating around the bush. They are not too concerned with how people feel as it relates to meeting their outcomes and objectives. They have little patience and no time for the personal approach. They may do well in recruiting efforts that focus on volume and meeting results.


This type of style is similar to the genial type but is more of a listener than a talker. They are highly perceptive and can gain a sense of people thoughts and feelings through the interview process. They are patient and receptive. Sensitive recruiters are attune to the unique qualities in candidates and very often see the potential in people.

Finding the best candidates for certain industries can be dependent on the style of recruiters.  Just as certain jobs require the right match of candidates, recruiters need the right style to be successful.


Passive Candidates Might Be Your Best Option

October 14th, 2015

Let’s start with a definition – A passive candidate is simply someone who is not actively looking for a job. They may be employed elsewhere, semi-retired or simply not actively looking for work. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be lured back into the job market or away from their current employer. And in certain circumstances this might be exactly the kind of talent you want to be recruiting. Here’s why:

Access the Top Talent

You may be struggling to find qualified talent and trying to patch over holes in your workforce with little success. Rather than carrying out an endless recruiting effort, why not go straight after the candidates you know have the skills you need and the character you want? Sure, you might have to put a little more into the recruiting effort, but you also made a major upgrade to your workforce in a lot shorter period of time.

Gain a Recruiting Advantage

Since passive candidates are not actively looking for work, they are not actively being pursued by recruiters. That puts you at a significant advantage when you find a truly impressive professional you want to work with. You can get their undivided attention and make an offer without worrying about getting in to a bidding war. Compare that with the feeding frenzy that often results when top talent makes the decision to go back on the job hunt.

Get an Accurate Picture

When you go through an open recruiting process, everyone you meet with comes to you carefully prepared and varnished. You get to see their best side, but not necessarily their complete or even honest side. That makes it hard to make hiring decisions with absolute certainty. Passive candidates are just the opposite. They don’t have to tell you exactly what you want to hear or hide their warts because they already have a job to fall back on. When you find someone that can fill a role at your company, you can invite them in with total confidence.

So how do you recruit for these passive candidates? There are a lot of ways, but in almost every case it involves a lot of leg work and a lot of wining and dining. Or you can choose to work with a specialized staffing agency that already has bridges to these candidates built. If you prefer to work with a staffing agency that can help recruit passive job candidates, contact the Concorde Group today!

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