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What Does “We’ll Keep Your Resume on File” Actually Mean?

December 28th, 2015

All job seekers have heard it before – “We’ll keep your resume on file.” Most of us interpret this as a polite way to say “Thanks but no thanks,” but there is always the tantalizing possibility that someone will reference your resume in the future and offer you a job out of the blue. So what does this overused phrase actually mean? Should you look elsewhere or hold out hope? It all depends on the job and the company, but usually this phrase means one of three things:

“We Like You as a Candidate, but Not for This Job”

There are some job seekers who have a lot of impressive credentials and interpersonal skills but simply aren’t the best fit for the job they’ve applied for. In this case the hiring manager may be legitimately interested in keeping you in the recruiting orbit, but doesn’t have a job to offer right now. You should only come to this conclusion if you have had at least one interview that you felt went well and received warm sentiments when you reached out to the hiring manager subsequently.

“There Was Never Really a Job Available”

Too often recruiting is more about optics than efficiency. Companies will often initiate a perfunctory recruiting process knowing the entire time that an internal candidate will be tapped to fill the role. That means you likely haven’t been vetted very closely and the offer to keep the resume on file is simply a polite sentiment. The good news, however, is that while you didn’t dazzle, you didn’t make a bad impression either. You should feel welcome to apply for future opportunities and can use your previous experience to demonstrate a longstanding interest in the company.

“Please Do Not Contact Us Again”

After an interview, it’s appropriate to follow up once but not more than that. There are a number of professionals, unfortunately, who haven’t learned this lesson and incessantly reach out to hiring managers post-interview. They will often get the resume on file line simply as a way to sever the string of contact. If you proved yourself to be a bit too eager (be honest with yourself), you should give up on this opportunity and look elsewhere. Use the experience as a learning opportunity and find a better way to demonstrate your enthusiasm.

No matter which of these responses applies to you, one thing is clear – you’re going to need to continue your job search. Don’t be deflated, just do things better. Access resources from The Concorde Group to help you find superior job opportunities in Westchester NY and get your foot in the door faster.

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Using a Staffing Firm Will Get You Talent, Not Just a Body

December 14th, 2015



It’s a common misconception that staffing firms only supply low-level candidates who fill temporary roles in times of an emergency vacancy. The reality is just the opposite. Staffing firms work with accomplished talent who have versatile skill sets, often supply candidates who grow into full-time employees, and support the strategic staffing initiatives of the county’s top companies. If your recruiting is costing too much, taking too long, and producing unimpressive applicants, partnering with a staffing firm is likely the solution. Here’s why:

  • Access the Entire Candidate Pool – Staffing firms work with both active and passive candidates (professionals currently employed). Since more professionals are included in this group, your candidate pool is both larger and more dynamic.
  • Enhance the Vetting Process – Since staffing firms recruit on a limited basis they can dedicate more time and resources to vetting candidates. The candidates they deliver to you tend to be of a higher caliber overall.
  • Connect with Top Talent – Top professionals have learned that working with a staffing agency is a great way to find more career opportunities and move up the ladder faster. That means the candidate rosters these firms have built have a lot of impressive talent among the ranks.
  • Speed Up the Recruiting Process – When you need a qualified candidate fast, the resources of a staffing firm directly support your interests. They can dip into established candidate pools strategically and find you the professional you need in a fraction of the time.
  • Find Talent to Meet Real Needs – Staffing firms succeed by understanding the real needs of client companies and hiring managers, and the real abilities of the candidates they source. That makes these firms uniquely capable of delivering employees who can make an immediate impact.
  • Shrink Your Candidate Pool – For the most part, staffing firms get paid when they make a placement, not when they produce a flurry of candidates. That creates a powerful incentive for them to locate a limited number of highly qualified candidates. You have the luxury of selecting the best of the best.
  • Lure Away Passive Candidates – It stands to reason that professionals who are gainfully employed will have more to offer than professionals scrambling for a job. Unfortunately, recruiting this talent is a time – and labor-intensive process that requires a lot of finesse. Most corporate recruiters simply don’t have the necessary resources, but staffing firms do.

If you’re intrigued by the opportunities that come from partnering with a staffing firm, have a conversation with the team at The Concorde Group today to work with a top staffing agency in Westchester!

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3 Ways to Improve Temp Employee Efficiency

December 10th, 2015

August 16th

Have you been considering ways to improve the efficiency levels of your temporary workforce? Whether you have been using temp employees for some time or you are just starting to use this method of augmenting your current staff — the bottom line is that the more efficiently temps can work the more revenues your business can generate.

Using temporary workers is already an efficient process, that is, if you have a program to manage and maximize this option. To help your business get on track and experience the benefits of hiring temporary workers, here are three ways to improve temp employee efficiency.

#1 – Hire from a temporary agency that knows your industry well.

Before you pick up the phone and randomly call the first temporary agency in your phone book, stop and consider that the types of temp workers you may receive will be based on the agency you work with. The right staffing partner will be an agency that is well-versed with your industry and the customers you serve.

The staffing agency you choose should have a solid reputation for placing the best candidates into temp assignments in long-lasting relationships with companies like yours. The recruiters should be knowledgeable and inquisitive about your business goals. Learn as much as you can about the success rates and agency credentials of any staffing company you decide to work with as this can determine the quality and suitability of each temp you employ.

#2 – Use a temp onboarding program to reduce the learning curve.

Once you have found the right staffing agency that meets your organizational guidelines, then you will want to develop an official onboarding program to orient and train new temps. Your staffing agency can provide some general guidelines for onboarding temps, but you can also modify your current new hire orientation program so that it makes sense to temps. Remember, the sooner you can bring your temps up to speed on their tasks, the sooner your company will benefit from their work.

A temp onboarding program may include an orientation day, followed by matching each new temporary employee with a seasoned employee on site. Introduce the temp to your employee policies, your procedures, and your goals from the first day. Give them the tools to do their jobs well. Provide incentives to help them improve performance and efficiency. Measure their success with regular weekly synch ups with supervisors, and correct any issues before they get out of hand.

#3 – Regularly evaluate the performance of your temps on the job.

The amount of efficiency you can expect from temps depends on the ability to educate and instruct temporary employees about their effectiveness at work. Therefore, you will need a system to measure this and make improvements. If you have provided your temps with all the tools and resources they need to be successful, offered them mentoring from seasoned employees, and communicated clearly the goals you have for them; the next step is monitoring them.

Start by working with your temporary staffing agency to give you guidelines for monitoring temp employee work. Include weekly meetings with the supervisory team to correct and improve any road bumps along the way. Give temps meaningful incentives for completing work efficiently and to company standards. Provide them with rewarding work experiences and tasks that will lead to overall work satisfaction. Show temps respect and make them an integral part of your team. Provide feedback and performance reports to help temps work to their best capacity. If you are looking for temp agencies in Greenwich CT, contact us today.

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