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Happy at Work: Best 5 Incentive Ideas for Short-term Employees

September 22nd, 2016


Employee incentive programs are designed to motivate and inspire employees in workplaces everywhere. Therefore, it only makes perfect sense to provide incentives for both permanent employees as well as temp workers. There are several ways to give deserving workers thoughtful incentives without taking on a time consuming program or spending a fortune.

If you want more productive and happier employees, here are the top 5 short-term employee incentives you can start using now.

Printed Certificates – A super easy (and cheap) way to provide short-term incentives is to print out recognition certificates for your employees. You can design and print free certificates of achievement online, and customize them for each employee. Then be sure to present them, along with a balloon or a coupon for a free lunch to your temps who have demonstrated work beyond their duties.

Gift and Prepaid Cards– One of the easiest ways to provide incentives for short-term employees is to purchase gift cards in bulk from local vendors. Choose retail, restaurant and entertainment cards so that employees can enjoy some quality family time outside of work. For more substantial rewards, purchase prepaid Visa gift cards and present them at the conclusion of staff contests or large projects.

Discount Programs – A great way to add value to your work benefits and a nice incentive for short-term employees is to include them in a corporate sponsored discount program. This can include relationships with local vendors, such as restaurants and retail establishments, fitness centers, daycares, and even housing management companies – who can all offer a substantial discount to your workers.

Paid Time Off – Because short-term employees are not generally able to benefit from paid time off incentives of their full time counterparts, using a PTO incentive program for temp workers can be very helpful. Offer a half hour of time off for every 8 hour shift completed, and allow temps to take much needed time off with pay for important appointments and personal days.

Contract Bonuses – Oftentimes, it can be difficult to keep good workers, particularly those who are temps. Provide an incentive to short-term employees who complete their full contract with an attractive cash bonus at the end. You’ll be amazed at the number of temps who work hard to  ensure they receive this bonus, increasing your productivity and practically paying for this incentive.

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