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Our Four Best Tips for Managers from 2017

February 5th, 2018

As a manager with busy days and lots of responsibilities, it can be tough to break away from day-to-day tasks to work on improving your overall managerial approach. Thankfully, as you head into 2018, we’ve collected our four best tips to help you achieve your own goals as a manager.

Become an Agile Manager

Agile management is a growing demand in the office place. Agile managers are flexible, coachable, and adaptable. Rather than being discouraged from challenges or setbacks, agile managers are able to look for solutions. These overarching qualities can be accomplished little by little through daily tasks and your relationships with your employees. In 2017, we discussed why companies want agile managers and gave you simple tips to follow to become one. You can read more about how to be an agile manager in 2018 here.

Consider New Communication Technology

While most companies still use email as the main form of communication, it’s becoming more cumbersome and less effective. One of our top tips from 2017 is for managers to consider other forms of communications that might be better suited for mobile devices, quick responses, and group collaboration. To learn more about why and how you can replace email in your company, read our post here.

Include a Mobile Device Policy in Your Employee Handbook

When email and the Internet first integrated into daily work, managers had to make updates to their employee handbooks to set expectations for all their workers. Well, if you haven’t updated your handbook yet again to include mobile devices, you are late. It’s very important to set clear guidelines and expectations for your employees on how to use both company and personal mobile devices at the office on the company clock. To read about the specific scenarios and examples we suggest for your handbook, click here.

Use Google Jobs for Better Talent Recruitment

As a manager, you want the best talent on your team to help achieve the company’s goals. With so many different ways to post jobs and find quality job candidates, your first reaction to a new posting method may cause an eye roll. However, using Google Jobs is not just another job site. It’s a way to get current postings higher visibility on the most popular search site. Following our tips to use Google Jobs will help you find better, more qualified talent, meaning that you can exceed expectations in 2018. To learn more about this managerial tip, read our post.

Cheers to a Successful 2018

Following and implementing our best tips from 2017 will absolutely help you have a stellar new year! To learn more about how we can help you achieve your managerial goals in 2018, contact a leading staffing agency in Westchester!



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