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The Art of Delegating and How to Be Better at It

March 26th, 2020

Every strong manager must learn to delegate because even the most proficient leader can’t do everything alone. Delegating work is essential to creating a healthy and productive office culture. 

Unfortunately, many managers feel more in control when they try to shoulder as much work as possible. Not only can that backfire and lead to burnout, but it can show your employees that you don’t have confidence in their abilities. This can negatively impact the office environment and lead to low morale. Plus, all of this can even lead to employee turnover. 

Become a Better Delegator and Boss

To build a strong office that is confident, works as a team, and is productive, it’s essential to delegate regularly and confidently.

Plan How You Delegate

When you sit down to plan a project or strategize, one thing you must include in your preparation is how you will delegate tasks. This way, you can consider who can handle different functions of a big project without getting too far along and missing opportunities to delegate. 

Give Employees a Chance to Work on Their Skills

As you decide how and when to delegate to your employees, consider giving them tasks that can help them become a stronger professional. While many times you will delegate work that fits within an employee’s strengths, there will also be times when you can give an employee a chance to improve their skills.

Feel More Trusted & More Engaged

Over time, as you continue to delegate to your team, you will build trust with your employees. They’ll be more motivated to perform to their highest potential as they see that you are confident in their abilities. All of these positive outcomes help foster a healthy and engaged work environment.

Delegating isn’t always easy, but understanding some of the benefits of this essential leadership skill can help lead your team to greater morale, productivity, and success.

Grow a Team with Top Talent

Maybe you’re realizing that your team could use a few extra players who you can confidently delegate some of your work to. Work with the professionals at Concorde Personnel to help you find top talent and help grow your team with temporary or permanent employees.



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