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Stay Connected to Your Job Networks Without Being a Pest

February 15th, 2016


Networking is a crucial component to getting a job. Hands down, who you know is going to make a difference in if you get the job, or not. Sometimes, even the most determined HR executive is going to choose someone they know over someone with a stellar resume. However, there is a fine line to cross. Asking friends and family, or other connections, for a job on a regular basis gets annoying. How can you stay in the back of their mind without pushing yourself on them?

Use the Right Networking Tools the Right Way

When networking, stay connected using the right tools and methods. You can do so without overwhelming your network. Here are a few key ways to keep the connection without burning the bridge.

  • Take a few minutes out of your day to use social media. Using websites like Facebook and Twitter keep your name and information in from of those you want it to be in front of. However, you are not pushing yourself on that recruiter. He or she keeps your name in mind but your message does not have to be an asking-for-a-job message.
  • Be social without just throwing your name around. Sometimes you will need to put yourself out there. You will want to schedule a meeting with a top recruiter or HR manager to discuss options and let them know you are looking for a position. What you do not want to do is to push the envelope too often.  Going out to lunch once every few months is enough.
  • Talk to those who like you. There is no benefit to talking, working with or trying to network with people who do not like you for some reason. They are unlikely to hand over your name in a discussion with an employer. Rather, spend your time building networks with those who do like you.
  • Become a resource for the other person. In other words, you will want to ensure you are offering them something. You may become their go-to person for industry news, for example. They learn something or better themselves by talking to you. You become valuable and they keep you in mind because of it.
  • Do ensure you are not overdoing it by watching the way the person reacts to you. If you notice, he or she stops responding to you or is not willing to meet your eye-to-eye, take the cue.

Networking is a critical component to building a successful career. Those who are looking for a job may easily overdo it, though. This happens when people get into positions where they simply need a job. However, pull it back and use networking effectively. It will make a significant difference in how successful you are with finding a job as well. Get your name out there and keep it in the back of the mind of the right person and you will land the right job if it is out there.

For more support with your job search, be sure to check out the resources at Concorde Personnel today! We welcome your comments below.


Small Business Web Design Tips That Appeal to Customers and Attract Job Seekers

February 8th, 2016

July 21st HR Managers

Designing a website for your company is more than just creating one that attracts the right customers. It also has to take into consideration the job seekers you are hoping will apply. Candidates should benefit from visiting the site to learn about your corporate culture and any career opportunities available as well. It is possible to create a website that serves the needs of all of these potential visitors, but doing so requires more than just putting up your average three-page website.

Attracting Customers with a Website 

Most businesses need to use their website as a tool for attracting customers – this could be your first and primary tool. If this is important, use these tips:

  • Stand out with your design. Ensure your site is different from everyone else’s.
  • Use images and lots of them. You do not want the website to load slowly, but you do want to use images to attract customers.
  • Make sure the site is easy to navigate. One of the biggest drawbacks of a website can be making it hard to find products or services.

If your website has personality and properly markets your brand, it will do well with customers. This makes it easy to meet your business goals.

A Website Focusing on Job Seekers

A business website can also appeal to those who are looking for a job. If you are hiring and are seeking employees to fit key roles, or just want to make sure you are accessible when the very best applicant is looking, design your site with job seeker benefits. Here are some tips.

  • Do not just say you are hiring. Most applicants will not apply unless there is potential in getting hired. If your site does nothing more than say you are hiring, it is not doing enough.
  • Provide information about the positions available. You should list information about the skills, experience and even the pay for the potential employee.
  • Ensure there is a way for candidates to apply to you. Provide a specific email address. Some companies allow applicants to apply for positions on the site by submitting resumes.
  • Use a hiring page to convey your needs, but also to encourage those with skills to apply. You will want to ensure the best apply, not just anyone. A hiring page can provide all of the information an applicant needs to answer the question, “Should I apply?”
  • Use your company blog to discuss working aspects of your job. This is the ideal place to discuss what it is like to work with your company. It is also a good way to get traffic to your hiring page if you are looking for candidates.

For applicants, finding a hiring page that lists positions and hiring requirements is like getting all of the information they need to know if they should apply. Hands down, this is one of the most effective ways to ensuring you get the best applicants.

Your business website needs to meet the goals and needs of any person visiting it. Just as you do not want to lose that value customer who stops by, you also don’t want to lose the top notch employee who is looking for a position. Make it work for all.



5 Smart Ways to Boost Your Earnings Potential

October 30th, 2015

Westchester Staffing Company

Everybody can use a little extra cash in their pocket. If you want to make more money or feel that you should be making more there are ways to achieve this goal. People can take advantage of self- improvement and making the most out of their positions to increase their earnings potential. Workers can position themselves for better pay and increase their value to their employer. Here are some ways to start boosting your income.

Recognize Your Worth 

One way to explore earnings potential is to see how much room you have to improve in this area. Research similar positions to the one you hold with other companies. See what they make in comparison to you.  The key is to quantify your worth in dollars and cents that your employer can understand.  A company’s first concern is bringing in revenue. The second is saving money. Show tour employer how you can contribute to this with accomplishments for the benefit of the organization. .

Be Open to Learning

Due to the tough economy, many companies are being forced to do more with less.  They need people who can multi-task with different skill sets.  Education is one way to increase your skills and command more income. Areas of training should be where companies have the most need.  There are also specialized areas that employers have problems filling positions on a regular basis. By mastering these fields, employees can enhance their  position with the company.

Develop Skills

Another method to increase your earning potential is to work part-time in a new trade, otherwise known as “moonlighting”. This can enhance your present work skills or give you the opportunity to learn a new career. You could start by finding a position similar to what you work in now, giving you more experience. There is also the option of working in a completely different area and learning something new. You can also easily work remotely doing flexible freelance work .

Develop a Career Track

If you feel you have not been given the right opportunities to advance in your organization, discuss this with superiors. Try to determine if there are certain skills holding you back. Always be open to improving skills and experience. Take advantage of in-house training. Volunteering to improve some areas is also an option.  Many companies work with outside community agencies sponsoring additional learning programs. Work with these relationships to enhance skills.

Start a Blog

There are now millions of blogs out in cyberspace. Free blog platforms like Blogger and WordPress make it easy to start one. This helps to create an online presence that future employers can review. It also provides the opportunity to make extra money. People can monetize a blog by placing ads and affiliate banners on them. Certain restrictions may apply depending on the platform used.

Taking advantage of ways to increasing earning potential can be a learning process. Identifying what an organization needs and being in a position to provide it can bring in a better salary.


Want to learn how to fully maximize all your career skills, and become a highly sought after professional (and well paid) in your field? Consider all the advantages of working with a staffing company like Concorde Personnel today!


Signs That You Need a Change in Jobs

June 14th, 2012


No matter how promising your job seemed at first, there are some jobs that simply do not live up to the promise or your own personal expectations. There are many different reasons why jobs don’t seem to work out for the best or why you feel unhappy with your current employment situation. But how do you know you’ve reached the point where you need a different job rather than simply wishing your job was something more than it is?

It’s a tough call that people in all fields and industries must some day make. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. But, it’s a call that will bring a greater sense of peace and serenity into your life than you’ve felt in a long time – at least on a professional level. Here are a few signs that it’s time to start brushing up your resume in order to explore your options elsewhere.

1)   You can’t seem to forge a connection with any of your coworkers. The bottom line is that for whatever reason (only you can quantify that) you just can’t seem to forget a personal relationship with anyone in your office and that is a sign that you need to get out there and find some people to work with where you feel a connection with your coworkers.

2)   You don’t want to tell anyone what you do. If you hide every time your kid’s career day comes around or cringe at the thought of meeting new people and answering the inevitable “so what do you do for a living?” question then it’s time to examine why you’re still doing it. Eventually, it’s time to leave the safety net of what you know behind in favor of branching out and doing something you really want to do for a career. At least go for a job you can take pride in doing and know you’re doing it well.

3)   Your job doesn’t allow you to take care of your skills, talent, or education. These are jobs that are menial and they are costing you the very skills and talents you worked so hard to perfect in college and throughout your career. Now is the time to decide if you really want to continue doing what you’re doing or if it’s time to start getting back to the field or line of work that you’ve always wanted to do and worked hard to be able to do.

4)   Your job is beginning to impact your health. No job is worth sacrificing your mental and physical well being and ye many people lay those things on the line every day in jobs they’ve grown to despise for fear that there’s nothing else out there for them.

It’s not always easy to stick your neck out there and take the risks that go along with finding a new job or switching careers. But making the change can make a world of difference in your life, your health, and your attitude about the future. Get started in your search for a better job when you visit the Concorde Personnel job center.



4 Ways the Job Search has Changed Post-Recession

May 27th, 2012

The recession threw many people in the market for good jobs into a bit of a tailspin. Things are beginning to somewhat settle down and jobs are just over the horizon. But how is this post-recession reality altering the job search landscape? It’s important to understand the changes that are being made in companies seeking employees and what that means for your job search.

1)   Greater competition for fewer jobs. I bet you’re thinking that doesn’t sound like a post-recession reality. Unfortunately, in many industries, that is the new reality. While jobs have begun the hiring process, many employers are still reluctant to do any wide-scale hiring. New jobs are slow, and there is still a great deal of competition for them. This means that now is not the time to sit back, relax, and wait for the job offers to start rolling in. Now is the time to double down and come up with a few aggressive new moves of your own to aid in your job search efforts.

2)   Networking matters – now more than ever. People are beginning to get jobs. Companies are beginning the hiring process. Knowing people and having contacts in your industry is what will make a difference for you as the job search heats up. It’s all about getting your resume into the hands of the right people. Nine times out of ten you have to know someone on the inside at the company in order to make that happen. Don’t forget to leverage the power of social media and social networks as well. The more your name is known and associated with your industry, (or the industry you’re hoping to find employment in), the better it is for your job search possibilities.

3)   Customize your resumes, applications, and/or cover letters to the job for which you’re applying. It’s not enough to have one standard resume these days. Each job wants something a little unique and different and you need a resume that shows the potential employer that you have what they’re looking for. A one-size-fits-all-jobs type of resume simply isn’t going to showcase you in the proper light. It’s not about giving false or even misleading information on your resume, or omitting information that may not paint you in the best picture. It’s about presenting the best possible picture based on true facts about yourself, your education, and your experience as to how it relates to the job you’re applying for.

4)   Avoid Mistakes. Even the most casual mistakes can cost you the job in today’s highly competitive job market. You need every edge you can get over the competition no matter how poised, polished, and perfect you think you may be for the job. Avoiding mistakes, no matter how small in the resume, interview, and follow-up process can make all the difference in the world.

Believe it or not, the post-recession job search isn’t all that different from the job search during the height of the recession. If you follow this sage advice however, your odds of getting the job will be greatly improved.

Want to have access to a broad range of jobs in the Westchester, New York and the  surrounding region? The Concorde Group provides many part time and full time assignments for multiple specialists. You are welcome to search our job boards today for more information and resources.


Free Mobile Job Apps That Will Make Your Job Search Easier

March 30th, 2012

Today’s job search experience is unlike any other in history. Despite the fact that there is strong competition for each and every job that’s available these days, there are technological edges you can employ that will help you get your resume seen by the right people for jobs that are ideally suited for your interests, talent, and experience. In fact, these free mobile apps can give you a huge edge over other job seekers competing for the same positions.

Here is a run-down of the top mobile apps that can help you find a job sooner.

Resume Bear

This free mobile app enables you to instantly upload and track your resume from your mobile device. More importantly, you can set it up so that you receive either an email or text message alert once your resume has been seen. The tracking abilities of this particular app make it a very attractive app for job seekers because you know who has seen your resume and how long it’s been in order to perform the proper follow-up process.


The job search process can leave you feeling more than a little dazed and frazzled. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all of your job search efforts. That’s why it’s important to utilize and app like Evernote that allows you to keep track of what you see, do, and experience wherever you happen to be. You can use this app from your home computer or any of your mobile devices so that you always have access to the important information and details of your job search activities. You can even arrange them by specific tags or keywords for faster access while searching on the go.

Simply Hired

This is a massive job search engine that allows users to search job boards, company sites, and various Internet sites for available jobs. It’s possible to search according to categories, keywords, and/or location of jobs. You can also search according to whether jobs are full or part-time, seasonal, or entry-level/internship positions. The mobile apps allow you to take the job search with you so that you’re not trapped to a computer at home.

SnapDat Digital Business Cards

This free app allows users to create and send digital “business cards” from their mobile devices. Most people only think of business cards after they have a job but during the job search these can be invaluable tools for networking and making important business connections that can turn into jobs or job recommendations in the future.

The world is changing as technology evolves and advances. Anyone who has been out of the job market for any length of time would do well to take notice of the latest technological tools, such as these mobile apps, that can assist in the search.


Temp Jobs on the Upswing This Year

March 16th, 2012

The powers that be may have declared the recession officially over, but that doesn’t mean employers are ready to make the commitment to hire full time staff members to replace those who have quit, retired, been laid off, or have been fired due to the recession with full time staff members. Employers are loosening their belts a little bit, so to speak, by hiring temp workers.

In fact, temp work is on the rise in a really big way. It’s another sign that while hope springs eternal, confidence hasn’t yet returned to Main Street USA – at least not where job creation and benefits packages are concerned.

Where are the Best Places to Find Temp Jobs?

It’s the areas that were least hard hit by the recovery, Texas in particular, that seem to be leading the way in the hiring of temp employees. The Midwest, where industrial jobs are the life blood of the economy though have not really enjoyed quite the same strong surge in temp employee demand as other areas but it’s seeing some signs of life too. Even areas like Detroit that were hit brutally hard by the recession are beginning to see temp jobs come rolling in.

The Northeastern states have also shown a great demand for temp employees in recent months. That leaves the West Coast somewhere in the middle of the weaker Midwest and the Booming Southwest – or at least the state of Texas.

The truly odd thing for many people is the fact that the greatest demand for temporary staff and employees is greatest in states that were the least hard hit by the depression. In other words, there are more calls going out for temp agency placements in the states that have the lowest unemployment numbers.

What Skills are in Greatest Demand?

Unfortunately, there seems to be a serious disconnect between the temp jobs that are “in demand” and the talented individuals needed to fill those jobs. High demand fields for temp workers in the current economy include fields such as sales professionals, healthcare technicians, IT professionals, engineers, and even truck drivers.. Bilingual or multi-lingual temps are also in high demand especially those who are fluent in English as well as Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese.

Many people are surprised to learn that there are shortages of people applying for temp jobs in these industries – especially in light of the current economic situation. The problem for some people is that there’s still a lot of uncertainty about temporary jobs. They’re holding out hope and looking for something that promises more permanence. That could work to their detriment if companies don’t find some real incentive, real fast, to begin hiring full time employees once again. Of course, the out of work public is also not getting out there and applying for the jobs that match their skills and that is something we hope to see change in 2012 too.



Should You Move to a New Town for a Job? The Pros and Cons

January 27th, 2012

June 20

Job offers for careers filled with the promise of professional advancement are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Many job markets are saturated by the wide range of recent layoffs. This has left many people facing the decision to seek greener pastures elsewhere and casting their job application nets farther and wider. In the end, it means that a lot of people are forced to face the “relocation factor” when deciding whether or not a job is a good choice for them.

There are plenty of reasons to consider moving to a new town in order to take a job. Here are just a few of the benefits you might want to consider when facing this choice for yourself.

Pros of Relocating for Work

When you make “the big move” and relocate for work, you’re advancing your career and your experience. Most people don’t make these types of moves without an improvement in working conditions, rate of pay, or living conditions. Even in a poor economy, very few people are going to relocate to a position that was worse than the one they currently or most recently held. The pay increases that go along with typical relocations are great. But the real reward for people who are “upward” bound in their chosen professions is the career boost received from a willingness to not only change jobs but also to relocate.

Relocating can open the door to new opportunities for your family as well. This is something that will depend on where you happen to be relocating. The goal is to only relocate if it provides you with an improvement in your current situation. No man is an island. If you have family, they must be a concern in your decision for or against relocation. Consider the area where you’ll be moving and what types of educational, cultural, and financial opportunities are waiting for them there compared to what exists where you are now.

The Downside of Relocation for Work

The first one is a pretty big one to consider. It’s the financial aspect of doing so. The current housing market is great for those interested in buying. Not so much so for those who need to sell their homes and/or are “underwater” on their mortgages. Money is the goal of getting a new job but it can also be the thing that holds you back from taking one too – if a move is necessary.

Leaving behind friends and family is another hard sell – especially if you have deep family and community ties. The older your children are and the more “settled” your family is, the harder it is to pick up the pieces and move. It’s hard for everyone involved.

The bottom line is that there are fairly strong arguments for and against relocating for work. In the end, you must decide what the best choice for yourself and your family will be.

For support with finding a new career and opportunities in other cities, be sure to visit our current job listings at Concorde Personnel…and let the journey begin!


How to Land a New Job in 2012

January 7th, 2012

Getting a new job in 2012 is a high priority for many Americans who continue to find themselves numbered among the unemployed. There is finally a little light at the end of the job search tunnel. Those candidates who had given up hope of finding new jobs in the past, are suddenly beginning to take a second look at the job market. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re a standout among the sea of people competing for the same great jobs this year.

Skip the Generic

Whether it’s cover letters, resumes, or the interview process you want to stand out – in a positive way – with prospective employers. Your cover letter is your first opportunity to show potential employers what you have to offer. You need to make sure the cover letter you provide is custom-made for each job for which you are applying.

More importantly, your cover letter needs to be something other than a reiteration of your resume. Let the hiring managers know how excited you are about the opportunity to join their organization. Then give them a little nugget about why you’re such a perfect fit for the job in question as well as their corporate culture.

Use Your Social Networks Wisely

Every person you know both in person and online is part of your social network. When you’re in the job market you need to work long and hard to make sure the image you project online is one you want potential employers to see and associate with you.

But the use of social networks goes much deeper than the negative. Use online social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to let people know you’re in the market for a new job and what kind of skills you bring to the table. People in your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances may not have a great job for you but the odds are good that some of them know someone who could use your talents.

According to Jobvite, one in six workers used social networks in order to get hired in 2011. There’s no reason to believe this trend will decline in 2012. But the real news is the number of businesses that are now turning to social networks in order to find job candidates as well. A different Jobvite survey also reveals that 89 percent of businesses in the US will turn to social networks for recruiting purposes.

Whether you’re in the market because you need a job, are underemployed, or simply want to switch jobs (or even, perhaps, careers) it’s important that you upgrade your job search skills and efforts to maximize your job search reach and exposure. Regardless of the reason, the job market is more crowded today than ever before and that means that you must look for creative avenues to make yourself stand out among the crowd.

To find a great job this year, consider the advantages of contracting with a quality recruitment firm like Concorde Personnel. You’ll gain access to a wide network of job search resources and companies that work with us to find candidates like you.


5 Ways to Give Your Resume New Life

December 15th, 2011

Did you know that it is not necessary to redo your entire resume?  Instead, it is a good idea to freshen it up from time to time. Doing so will improve your chances of being hired since the information contained on the resume may offer more recent information about you. By taking a few minutes to refresh your resume, you could spark new opportunities for your future.

Resume Updates to Focus On

If you are ready to give your resume a fresh new look (to capture the right kind of attention from recruiters) there are a few specific places to start. Though some resumes do require rewriting to keep them up-to-date, the following tips will aid in a quick update

  1. Add in anything that you’ve been doing recently at the bottom of your resume. For example, if you’ve attended a workshop or received professional training, this is the place to add it. Ensure anything new and not on the resume is added in.
  2. Get rid of anything that’s not relevant or no longer true. Look through your resume and ask yourself if each entry into it provides something in line with your career or application goals. If not – omit it
  3. Keep your current job, or your most important job, the most detailed on the resume. If your first job doesn’t really fit in to your career goals, edit that portion of the resume down. Ensure that your current job is getting all of the attention it needs. Update your resume to include any new tasks or accomplishments at your current position as well.
  4. Does your resume look modern, clean and organized? If not, it may be time to give it a new look overall. Use a different resume format that focuses on what’s most valuable to a potential employer. Then, make sure your resume is available in various formats, including a printed version, a .doc and a PDF file.
  5. Edit and proofread the resume. Anytime there are any changes to a resume, go back and read them a few hours later. You want to ensure no errors exist in the content that could keep you from landing that big job. You may also want to ask a friend to look over the resume for any potential errors.

Re-doing a resume may mean you get a fresh perspective on your career options. You may realize you need a bit more training or that you could add a bit more detail about the things you do each day. By creating a resume that’s current and structured for the types of positions you are applying for today, you are more likely to land the position you are looking for in the long term.

For those still handing out that old, tired resume, do not expect to get call backs frequently. Ensure that each time you hand your resume to a potential client, it presents the best you can offer to the potential employer. If you need some guidance concerning your resume, look to the career experts at Concorde Personnel.

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