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Interview Prep for New Grads

May 13th, 2012

As graduation day approaches, students are beginning to set their sights on what lies ahead for them. It’s been a long road to get here, but now your thoughts need to be on the job you’re hoping to dive into following your college graduation ceremony

As exciting as it can be to go out into the world and face the future you’ve prepared so hard for, being properly prepared for the job interview process can make a world of difference when it comes to your job prospects. Take this advice to heart and you should stand head and shoulders above your college graduate competition.

Know Your Audience

Prepare for each and every interview ahead of time by getting to know as much as possible about the company or companies you’re interviewing with. The more you know about the company, the corporate structure, the goods and the services it provides, the better you’ll be able to anticipate the specific skills, talents, and expertise that will be in demand by this company.

By doing your research, you’ll be able to anticipate some of the questions that are likely to come your way during the interview process. Finally, your research can really help you decide whether this company is a good match for your interests and future goals, before going through an interview process for a job that doesn’t really appeal to you.

Come up With Questions of Your Own

One of the most important things companies look for when interviewing candidates is an inquisitive mind. By asking questions, you are also letting the person conducting the interview know that you are interested in the job.

The more intelligent your questions are, the greater they believe your interest to be. Create a list of questions to ask prior to the interview and make note of them as they come to mind during the interview process. Just make sure your questions come across as though you’re well informed, and not as though you’re a little bit lost.

Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, you want to practice answering questions you feel might come up during the interview. Write down potential answers and recite them out loud. See how they sound to your own ears. Ask friends to help by listening and offering their feedback to your answers.

The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll feel about the entire interview process. This will be a huge asset in the actual interview that will help you to avoid some of the nervous missteps other new grads make during the interview process.

Being more prepared than your competition will give a better shot at landing the job you’re looking for. Competition is fierce for today’s new grads. It’s important to take advantage of every edge you can. Acing the interview is a huge way to secure the job you want after graduation and these tips are sure to help.

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How to Land a New Job in 2012

January 7th, 2012

Getting a new job in 2012 is a high priority for many Americans who continue to find themselves numbered among the unemployed. There is finally a little light at the end of the job search tunnel. Those candidates who had given up hope of finding new jobs in the past, are suddenly beginning to take a second look at the job market. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re a standout among the sea of people competing for the same great jobs this year.

Skip the Generic

Whether it’s cover letters, resumes, or the interview process you want to stand out – in a positive way – with prospective employers. Your cover letter is your first opportunity to show potential employers what you have to offer. You need to make sure the cover letter you provide is custom-made for each job for which you are applying.

More importantly, your cover letter needs to be something other than a reiteration of your resume. Let the hiring managers know how excited you are about the opportunity to join their organization. Then give them a little nugget about why you’re such a perfect fit for the job in question as well as their corporate culture.

Use Your Social Networks Wisely

Every person you know both in person and online is part of your social network. When you’re in the job market you need to work long and hard to make sure the image you project online is one you want potential employers to see and associate with you.

But the use of social networks goes much deeper than the negative. Use online social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to let people know you’re in the market for a new job and what kind of skills you bring to the table. People in your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances may not have a great job for you but the odds are good that some of them know someone who could use your talents.

According to Jobvite, one in six workers used social networks in order to get hired in 2011. There’s no reason to believe this trend will decline in 2012. But the real news is the number of businesses that are now turning to social networks in order to find job candidates as well. A different Jobvite survey also reveals that 89 percent of businesses in the US will turn to social networks for recruiting purposes.

Whether you’re in the market because you need a job, are underemployed, or simply want to switch jobs (or even, perhaps, careers) it’s important that you upgrade your job search skills and efforts to maximize your job search reach and exposure. Regardless of the reason, the job market is more crowded today than ever before and that means that you must look for creative avenues to make yourself stand out among the crowd.

To find a great job this year, consider the advantages of contracting with a quality recruitment firm like Concorde Personnel. You’ll gain access to a wide network of job search resources and companies that work with us to find candidates like you.


Don’t Let Your Job Search Steal Your Self Worth

December 8th, 2011

There cannot be anything more damaging to your self-esteem than a long-term job search. Each day, you submit applications, go to interviews and wait for the phone to ring. It does not happen. There always seems to be someone else that is a better fit for the position or may be better qualified. It can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to avoid this type of depreciation of self worth.

You Have to Hold Onto Self Confidence

When you do head in for an interview, the interviewer knows right away just how self-confident you are from the way you carry yourself. Most employers want an individual who is confident (not arrogant) and can do the job with a positive attitude. The question is, then, how do you balance a self esteem-bashing job search with a job-landing attitude?

The following are some tips to help you to keep your motivation high and your self-worth intact throughout your job search.

  • Make sure you have motivation each day. That means being active in motivating yourself through positive thinking, rewarding yourself for small accomplishments and through monitoring your success.
  • Read your resume. Look at your qualifications closely. You have accomplished a great deal and it is right there, on paper.
  • Do something beneficial to your overall attitude at least once a week. Some experts say that doing culturally significant activities help. This includes going to see a musical or taking in a museum. It shows what the mind can accomplish if you give it a chance.
  • Be active in your professional organization or industry even if it is in a non-paying way. Attend local organization meetings. Join in the conversation online. Stay up to date and be involved.
  • Do something good for others. This allows you to count your blessings and to feel good about yourself. Volunteer your time to help the disabled or to work with children who are less fortunate. Be involved in community activities. These are all great networking opportunities, too.
  • Remove yourself from the constant negative environment around you. For example, avoid reading the newspaper. Avoid being around negative people who pull you down with them. Rather, surrounding yourself with a positive environment so your mind frame is naturally uplifting.

Be realistic, too. There will be times when you feel awful and you simply cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Those who are in a long, drawn out job search are likely to go through periods where it seems futile applying for jobs or going to interviews. However, it pays to keep doing so.

While at interviews, learn what is making the employer hire another person over you. Ask what you could do to have landed the job instead. Then, keep pushing forward. You may need more education. If so, work towards that. If you learn that the person got a job because of their experience, find ways to intern or volunteer to boost your resume.

Your self-esteem may take a beating from time to time when you are dealing with job searching, but if you keep plugging away and keep looking for positive things along the route, you will get to your final destination faster. For help in your job search, be sure to check out the employment resources that Concorde Personnel offers today!

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