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Staff Accountant Salaries in New York – What Should You Be Offering?

January 20th, 2014


businessman-in-officeHaving the best staff accountant on board can make the difference between a successful company that’s on top of financials and a company that falls into trouble due to poorly managed finances. Therefore, it’s ultimately in your best interest to hire an accountant who has the high level skills and reputation in the industry to do the best job for your organization. To attract a great staff accountant to your New York business, you will need to offer a competitive salary and benefit package. But, how do you know what the going rate is for staff accountants in New York?

Current Salaries and Benefits for Staff Accountants in New York

Luckily, there are some excellent sources of both salary and benefit information you can fall back on to when offering a staff accountant job at your company. Use these as a guide as you put together a fair salary and benefit package for your New York staff accountant position.

In New York, there is a Department of Labor division that offers up-to-date information on many jobs, including current salary rates. Check out the Labor Statistics page for current information and resources for businesses. You may also go to the main US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics – Occupational Outlook Handbook to discover current wages for staff accountants around the USA. These figures reflect the wages earned by accountants in New York and other areas, with the median range for the nation so you can offer something that will attract the best to your doors.

US News Careers also has created a database of information on a wide range of career types around the US, including staff accountants and financial professionals. You can locate salary information for multiple regions, including New York. According to this resource, “The highest paid in the accountant profession work in the metropolitan areas of New York City, Newark, N.J., and Nassau, N.Y.”. The salary rates for highly proficient accounting professionals in these regions are currently $86,670 to $89,720 USD per year, according to US News Careers information.

Other Sources of Salary and Benefit Information for Accountants

In terms of understanding what you should offer to staff accountants outside of mere salary, the New York Society of CPAs published the results of a survey that indicated accounting recruitment efforts should focus on retention and development programs. Small businesses and accounting firms may not be able to offer as high of a starting salary as larger firms, but they can put into place programs like mentoring and ongoing educational support to attract the best accounting candidates. Other benefits to consider offering to staff accounting pros can include flexible scheduling, wellness programs, and the ability to work remotely during peak seasons.

Hiring Temporary Staff Accountants in New York 

One way to take care of the matter of staff accountant salaries and benefits in New York is to work with a staffing agency in NY that regularly places these professionals into rewarding assignments. Concorde Personnel in Westchester NY has quality accounting candidates ready to go to work for you, and the salary and benefits negotiations happen before they come to work at your business. This simplifies the process of finding top accountants and making sure they are happy with what you can offer them.

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