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Ways to Stand Out During your Interview

May 27th, 2013

When you are thinking about applying for a new job, you should pick a career that you have passion for. If you don’t have passion for the job, this will show during the interview.

When speaking to the hiring manager, be sure to mention your passion for the job and its responsibilities. Speak with the manager about your goals and interest. This will allow the manager to see a personal side of you.

Show them how eager you are

Although you don’t want to come off too strong, you must let the employer know how eager you are to get started. They love to hear how anxious you are to learn about the company. Make sure to ask questions about the company culture and values. This will let the manager know you are interested in working for their company, and not just looking for any job.

If this is the place you see yourself working for many years from now, you need to be up-front with the employer, and share these feelings and thoughts. Tell them you are very interested in building your career with this company.

Let your energy out

Even if you may not be the type to talk much, you need to break out of your shell. This is your one chance in front of this employer to show them how eager you are. Your passion needs to shine through. Here are some ways the manager will know that you are truly passionate about the position.

  • You are knowledgeable about the company and its culture
  • You respond to questions with confidence
  • You ask educated questions to learn more about the job responsibilities
  • You provide insight into your career goals and how the company can help you reach them
  • You are proactive and reach out to the hiring manager to confirm the interview and thank them afterwards

In addition, here are some questions and statements you should consider asking the employer to show you are interested:

  • “Your company must be hard-working to receive those rewards. Please tell me about some of the values your company prides itself on.”
  • “I noticed on your website that you were one of the top companies to work for in your area. What are some of the things employees currently love about working here?”
  • “I saw your company donated to a fund raiser. This makes me want to be part of this company even more, knowing you reach out to the community. Giving back to the community is extremely important to me”

If you want to stand out among others during the interview process, these tips need to be considered. The worse thing someone can do is to apply to a job they don’t care for. Choose what you are passionate about and you will notice finding a job will be more successful. Contact the experts at Concorde Personnel today. We have the network and resources to help you find a job you are truly passionate about.


Interview Questions You Never Want to Ask at the Interview!

April 23rd, 2013

It’s happened to all job seekers at some point or another. The recruiter asks at the end of the interview if the candidate has any questions, and the candidate immediately puts his foot in his mouth with a bad question. This can occur for a couple of reasons. One, the candidate is not prepared for the interview therefore lacks confidence. Two, the candidate is extremely nervous and this causes him to mess things up.

The good news is that you don’t have to be like the unprepared candidate. Instead you will walk into that interview with poise and the ability to ask great questions.

Here are some examples of interview questions you want to avoid at all costs when in the hot seat.

What is the salary / pay rate for the assignment? This is the number one interview question that all candidates are dying to ask. However, it’s always best for the recruiter to bring this up. Asking this question gives the impression you are just looking for money, not a career experience.

I read an article (any negative press) about the company recently, can we discuss? This is a definite no-no when it comes to interviews. You never want to bring up any negatives about a company, even if they have to do with recent layoffs or controversy. Do your research quietly and decide for yourself if the company is worth a chance, or not.

Does your company offer flextime or telecommuting? While this can be a perk offered by some companies, the option to work flexible hours or from a remote location is not something all companies are comfortable with at this time. Asking this may allude to potential personal problems you may have getting to work on time.

How often can I expect performance reviews/raises? Again, this goes back to the issue of money. By asking this question you are basically saying you will do just enough to get a good review and a pay raise. Instead, learn about this when you actually get hired.

Who is your competitor? Do your homework and learn as much as you can about the company before you arrive for an interview. No hiring manager wants to hear about a competitor and you could be placed under scrutiny by bringing one up in the interview. You could also give the impression that you are digging around for industry information to pass on to a competitor.

Can I still check my Facebook account while at work? Social networking is an everyday practice that most employers are aware of. However, the use of company computers to check your social updates is still frowned upon. The last thing you want to do is bring this up during an interview, because you’ll only end up looking like a slacker.

Rule of thumb during an interview, if you think a question is awkward or potentially harmful – just don’t ask it!

If you are looking for more resources to help land you a job in the White Plains NY area, contact the staffing experts at Concorde Personnel today!

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