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How Does Your Recruiting Style Affect Hiring Results?

October 22nd, 2015

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The business of employment recruiting and interviewing involves the daily interaction of people. A person’s recruiting style can influence the way people are hired. Understanding how people think and react can bring more success in the hiring process.

One of the key aspects of the hiring process is having good people skills. By law, there are restrictions on what recruiters can know about candidates. Health and privacy information cannot be accessed by a hiring authority. Measuring the effectiveness of a candidate depends greatly on the job interview process. The ability to establish a good rapport with candidates helps to attract the best talent.

Recruiting style can depend on the unique personality traits of the recruiter. Different recruiters have different styles of interaction that affect how they deal with others and how they are perceived. They are the representative of the organization they work and can impact how people think of that company.


One type of recruiting style is the analytical type. Think of this as the logical thinker who wants to deal with just the facts. Recruiters of this type tend to be reserved and take time examining data before making a decision. Analytical recruiters can be very effective in industries like accounting and information technology. Positions that rely heavily on performance with data can be served well with these types of recruiters.


Another type of recruiting can be referred as the genial type. People with this kind of thinking tend to like establishing relationships and connections on a more personal level. They rely more on the feeling and emotional aspects of people rather than cold hard facts. Recruiters with this kind of style can do well in occupations that are people oriented like service based jobs. These types are conversational and can excel at getting the most of people through interaction. They like to ask questions to get the most information and they are most interested in networking.


This kind of recruiting style is the type A personality that is results oriented. They use a direct style in which they say what needs to be said without beating around the bush. They are not too concerned with how people feel as it relates to meeting their outcomes and objectives. They have little patience and no time for the personal approach. They may do well in recruiting efforts that focus on volume and meeting results.


This type of style is similar to the genial type but is more of a listener than a talker. They are highly perceptive and can gain a sense of people thoughts and feelings through the interview process. They are patient and receptive. Sensitive recruiters are attune to the unique qualities in candidates and very often see the potential in people.

Finding the best candidates for certain industries can be dependent on the style of recruiters.  Just as certain jobs require the right match of candidates, recruiters need the right style to be successful.

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