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Why Candidate Attitudes Should be Valued Over Job Skills

February 22nd, 2012

May 5th

Surprisingly, the attitude a candidate has is very often more valuable than the actual technical skills he or she may have. It used to be that those with skills and training were almost a guarantee to get a job. Things are changing, though. Things have changed because of the recession and because of just how global the economy has become. Now, many people possess the same technical skills and employers are expecting the best attitudes from those they bring in.

How to Hire with Attitude in Mind

For those approaching candidates for today’s employers, it is critical to factor in the qualities of an individual from a whole new prospective. How does one hire for attitude not just technical skills on paper? In order to hire a candidate based on his or her attitude, job recruiters need to change their interviewing skills around to center more on gathering this information.

No longer is it necessary to ask questions such as, “what are your strengths.” Rather, you should be asking more pointed, deliberate questions that help to bring out people’s views. These interview steps, such as “tell me about you” no longer deliver enough information. In addition, people have no problem delivering a canned response they have learned to perfect.

Tailoring Questions to Analyze the Problem Bringer or the Problem Solver

When hiring a candidate, one of the things you want to learn is if the person is going to be a problem solver or a problem bringer. In short, it is easy to know who you want on your team but it is not so easy to ask the right questions to get these answers. Here is why.

When you ask an attitude related question, you’ll need to string it together properly to get to the meat of what you are asking and to draw out attitude. For example, the simple question, “Let’s discuss a time when you adapted to a difficult problem.” The problem here is the word adapt. It lets the candidate know you want to learn what they did to overcome the problem, but that does not provide you with enough attitude information.

The Problem Solver

If a problem solver is the people you are interviewing, chances are good he will have many examples to provide in which he can show you how he adapted to the situation. However, if you used the word “faced” instead, not only will you learn about the solution to the problem but also what the problem was and how they reacted to it initially. That is the attitude portion.

The Problem Bringer

For the problem bringer, asking about adaption is a deal breaker. Most problem bringers do not have stories of adaption. They may have canned responses to provide, though. Rather, they may be willing to tell you all about the problems they have had without providing a solution. This is a good indication that these individuals may not be the best for the job.

Hiring for attitude is a critical step in protecting your long-term success. However, it is important to draw out that attitude through the right interview questions. For help with hiring your new staff members, be sure to get in touch with Concorde Personnel today.


Positive Employee Relationships Start with Great Interviews

November 19th, 2011

For many companies the hiring process can be a function that is necessary, but not a very pleasant aspect of being in business. Resources and man hours have to be put into advertising, recruiting and interviewing candidates. Even as the best candidate for the job is chosen, assets are put in to training employees. However, the next person to be interviewed could be a great employee.

With all the energy and time put into the hiring process, it is in the best interest of both parties to establish a good relationship in the workplace. This starts with providing effective professional interviews with candidates.

Avoid Turnover

One goal in the job interview is to provide information on what the company needs and expects from its employees. It is the first step in establishing a relationship between an employer and potential employee. A good interview experience can make a good impression on a candidate from day one. It can also help set a good reputation for the company helping to attract quality candidates. A good interview process is the first step in bringing in qualified and productive employees.

Preview Job Qualifications

When preparing to interview people for a new job opening, review the actual job duties of the position. Check to see if there have been any changes in the requirements of the job since the previous employee was in this slot. Many job descriptions and duties are updated due to market changes, technology and additional responsibilities. Preparing interview questions while taking these updates into account gives job candidates a better idea of what the position entails.

Job Related Questions

In order to be in compliance with anti-discrimination laws, questions should only be based on the candidate’s ability to do the job, not anything of a personal nature.  Questions regarding the applicant’s private life, age, relationships, sexual and religious orientation are inappropriate and in violation of state and federal laws. Questions can be asked about interests such as hobbies, but only as they relate to professional skills and achievements.

Attracting Employees

Bringing in good employees with potential for long term careers with your organization is an effective recruitment process. One thing to consider with this is where you want to attract employees from. Many companies have a vested interest in the local community and try to make an effort to recruit from their area. Industries like the high tech industries have relationships in research and development with local colleges. These companies may bring employees from these institutions. Taking advantage of established relationships can help the interview process by enhancing the company’s identity.

To improve your corporate image and interviewing processes, consider the advantages of partnering with Concorde Personnel today.

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