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Improving the Job Application Process for Candidates

December 23rd, 2011

May 24

How well is your company focused on making sure applicants have a pleasant experience? As an hiring manager you know it’s one thing to source great candidates and get them interested in applying for an opening at your company, but it’s an entirely different ball game walking them through an outdated application process. This can become frustrating for not only you, but immensely so for candidates who expect a lot more from a progressive company like yours. Not to mention that a bad hiring practice results in poor hiring options.

Here are a few tips for making your application process a lot more productive and enjoyable for candidates to bring in the appropriate people.

Introduce your company culture. One advantage of creating a new onboarding system is that you get to tell your story to potential employees by sharing a little of your corporate culture. Along with reviewing the “About us” page found on your corporate website, the best candidates will be searching for more information about what it’s really like 9 to 5. Give them more to go on with a fun company blog that highlights recent events and photos. Or get a video crew to come in and take a 360 degree view of your business and its people on an average day. This can do a lot for your image when it comes to attracting the right kinds of candidates.

Use technology to your advantage. There are many ways to let others know about opportunities at your company that can include social networks, online career boards, mobile alerts and even internal referral systems. How and where candidates hear about your company is just as important as when. Take the time to develop attractive help wanted advertisements and post them with reputable sources. Contract with quality staffing agencies to find a great pool of interested candidates. By using technology to go where your primary candidates are, you’ll to give your company a positive image.

Create the best online application. One of the biggest pet peeves of job searchers today is the lack of good online applications. Some companies use only paper applications which are troublesome to deal with, while others go overboard with a lengthy online application. Both of these scenarios can result in candidates who refuse to complete them, or those who have nothing better to do than to sit for hours filling them out; leaving out people who may have been good fits for open assignments. To eliminate this, opt for a simple online application that requests the basics, and allows for the uploading of a resume and a short assessment.

Have a good follow up system. Another major concern for many job seekers is the lack of follow-up communication that occurs after an application has been submitted. Candidates often wait weeks without so much as a “thank you” for taking the time to apply from a human being. In order to create a more positive impression with applicants, take the time to develop a system for sending a thank you email within 24 hours of receipt of an application, then a thank you post card mailed within a week. This can help applicants feel more positively about the potential of working for your company, and you may even get some great referrals this way even if you don’t interview these particular candidates.

Take advantage of all the resources offered by Concorde Personnel and greatly improve the impression you are making with your recruitment and hiring processes.

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