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How to Have a Winning Employment History

April 13th, 2015

August 29th

One thing that people struggle with most when completing a resume is the employment history section. You have to think, on some level, that it’s also the most boring aspect of the resume for people reading it too. Unfortunately, it’s a section that’s somewhat necessary. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow the ancient formula of the 1950’s. This is one area where you can really shine by offering something a little different than the rest of the job seekers out there.

Read on to learn how to present a winning employment history to recruiters.

Focus on Skills Rather than Duties

Everyone and his or her brother is going to put down a not-so-exciting, but incredibly detailed list of duties performed as part of the job description. It would be so much more interesting for the person reading your resume to read about the skills you mastered as a result of the job instead.

Be sure to relate those skills to the job for which you’re applying as well. This is the perfect way to prove your worthiness and abilities for the job in question. It will also help you reaffirm some of your skills and capabilities before you go through a rigorous interview and exclusion process.

Point Out Your Accomplishments – Lead with Them

One thing you want to do is include the things you’ve accomplished in your current position. Focusing on achievements and outcomes rather than a dry list of skills and talents is a great way for potential employers to view you as someone who gets things done.

If you don’t believe anything else you read here, believe this: employers want people who will get results. The best way to show that you’re the best one for the job is to show them a long line of results you’ve achieved for previous employers.

In the world of business, more often than not, the one who gets the job is the one who looks best in black and white. Meaning, you need to present yourself in a way that looks really good on paper. Don’t be afraid to highlight your accomplishments; be proud to have been part of those accomplishments, as they have helped to refine your skills and shape your abilities for future opportunities.

Be Truthful

It’s one thing to use the truth about what you’ve done to help paint yourself in a favorable light. It’s something else entirely to tell tall tales about your experience and involvement or be less than truthful in the resume writing process.

It’s much better to deal with being honest now and missing out on a potentially great job, than to land the perfect job – until they find out you weren’t honest during the resume and interview process.

Writing a resume will never be an easy task. Too many things rely on the power of the resume you create for you to take it lightly. But, when you apply these tips for writing a winning employment history, you should see a marked improvement in your resume’s power to attract the attention of possible employers.


Use Personal Branding to Land Your Dream Job

July 15th, 2011

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As a job seeker, you already know that it’s getting harder than ever to land an interview, let alone a great job. It seems like the candidate pool gets deeper, while the jobs get fewer and far between. How can you rise above the raging sea of candidates who are competing for the same jobs as you? Along with a killer resume, your best bet is to use branding to create a positive image of yourself that will grab the attention of hiring managers!

The most successful advertising companies and online marketers have been using branding ever since the first corporate logo was invented. Consider how brands used by big companies easily sway consumer behavior, and you can apply the same principles to your job search. The trick is knowing how to do this the right way.

Here are some easy ways to brand yourself as a top candidate and land your dream job sooner! 

Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

One of the biggest mistakes many job seekers make is using their social media profiles like Facebook, twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn purely for socializing and games. What you may not realize is that hiring managers frequently research job candidates via these public networks. So, if you have a personal Facebook page that includes embarrassing pictures from college parties, get in there and delete them. Then create branded social media pages that include your contact information, keywords about the type of work you are looking for, and a professional headshot picture of you dressed in a nice office suit. Do this consistently across all channels for a clean, branded image.

Create a Job Seeker Blog or Website

Another easy way to brand yourself as a job seeker is to put your resume and information online with a professional looking blog or website. Many job seekers are paying big bucks for a company to do this for them, but this is simply not necessary if you have basic technology skills. WordPress is a nice starter blog, with professional themes you can use to create a branded image. Include your photo headshot, your resume and accomplishments, and links to anything you have published online that relate to your job search. For security sake, leave your personal information off the blog or website, such as home address, social security number and birthdate. Use this blog to talk about your job search efforts and your career interests.

Use a Branded Email Address

Something that many job seekers don’t realize is that cutesy or racy email addresses don’t give a very favorable impression with hiring managers. Stay away from email addresses like sexyman@ or littlegirl@ for example, which only make you look immature to recruiters. Instead, select a branded email address, which speaks about you as a job candidate and your career aspirations. This may seem like a minor thing, but it actually can bolster you up when sending out resumes to the companies you want to work for. Take it from someone who is on the other side of the hiring desk – email addresses do matter!

To land your dream job, very often you’ll have to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to get in front of the right people. Use branding as a tool for doing just that and you will attract recruiters from the best industries.


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