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Is Your Networking Helping or Hurting?

April 24th, 2012

Today’s job-seekers face a rather unique challenge that people in the market for a job in days past never had to worry about. Social media. It can work in your favor at times, and can really help you find the job you want and need, if you play your cards right. However, if you don’t exercise a great deal of caution and restraint, social media can also serve as a hindrance to your job search efforts.

Here are a few tips that can help you get the most out of your social networking as you search for a job.

Conduct Yourself in a Professional Manner at All Times

Believe it or not, the way you conduct yourself and the language you use in your social networking reflects upon your “hirability” in a really big way. Using inappropriate words that granny would grab the soap over is not the way to make it into the hearts and on to the payrolls of potential employers with discerning hiring practices. It doesn’t always work to your detriment, but unsavory word selection can really paint you in a negative light with potential employers.

Consider a Private and Public Account

You probably like the idea of being able to connect with old friends, make plans and sort of hang- out virtually, no matter how many actual miles divide you. But you don’t want the comments of your old frat buddies, about your college days and ways, derail your attempts to land a respectable job in today’s competitive job market. You can keep your private business with old and new friends private while still showing off your skills and talents in the field in a completely professional manner.

But don’t overly cling to the promise of privacy. Anything that is said and done online has the potential to come back and bite you – when you least expect it. The best rule of thumb is that if you don’t want a future potential employer to read something about you, don’t put it out there. The Internet is a great big giant bell that can never be truly unrung.

Exercise Restraint

This is something that will earn the respect of potential employers in a really big way. They want to know that they’re hiring someone who is capable of discretion, so be prudent in your actions and attitudes on the Internet.

It’s not that employers don’t want or expect you to have a life – or fun. But, they don’t want someone who represents their business to let all their fun hang out on the front page of Facebook or the top trends on Twitter.

These tips might not be earth-shattering or world-altering, but they might just help you land the job you’re looking for without facing the social media blowback that many people in the job market face today.


Do’s and Don’ts of a Company Social Media Page

January 15th, 2012

Social media is the wave of the future for many businesses of all sizes. It’s not flash in the pan way of doing things. Those who haven’t already embraced it are falling way behind in their marketing efforts and are beginning to feel the pinch.

Unfortunately, social media is still relatively new in the scope of business marketing. This means that there is plenty of room to make costly mistakes along the way. If your business plans to make  venture into social media, here are a few “do’s and don’ts” to help keep your social media page from becoming a social faux pas.

Social Media Page Do’s You Need to Know

The first and most important thing about a social media page for your business is to make it as unique to your business as possible. You don’t want to copy the page of a competitor. You most certainly don’t want to copy the page of someone in another industry.

Second, you need to make your social media page relevant to your industry. Who’s looking for your product or service? What information, incentives, and advice do you have to offer that will matter to the people who are in the market for your goods?

Third, before you put up a social media page for your company it’s absolutely vital to have a plan for your page. You need to have long and short-term goals as well as a written plan of action for how to achieve them. You can’t just throw the page out there and hope it does the work for you either. You need to have someone responsible for monitoring your social media page and responding to the needs that arise as a result. This can require full time attention once things really take off. It’s the main reason why so many companies today are hiring full-time social media managers.

Use your social media page to actively recruit skilled professionals. This will be a bigger boost for your business and the reputation of your company as an industry leader and trend setter than you’ll ever realize. While many prospective employees are making the most to social media for the purpose of finding jobs, it’s still fairly uncommon for employers. That trend is about to change and you can be on the leading edge if you start now.

Social Media Page Don’ts You Can’t Afford to Miss

Don’t leave your social media page unattended. The entire purpose of social media is to have a two-way conversation with your potential audience. How will it look when no one is there for your side of the conversation? It’s worse than simply not having a social media page in the first place.

Don’t forget to update your social media page regularly. This is another sign that no one is home on your side of the equation. It’s a signal you don’t want to send to your audience. Let them know that you are committed to them by providing new information, updates, reminders, upgrades, and even discounts to show your audience how much you care about them.

The key to getting more from your social media page is to make sure you’re giving it what it needs to be successful. These do’s and don’ts will give you an excellent start.

These helpful social media tips are brought to you by Concorde Personnel, a leading staffing agency in Westchester, New York.


How to Land a New Job in 2012

January 7th, 2012

Getting a new job in 2012 is a high priority for many Americans who continue to find themselves numbered among the unemployed. There is finally a little light at the end of the job search tunnel. Those candidates who had given up hope of finding new jobs in the past, are suddenly beginning to take a second look at the job market. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re a standout among the sea of people competing for the same great jobs this year.

Skip the Generic

Whether it’s cover letters, resumes, or the interview process you want to stand out – in a positive way – with prospective employers. Your cover letter is your first opportunity to show potential employers what you have to offer. You need to make sure the cover letter you provide is custom-made for each job for which you are applying.

More importantly, your cover letter needs to be something other than a reiteration of your resume. Let the hiring managers know how excited you are about the opportunity to join their organization. Then give them a little nugget about why you’re such a perfect fit for the job in question as well as their corporate culture.

Use Your Social Networks Wisely

Every person you know both in person and online is part of your social network. When you’re in the job market you need to work long and hard to make sure the image you project online is one you want potential employers to see and associate with you.

But the use of social networks goes much deeper than the negative. Use online social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to let people know you’re in the market for a new job and what kind of skills you bring to the table. People in your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances may not have a great job for you but the odds are good that some of them know someone who could use your talents.

According to Jobvite, one in six workers used social networks in order to get hired in 2011. There’s no reason to believe this trend will decline in 2012. But the real news is the number of businesses that are now turning to social networks in order to find job candidates as well. A different Jobvite survey also reveals that 89 percent of businesses in the US will turn to social networks for recruiting purposes.

Whether you’re in the market because you need a job, are underemployed, or simply want to switch jobs (or even, perhaps, careers) it’s important that you upgrade your job search skills and efforts to maximize your job search reach and exposure. Regardless of the reason, the job market is more crowded today than ever before and that means that you must look for creative avenues to make yourself stand out among the crowd.

To find a great job this year, consider the advantages of contracting with a quality recruitment firm like Concorde Personnel. You’ll gain access to a wide network of job search resources and companies that work with us to find candidates like you.


What Facebook May Be Saying About You As A Jobseeker

November 13th, 2011

Maybe you did not expect those pictures from Cancun to end up on your profile page. You did not mean to say those negative comments about your ex-boss on your wall. The fact is they are there to be seen and maybe by people you would not want to.

Facebook has been a driving force in the social media phenomenon. People can communicate, share photos and catch up like never before.  What people need to realize is that once something is written on their page, it is there to seen by anyone. There could be negative implications concerning anything you say, if looking for a job.

Privacy Settings

Facebook does have the ability to set privacy settings for viewing. Consider what you want to display and who you want to see it while seeking employment. Social media has become prevalent and is now a part of all aspects of society. Everything from entertainment to business is covered by the internet. In many instances there may be too much information. A person’s online presence can say a lot about them.

Be Proactive

If looking for a job it is important to be proactive when posting things online. Be present and aware of what you are saying. Think as if you are a hiring authority looking over Facebook interactions. Notice what other people post and consider if you would want to hire them. Notice what may be appropriate or not and model your postings based on this observation. Try to use Facebook in a positive manner that reflects well on you.

Job Search Focused

The ability to use social media is a good thing in today’s technological world. It is an opportunity to network with others. Letting people know that you are looking for work can be an effective way to use Facebook. Connections can be easily utilized in a job search effort. Everyone seems to know a place that is hiring or even someone who does the hiring! Taking advantage of it through Facebook can reap rewards.

Other Online Resources

Facebook is only one piece of the social media puzzle. People have effectively developed personal websites through Google to showcase their skills and accomplishments with an online resume. Other social media sites like Twitter can be used for job search reasons. LinkedIn is one of the largest business oriented social media sites that employers consult for new hires. Using a comprehensive plan of different sites can help with job seeking efforts.

Many people have access to your profile and posts on social media networks, so consider using them with care as you conduct your job search. However, if used correctly social media can help with job search efforts. Pages devoted to job hunting and changing careers can be set up. Networking can be utilized. If used correctly, social media alone can be a great resource in getting your next job.


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Use Personal Branding to Land Your Dream Job

July 15th, 2011

Image: jscreationzs /

As a job seeker, you already know that it’s getting harder than ever to land an interview, let alone a great job. It seems like the candidate pool gets deeper, while the jobs get fewer and far between. How can you rise above the raging sea of candidates who are competing for the same jobs as you? Along with a killer resume, your best bet is to use branding to create a positive image of yourself that will grab the attention of hiring managers!

The most successful advertising companies and online marketers have been using branding ever since the first corporate logo was invented. Consider how brands used by big companies easily sway consumer behavior, and you can apply the same principles to your job search. The trick is knowing how to do this the right way.

Here are some easy ways to brand yourself as a top candidate and land your dream job sooner! 

Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

One of the biggest mistakes many job seekers make is using their social media profiles like Facebook, twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn purely for socializing and games. What you may not realize is that hiring managers frequently research job candidates via these public networks. So, if you have a personal Facebook page that includes embarrassing pictures from college parties, get in there and delete them. Then create branded social media pages that include your contact information, keywords about the type of work you are looking for, and a professional headshot picture of you dressed in a nice office suit. Do this consistently across all channels for a clean, branded image.

Create a Job Seeker Blog or Website

Another easy way to brand yourself as a job seeker is to put your resume and information online with a professional looking blog or website. Many job seekers are paying big bucks for a company to do this for them, but this is simply not necessary if you have basic technology skills. WordPress is a nice starter blog, with professional themes you can use to create a branded image. Include your photo headshot, your resume and accomplishments, and links to anything you have published online that relate to your job search. For security sake, leave your personal information off the blog or website, such as home address, social security number and birthdate. Use this blog to talk about your job search efforts and your career interests.

Use a Branded Email Address

Something that many job seekers don’t realize is that cutesy or racy email addresses don’t give a very favorable impression with hiring managers. Stay away from email addresses like sexyman@ or littlegirl@ for example, which only make you look immature to recruiters. Instead, select a branded email address, which speaks about you as a job candidate and your career aspirations. This may seem like a minor thing, but it actually can bolster you up when sending out resumes to the companies you want to work for. Take it from someone who is on the other side of the hiring desk – email addresses do matter!

To land your dream job, very often you’ll have to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to get in front of the right people. Use branding as a tool for doing just that and you will attract recruiters from the best industries.


For more support and resources for job seekers, please visit The Concorde Group website and stop by our job candidates’ page

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