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3 Tips for Creating Your Career Plan

August 29th, 2013

Does your career have a clear plan? For many people, the answer is “um, not really”. This isn’t surprising considering a large number of people are unemployed or in between careers as a result of the economy. A good number of these people are realizing that they need a plan to get back on track in a career. Writing an updated career plan can help anyone discover a career that honors their unique strengths, skills, and experience.

How to create a dream career plan in 3 steps.

Use these 3 basic steps to start writing your career plan out, so you can have a guide as you work on a new career and a new life.

1 – Develop your vision.

In order to get on the right track with a career plan, you need a vision of where you are heading in the next year or two. Ask yourself where you picture yourself in 2 years? What kind of work environment do you want to be in, what tasks do you want to be doing, and what people do you want to serve? If you are not sure, take a career assessment to see how your skills and interest align with a career.

This mental picture will help you to focus on what you need to be satisfied in the work you do. You can even go so far as to create a dream career board with actual images of your future work – kept in a place you can see it daily.

2 – Get the training.

Now that you have a better idea of what your ideal career looks like, it’s time to do some research as to what training or credentials you need to get into an assignment. If you are not sure where to start, consider the results of any career assessments you have taken and check those recommendations. Get a copy of the current Occupational Outlook Handbook, readily available at your local library or a workforce development center. The US Department of Labor Statistics also has information online about degrees, earning potential, and training for specific careers.

Take the time to look for the right training and degree programs that best meet your career needs and that of your personal life. You may need to take classes online if you are currently working. Or you may want to go to a certification program to earn your training sooner. Either case, the time is now to get started.

3 – Join the network.

Getting into your dream career is the last leg of the 3-part career plan. This can be accomplished in several ways, but they all involve connecting to a network in your new field. Start out with a professional social networking profile and becoming part of online industry groups to learn about career opportunities. Join a local chapter of professional associations. Get a mentor in your new career so you have the guidance you need to be successful.

Take on some volunteer work or even temporary assignments in the area you will be working in, so you can be in the right place at the right time. Over time, you will be able to experience your new career and the path will be laid out plainly in front of you. One day you will realize you’ve reached your goal.

If you are looking for an opportunity to begin your own dream career, look to the staffing agencies in White Plains NY, and contact the employment experts at Concorde Personnel today.


4 Ways to Re-engage Your Employees This Summer

August 15th, 2013

The summer months can provide a challenge for human resource managers to keep employees engaged in their roles and productive. It’s often a time when more employees are planning vacations, taking time off for holidays, and falling behind on work. In fact, a recent Global Workforce survey conducted by a well-known HR consulting firm, indicated that as many as two-thirds of your workforce may be detached or disconnected from their roles at your company.

Yet, in times of economic recovery, it’s more important than ever before that all your employees are on their game at work. Even one unengaged employee can bring employee morale down and degrade team effort. Therefore, it’s up to your department to come up with ways to re-engage and inspire your employees throughout the summer season.

Here are some ideas for improving employee engagement in the summer and beyond.

Boost your company culture.

Employees respond to the unique culture you provide within the four wall of your business. If your employee turnover, negative attitudes or absentee rates are climbing, these can be signs that your company culture needs an overhaul. Engage your employees by creating a more positive and collaborative work environment, coupled with values that reflect the goals of your company. Get buy-in from your employees by including them in the design process.

Shape the success of your people.

Every person that you recruit and hire is a valuable investment for your company. Therefore, the summer can be the perfect time to invest even more by giving employees the opportunity to learn new things, improve their assignments, and advance in their careers. This can often help produce greater loyalty and engagement from your employees when they understand you are vested in their success.

Provide unique incentives.

Summer is the perfect time to roll out additional employee incentives, following annual fiscal updates and performance reviews. Give employees the chance to experience flexible working conditions, more casual work attire, and outside work spaces. Set up a bonus program for employees who achieve their assignment goals, and include some fun benefits, such as refreshing beverages, free lunches and a wellness program on site.

Celebrate achievements often.

Your workplace can be a more relaxed and fun place where employees can enjoy the benefits of engagement by adding regular company celebrations. At least once during the summer, invite employees and their families for a fun corporate outdoor event. Have a monthly cookout on company property, coupled with entertainment and games. Let employees know that having fun once the hard work is done is a basis for your corporate culture.

Find out if you are being the boss your employees want this summer? This can help you to foster more employee engagement. If you are looking for staffing agencies in White Plains NY, contact the employment experts at Concorde Personnel today.


Flexible Companies Improve Morale – Building a Strategy for Success

February 11th, 2013


Flexible workplaces have come a long way since being merely a perk to being a business building strategy. In April of 2012, the Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM) and the Families and Work Institute conducted an extensive survey of businesses around the nation who were providing a variety of flexible work options to employees, called the 2012 National Study of Employers.

From flexible scheduling to the opportunity to work remotely at least part of the week, this survey found that a large number of companies are focused on helping employees restore a sense of work-life balance — an integral part of their overall satisfaction and productivity. The most effective workplaces, where employees reported being actively engaged in their jobs as a result of flexible work environments, were found to experience:

  • Higher overall levels of job satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.
  • More loyalty to their employer and the company objectives.
  • Less negative spill-over emotions from work to home life.
  • Better physical and mental well-being and lower levels of stress.
  • Greater engagement with their role and assignments, leading to more productivity.
  • Ability to take time off (temporary staff coverage) to cope with life’s responsibilities.

Cost savings of flexible work arrangements

In a case study of BDO, as featured in Forbes Magazine, an international accounting and financial advisory firm, that offers flexible options and benefits to its employees, the numbers speak for themselves. When they decided to open up an office in Austin, Texas, they chose to allow employees to work remotely, saving them $1.6 million in overhead. They also repeated this experience with an office expansion in New York City, reducing their office needs by another $1 million per year.

It should be obvious then, that offering employees more flexibility in the workplace can produce positive results for any employer. This in turn leads to better employee morale, greater retention, more innovation, and a healthier workforce. A vital part of this strategy is allowing full time employees the ability to take time off as needed for personal and health reasons. Having a temporary staffing agency, like Concorde Group, on board to call on for contract workers can help your employees to do this without stress. You’ll also be able to find suitable remote employees this way, as more companies are moving to this model to cut costs and provide flexible work options.

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