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Why Your Current Employees Are a Great Source for Your Future Employees

March 15th, 2016

When you need to fill a role at your company, you have two options: Look internally for someone to promote, or look externally for someone to hire. Both of these approaches have advantages, but significant disadvantages as well. Consider that there is a third way – looking internally to help you find someone externally. Your current employees are one of the best resources you have for recruiting. Here’s why you should make them a part of the process:

  • Expedite the Hiring Process. Impressively, as high as two-thirds of the candidates that come from referrals end up getting hired. If you can’t afford to run a protracted recruiting process and need to bring someone into your ranks fast, relying on referrals cuts down the time to hire significantly.
  • Connect with a Higher-Quality Candidate. There is a lot of uncertainty in hiring a complete stranger. You have to take a leap of faith that their credentials are real, their character and work ethic are up to par, and that they’re a good fit for your culture. When you make a hire based on a referral, you have actual confirmation that these things are the case.
  • Cut the Cost of Recruiting. The cost of recruiting can be significant and unpredictable, sometimes prohibitively so. Basing your decision on a referral cuts this cost, allowing you to make a necessary hire without putting a strain on your budget.
  • Motivate Your Employees. It’s awfully satisfying to be able to get a friend or acquaintance a job. When that referral also earns the person a bonus, they feel a much stronger link to your company.
  • Find Specialized Skills. The biggest problem facing many employers these days is finding talent that has a very narrow sets of skills. Doing that type of recruiting takes a large input on the employer’s part, and frequently produces spotty results. Basing a hiring decision on a referral gives you unique access to highly specialized talent.
  • Speed Up the Onboarding Process. Since the person you end up hiring has been confirmed to be a good fit for your company, your culture, and your position, they’re likely to start making an impact on day one. That spares you the time and expense it would take to train someone without any connection to the way you do things.

It should be pretty clear by now that referrals work. If you can’t find the referral you need, however, the good news is that there are other staffing strategies that work, too. Dip into a pool of high-quality talent by contacting the recruiters at The Concorde Group. As a full-service staffing firm in White Plains, we have a number of options to help all companies in the region.



Is Your Online Job Presence Ready for Your Job Search?

February 24th, 2016


As a job seeker, you need to put your very best face forward at all times. That means submitting carefully crafted and edited employment documents, acing your job interview, and acting professionally at all networking events. It also means you need to clean up your online presence.

The simple fact is that many of us have information that is “less than professional” floating around online. And while it may not be embarrassing, it’s not the kind of thing you want a potential employer to see as they evaluate your credentials and character. Here a few tips to help you clean up your online image:

Search for Your Name

It’s now standard practice for any employer to do a basic internet search of a candidate. Visit the major search engines and do the same – you might be surprised at what comes up. Information that you thought was lost in your past or buried deep in the list of search rankings might show up in the top few spots. Look at both sites and images.

Check Your Social Media

This is an area that trips up a lot of job seekers. You might not like the idea of an employer going onto your Facebook profile, but that doesn’t mean they won’t. If they are able to view photos of you getting wild on a vacation or acting in a way that calls your character into question, it’s going to reduce your standing as a candidate.  The first step is to remove any embarrassing photos and information. The second step is to set all but the most basic information to private viewing. Make sure you don’t overlook any old profiles that may have sat dormant for years.

Watch Out for Your Friends

You may not have posted anything embarrassing online, but that doesn’t mean your friends and family haven’t. Don’t make the shortsighted mistake of only cleaning up your own profile. Scrutinize your entire presence on social media, even if it takes some digging. Get rid of the content you have control over, and politely ask friends and family to remove anything you don’t have control over.

Turn Negatives into Positives

There is some information that it’s simply impossible to scrub off of the internet. If you find embarrassing information that’s permanently imbedded, the solution is to bury it. You can do this by establishing profiles on additional social media sites, starting a blog or personal website, and getting active on message boards and professional sites. Over time the embarrassing content will fall in the rankings and eventually become invisible to all but the most determined searchers.

Cleaning up your online presence is not something you should do, it’s something you MUST do. To learn about other job search essentials, connect with the team at The Concorde Group to work with a top staffing agency in Connecticut and Westchester.

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Will Competitive Salaries Lead to Better Job Candidates?

November 18th, 2015

As a hiring manager your ultimate goal is to attract the best and the brightest. Unfortunately, competition for top talent is fierce, and the best available professionals essentially have their pick of employer. If you have struggled to attract these elite workers the problem may be simple – you’re not offering high enough salaries. Money is a powerful motivator, and investment in talent is one that pays dividends down the road. Learn what kind of impact competitive salaries can have on your recruiting efforts and decide for yourself if it might be time to loosen the purse strings.

Eliminate the Negotiation Process

In a perfect world, a top candidate would accept your very first offer and get to work immediately. But when you offer them less salary than they expect, it’s only natural for them to hesitate, look for other offers, and eventually initiate a bidding war. This is good for the candidate but bad for you because heated salary negotiations can push compensation levels higher than you ever intended to offer. By offering a fair and generous salary at the start, you show the candidate that you value their expertise and are eager to bring them on board. Once that respect is established the candidate is a lot less likely to go looking elsewhere.

Establish Yourself as a Top Employer

When you’re trying to attract top talent, you need to sell your company to them as much as they need to sell their credentials to you. Companies that are able to offer competitive salaries project an image of success and confidence. By contrast, companies that low ball candidates appear middling, back of the pack, and manipulative. No one wants to go to work for a company that seems to be struggling to stay afloat.

Gain a Bargaining Chip over the Competition

In the conversation around recruiting today, people like to talk about alternative perks, the work/life balance, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. All of these are nice to have in a job, but the simple fact is that compensation remains the single most important reason for going to work. Your competition may be trying to steal your candidates away by offering abstract benefits, but you can easily re-establish yourself as the top contender simply by offering more money. When asked to choose between a higher salary and flexible scheduling, most smart professionals will opt for the salary.

Competitive salaries are an important part of your recruiting efforts, but they shouldn’t be the only part. Learn about other effective, low-cost ways to attract talent into your orbit by contacting The Concorde Group, the premier boutique staffing agency in Westchester County.

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