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Productive or Busy – How to Focus on Your Must-Dos and Be Productive

December 20th, 2017

As a leader in your company, any day of the week can be busy. But how many of those days do you feel productive? Most managers feel run-down as they leave the office, feeling that they were treading water or putting out fires, hardly making a dent in their real work. While this might seem like the norm, it doesn’t have to be – more importantly, it shouldn’t be.

Ready to have more productive days? Read on to learn how to make better use of your days and how to stay focused on top priorities even during the busiest of seasons.

Determine Your Top Priorities

As a manager or leader, you should be able to identify what your top priorities are. They may be driven by company goals, quarterly performance goals, or other factors. If you need some clarification or are unclear about your expectations, you should definitely talk to your own supervisor or manager for direction. It’s easy to get distracted with daily tasks and checking in with your workers to the point that your own work gets pushed aside. This is a huge mistake and one you need to correct quickly.

Upgrade Your To-Do List

To-do lists can be your friend or foe, depending on how you create them. First of all, the tasks on your daily to-do list should not run your life. Second of all, once you determine what your top priorities are, these become the projects that you must focus on, not ones that you can push aside to tend to smaller distractions. After keeping your priorities at the top of your list, feel free to include other tasks that are important to your job and rank them according to levels of importance and priority.

Determine Delegations

After you take an honest look at how you rank your (long) to-do list, you may notice that some of your tasks may be worth delegating to another team member. Maybe you’ve kept the responsibility because it doesn’t take much time, or maybe your worker hasn’t been trained in that are yet. Consider whether or not your team member or subordinate would benefit having that additional task as a learning opportunity. This will not only help strengthen your team but free up some time for you to focus on your top priorities and have a productive day.

Looking for More Management Tips?

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The Dreaded Annual Review – How to Switch to Giving Ongoing Feedback

November 21st, 2017

Employers have been giving annual reviews for quite a long time. Many managers and their employees dread this meeting and it can cause a lot of stress on all parties involved. While it’s good to at least have some type of check-in and formality, the structure of the traditional annual review is a bit antiquated, boring, and ineffective.

The good news is that there are plenty of other ways to check-in with employees, provide constructive feedback, discuss performance goals, and even pay increases with a much better vibe and approach.

4 Ways to Switch to Giving Ongoing Feedback Instead of the Antiquated Annual Review

If you’re looking to amp up the effectiveness of employee performance and morale throughout your company but want to ditch the traditional annual review, read these five different approaches.

Discuss Employee’s Future Goals

If you’d like to keep the format of an important meeting with your employees, a great approach is to use this time to discuss the employee’s future goals at the company. This meeting is much more constructive than an annual review because it talks about what is yet to come, rather than things in the past. Plus, it’s extremely motivating to the employee when they can visualize how they may be contributing to the company’s success.

Communicate Changes & Welcome Input

Whenever changes occur within the company, whether it be a procedural process or a strategic pivot, you should not hesitate to send a quick communication to your team about these changes. By being transparent about the changes, you demonstrate to your employees that they deserve to stay in the know. Plus, these small memos are a great way to ask employees for any input or invite conversation if anyone has questions. Making your employees feel valued boosts morale and will also keep performance high as well.

Build Trust with Your Employees

Instead of using an annual review as an attempt to build trust with your employees, this should be something you do on a regular basis. Thankfully, it’s quite easy to build and maintain trust with your team. Regularly giving feedback and avoiding any micromanagement tendency are two very simple ways to help build trust in your company.

Provide Feedback Regularly & Consistently

An annual review is not the only time that an employee should hear feedback from you. Rather, you should be providing them constructive feedback (critique or praise) while projects are happening. Not only will this help keep employees motivated, but this allows them to improve upon skills right away and instead of wasting time to hear it in a formal annual review discussion. Whether you hold quick meetings throughout the year, or send emails when you have feedback to share, you should definitely give your employees regular feedback.

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Google Jobs: What Does it Mean for Your Company When Recruiting Talent?

October 24th, 2017

When more people see your job openings, more people can apply, and you have a greater chance at finding the perfect candidate to help lead your team to success. Recently, Google for Jobs, a new initiative from the search engine giant set out to do just that – help increase the people who see your job postings.

Excited? Read how to get your jobs noticed and useful tips to help you attract great applicants

How to Get Your Jobs Listed on Google

Getting your job positions to this new feature isn’t hard. There aren’t hoops to jump through or any secrets you need to know.
All you need to do is follow these two steps.

1) Add structured data to your job listings.Here are the specifics to guide you.

2) Submit a sitemap with a date for each listing.

The structured data can be tested before being submitted and the listing can also be previewed so you can make any corrections before it is published.

The Importance of Google Reviews

Google for Jobs will pull together reviews to be coupled with the job listing. This is great news for a company who has good reviews, both on Google and even on sites like Glassdoor. If your company doesn’t have positive reviews or doesn’t have many reviews, you will want to ask current employees to submit a review. You can incentivize your employees to do that too. Getting more positive reviews will help attract a larger pool of candidates.

Will Candidates Find Your Listing?

Google for Jobs is a great way to help candidates find your job listings. It takes into consideration keywords in your job description in addition to a candidate’s location.

Also, true to Google’s commitment to track and provide analytics, they do plan to release the ability to filter traffic that is generated by these special job listings so you can see how effective it is for your company.

Find the Right Candidates

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Which Job Interview Questions Reveal Top Performers?

September 20th, 2017

Finding the right candidate for a job position is no small task. It can be time consuming, but one way to make the process faster and less confusing is to be sure to ask the right interview questions. With just a few of the right interview questions, you can reveal a top performer.

When you’re interviewing candidates, you want to find the best of the group. You want the top performer. These five questions will help you determine which candidates are top performers.

How do you stay passionate on a project over a long period of time?

Some projects may be quick and exciting. Others might take more time, and it’s important to find candidates with ambition. How a candidate answers this question will help you pinpoint who has the ability to have lasting enthusiasm, no matter the subject or duration of a project.

How do you work on your own in an independent capacity and still produce results?

It’s important to hire an employee who can be motivated and who can get work done on their own. When a candidate answers this question, they may even give an example of a time when they’ve tackled a project on their own and this would be a sure indicator that they can be a top performer at your company.

Where do you want to improve your professional skills?

Rather than asking for a candidate to talk about their weaknesses, asking this question will prompt the interviewee to talk about their aspirations for professional growth. It will be easy to tell if the candidate is interested in improving their skill set and offerings, or whether they have grown stagnant.

How do you stay focused with distractions?

A busy office is full of distractions, including noise from phones, people, printers, visitors, etc. The important thing about asking this question is making sure that your candidate has a way to block out distractions and focus on their tasks. Different people will have different strategies, but a top performer knows what will work for them. Whether they make lists to stay on task or wear noise-blocking headphones, asking this question during the interview will help you identify if you’re talking to an experienced top performer.

How do you unplug/recharge?

A top performer knows that they need to balance work with life to avoid burnout. If you have a candidate who seems more like a perfectionist who always wants to work, that could mean a greater risk for burnout and employee turnover which is expensive. Look for a candidate who can answer with their hobbies or extracurricular activities and interests. Chances are, they know how to recharge and will be able to perform their best, with positivity, for a longer stretch of time.

Find the right candidates

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When is Temp-to-Hire the Right Answer for Your Job Opening?

August 23rd, 2017

When you’re looking to fill a job opening, there are many things you might consider, like qualifications, skill requirements, and pay rate. But you also should think about whether or not you want to hire a salaried employee or a temp-to-hire worker. Each company and position are different so it’s worth looking into your options.

What is a Temp-to-Hire Position?

This type of position can turn into a long-term arrangement, but first, you are able to bring on a worker to see if they are a good fit for both the responsibilities and company culture.

Three Reasons You Should Consider Temp-to-Hire

You need more staff but can’t commit to long term

If your company has busy seasons or a project that demands extra workers, a temp-to-hire worker is a great option. This arrangement allows you able to meet the needs of your company and clients without risking the chance that you’ll have to let go of your worker in a short time frame. During this time, you may realize that your temp-to-hire worker would be a fantastic hire for your company on a permanent basis. That’s the flexibility that you get with a temp-to-hire job opening.

You require more workers but can’t put them on payroll

Adding more workers to payroll isn’t always a good option for companies and that can be frustrating if you need more workers. Temp-to-hire job openings can help with this predicament also because they aren’t added to payroll, but they do fulfill your need of more manpower.

Make sure the worker is a good fit

There’s a lot of risks when bringing on new workers. And a mistake in hiring can be costly to a company. One way to avoid these problems is by testing out a worker before bringing them on full-time with a permanent position. During this time, you can make sure that the worker has the qualifications and skills you need. You can also be certain that they work well with your other employees and are a good fit for your company’s culture.

Find a Temp-to-Hire for Your Company

If you have a need at your company and think a temp-to-hire position will fit your requirements, contact Concorde Personnel.


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