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Are You Being the Boss Your Workers Need This Summer?

July 20th, 2012

What do employees want their boss to offer them during the summer months? If you are like some employers, you may be wondering what the season has to do with anything. However, when the sun is shining and the temperatures are warm, people naturally want to be outdoors more often. They want the ability to take a few days off to hit the beach or to spend some extra time with the kids. As an employer, it may be a good idea to consider what you can do to help ensure your employees are happy this summer.

What Do Employees Want?

There is a great deal on the list of desires from employees for summer. It is up to employers to discuss the employee’s needs with them, though. A recent career survey provided some insight, though, one what employees are looking for this summer from employers. Could you offer any of these benefits?

  • Employees want flexible schedules. Though this is true all year long, many people want this more so now than ever. They want to be able to sneak out early on Fridays so they can enjoy a longer weekend, for example.
  • They want more control over their schedules in general so that they can manage both personal and professional needs and desires. By providing a more open mind about these needs, you may be able to keep your employees happy longer.
  • Some just want to take advantage of the outdoors and want to have more company picnics or outings during this time. It is the perfect time to do something to say thank you to your employees. Rent a pavilion at the zoo or head to an amusement park for the day as a group.
  • Some want a more relaxed dress code during the summer months. Buttoned up colors and suits are never very easy to wear but during the summer months, it can be much more difficult to avoid sweating.

Should employers make these types of concessions to employees? Many are more than willing to do so. In many cases, employers want to keep employees happy about working there and they are willing to be more flexible.

Doing these things may not be that difficult to do, either. By putting some stipulations in place and policing the policies enough, it is very possible to achieve a total level of satisfaction for everyone involved. It is important to know what your employees want specifically. Some may want a later start to the workday (which makes evenings more enjoyable.) Others may want the flexibility to take days off during the week for time with their kids. Discuss the options that may work in your situation and apply those to improve employee morale.

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