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Utilizing Your Current Employees to Find Talented Job Candidates

July 6th, 2012

Do you engage your current employees in the process of finding new employees? If you are not doing so, especially in the current economy, you could be hurting your business. Your future candidates are often those people your current employees know and can recommend. In some cases, using current employees like this can greatly reduce the cost of recruiting while ensuring you get a healthy, good quality batch of candidates in the door.

Is Team Recruiting Right for You?

The use of a team recruitment plan could work very well in many instances. Employers must create an environment that encourages this to take place. It must be something that is communicated on a regular basis and with specific direction. As you consider developing this type of team recruitment plan, keep a few specific things in mind.

  1. Have a budget for the plan. By encouraging current employees with a financial incentive to bring over qualified candidates that stick around for a specific length of time, you will get better quality and help show your current employees you value their aid.
  2.  Create some rules. Be sure to put some rules in place for the program. It should be a long-term initiative that is so valuable and so much a part of the business that it is a part of your employee training. Be sure to spell out how individuals can participate.
  3.  Alert employees of positions you need to fill. Be sure that employees have access to job descriptions so they can engage in the process. If you are looking for managerial candidates, you do not want employees scouting for enter level administrative professionals. Communicate your need.
  4.  Sometimes, it is a numbers game. It is a good idea to encourage all team members to participate and to bring in anyone they think can meet any of the job descriptions set forth. You may have to weed through the applicants, but doing so could in effect help you to achieve your goals of finding a few specific candidates right for the job.
  5.  Encourage employees and others to share your program across social media, too. They may not know anyone directly that is skilled enough for the position, but they may be able to recruit within their network. That can enable the business to find the key candidates needed just outside its current employee range.

By encouraging employees to help you to find qualified candidates for the positions you need to fill, you open the door to new resources. These employees know the job well. They know the company even better. They can encourage key candidates to apply knowing that the atmosphere is one that is welcoming and with growth potential.

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