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Want a Boost in Your Job Hunt? Start Blogging! The Do’s and Don’ts of Job Blogging

July 13th, 2012

Blogging can be an effective tool for landing a great gig. People find you, they read what you have to say and they like you so much they contact you directly. It is that easy. However, when it comes to making it work in your situation, it is important to keep a few things in check as you blog about your quest for a job.

  • Don’t make yourself look bad. If you state, matter of fact, that you are not honest in interviews, there is a good chance that any human resource manager that finds your blog is going to pass on by. Be sure that prospective employers would not be put off by what you include.
  • Make it professional and keep it that way. If the About page states that you love to hang out all night partying, that’s not something that is going to go over well with employers. Ensure that your blog creates a positive, professional image of you so that others are impressed with you.
  • Don’t overstate your abilities or brown-nose through the blog. Those who are anything but modest are also not going to attract the right type of business. Rather, it is critical to ensure that your blog conveys positive information in a manner that looks impressive.
  • Don’t bash your employer. Human resource managers know that the chances are good you will one day badmouth them if you are doing that right now with your current employer.
  • Do blog about your qualities, abilities, and job history. Do keep the blog in a positive, upbeat tone. Discuss a variety of topics about you, the industry you wish to work in, your education, your long-term desires and additional information that helps you to look good.

There are also a few things to keep in mind. Don’t rely on project managers to find you, but rather seek them out yourself. Connect your blog to various social networks so you can gather the information you need. Also important is to avoid privacy issues. Do not infringe on copyright or other protected licenses for your current employer or others. Do network through all of the popular social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace. They can offer new opportunities as long as your page is one you can be proud of sharing with employers.

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