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Filtering Good and Bad Candidates – Tips for Effective Candidate Screening

April 9th, 2016


Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could develop an automatic filter for identifying the best candidates? Finding the right candidate to fill the job is often a matter of figuring out the positives and negatives about each of the candidates for the job. Outside of candidate assessments and other screening solutions, sometimes, you just need a few examples to help you know the qualities you want to see. This can help you weed out the candidate traits you don’t want to bring into your organization.

Let’s look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly when it comes to candidate screening.

The Good

You want to make sure you take the effort to find employees who are willing to take the initiative and go the extra mile to get the job in the first place. Then later, you want them to have the initiative to get the job done. A recent news story out of Indianapolis, IN that’s taken the Internet by storm, was one about a teenager who walked ten miles on icy roads and in the snow for a job interview and how he impressed a different business owner so much that he offered the teen a job. This is the perfect example of a good sign.

Another positive sign is that the candidate presents him or herself in a professional manner when it comes to speech, presentation, and language skills. Candidates who cannot read and write at appropriate levels, while they may be qualified, don’t present the business in a favorable light. It’s something you should consider carefully before overlooking bad grammar and/or spelling.

The Bad

There are a few traits and characteristics that do not bode well for candidates. The two that stick out first and foremost are candidates who show up later for interviews and those who show up unprepared for the interview. As a business owner you expect the candidate to know a little bit about your business, the products you create, and/or the services you provide. He or she should also be on time and have a resume in hand as well as a list of questions ready to go too. These can be signs of poor work ethics in a candidate, and are best to avoid.

The Ugly

There are a few things that simply make a job candidate seem like a poor choice in every imaginable way. The first is to come into the interview with a list of demands or a long list of things he or she isn’t willing to do. The other things some candidates do that should give you pause is to come in talking bad about a former employer. Chances are good that you’ll be a former employer at some point in time, what is this person going to say about your business when and if that time comes?

When you look at the interview process in the proper light, it’s fairly simple to weed out the characteristics you do and do not want to bring into the heart and soul operations of your business. That, after all, is what effective candidate screening is all about – finding the right people to make part of your business.

Approaching the candidate hiring process can be difficult for many business owners. If you are looking for more resources and assistance with hiring top talent, contact the staffing experts at Concorde Personnel today


4 Ways to Onboard Temporary Talent

November 13th, 2015


After weeks or even months of searching for the best candidate for your organization, you’ve decided to choose a temporary employee from Concorde Personnel. This is not surprising because of the high quality of the talent we work with. One of the ways you can get the most out of this arrangement is to offer the temp a positive impression from their very first day on the job. In this case, an onboarding process can work wonders.

Why is Onboarding Temporary Talent Important?

Several studies have led to the conclusion that while each new hire has a unique experience, this can go much better for both sides when there is an actual onboarding process in place. While onboarding temps may be somewhat different than a direct hire orientation, there are benefits of using this same method of welcoming the new hire to your business. Workplace research indicates that:

  • More than half of all new employees who have gone through onboarding program are likely to stick around. (Workforce)
  • Employees who decide to leave an organization do so within the first 6 months on the job 90 percent of the time. (Aberdeen Group)
  • Almost 70 percent of all employees who benefitted from an onboarding process stayed employed for at least 3 years or more. (BTS)

4 Elements of a Good Temp Talent Onboarding Process

Your temp employees can experience a structured onboarding process that quickly brings them up to speed, helps them to become more productive, and assists in retaining them for the length of their contract. Here are the four elements that belong in your temp talent onboarding process.


When you are brining temps onboard, be sure to communicate with your current staff of their arrival, and stress the importance of treating temps with respect. Communicate well to your new temps by providing a welcome letter, introducing them to your team, and giving them a good overview of the corporate culture and policies. Assign a great work area for your temps so they can connect with others.


Provide temps with a written description of each assignment, along with a list of critical tasks and goals. Give them specific deadlines for getting things done and all the resources they need at their disposal.  Let temps know that you are there to support their success and that there is an open-door policy for answering any questions they may have. Remind temps of their progress through daily or weekly project meetings.


Your temps will perform better when you provide them with rewarding tasks and incentives for a job well done. Create an incentive program for your temps, with short and long term goals to attain. Since many temps do not have access to regular employee benefits, offer them some unique temporary employee perks such as flexible work schedules, discounts at local vendors, wellness support on the job, and bonuses for reaching goals.


Perhaps no other element is as important in an onboarding process as frequent feedback and guidance for temporary employees. Oftentimes, temps worry that they are not working hard enough or because they are limited in time they cannot meet your expectations. Communicate to your temps how important their work is to the success of your company and give them honest feedback often.

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